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December 27th, 2017

– If you play a wedding just before the May holidays, the problem with the release on the honeymoon you have partially solved: in the country for ten days and so no one will not work. Thus, you will rest in his pleasure with her beloved man and the difficulties of the work will not. And when you come back tanned, rested and happy with the Cote d'Azur, you can safely begin to work, knowing that in a stock you still "unused" legal holiday. – Spring – flowering; a new life and finding hope. Spring – the perfect time to create another happy family.

"-" But there is, of course, negative points, as in other, anywhere. – The beginning of spring falls on the Great post. You can not get married, and even if some of your guests are Orthodox believers, it's ugly to put them at the table, knowing that they do not eat or drink, except skoromnoy food. – Usually March assortment of dresses in stores – the "poor" because last year's dress is already sold out, and a new collection has not yet delivered. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal. – Again, please note that by May grow rapidly turn to file an application. In addition, you are unlikely to have their own way discretion to appoint a convenient time of registration: the choice at that time would not be great.

– Gradually, with the approach of summer, requiring services Registry Office to get more, so the crowds can not avoid that, of course, a little irritates both young and invited guests. – With the departure of winter and the anticipation of the Red slides must begin to increase prices slowly but inevitably, like a bridal salons, and in all areas of pre-wedding preparations (Increases the price per person banquet halls, hairdressers raise prices for its services, etc.). – The price of flowers will also present their own surprises. Will be high in the days before March 8 and the Red hill, and in May, slightly subsides, which is most likely due to the appearance of early domestic flowers, ie, "Is not imported (from Holland). Breathe the freshness of love, you – the couple of spring.


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