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Paraskeva Friday

May 20th, 2011
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'Message' had the nature of preaching, most of them insistently sounded the same motive: to convince people to celebrate the holiday, but not the other day, and did not take his routine works, and devote to God. 'The introduction of Sunday as new Christian holiday, did not rule for the early Christian celebration subboty.V Apostolic Constitutions speak on behalf of Peter and Paul, that people should do 5 days a week and give peace on Saturday memory of the 7 th day of creation, and on Sunday – in memory of the resurrection of Christ '(8). However, some time Saturday to celebrate .Ee strict usage carries over to Sunday. Religious orders are supported by a Some countries edicts secular vlasti.Naprimer, according to the laws of King Ina (689), was allowed a slave to work on Sundays, when forced him to master, but the owner was subjected to froth at 30 pounds, a free man in a If deprived of liberty '(9). Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions takes a slightly different approach. The priesthood was in favor of the same, for which he advocated 'writing': a celebration, with a conscious, .Odnovremenno it opposed the cult pyatnitsy.Na Russia, the spread of the cult contributed to the popular among the people of St. Paraskeva Friday, in conversation saying that her parents were honored on Friday, and his daughter was named in her honor (in Greek). The image of Friday, modifying, remained in Russia until HIHv.: 'in Currently, Friday at the representation of the people is not a saint, and some special creature: bareheaded, in a dirty robe woman who goes from house to house and observes that women do not work on Fridays' (10). .