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Offline Consulting

November 21st, 2022
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Marketing seminars in Hamburg, Germany. Start on May 6, 2011 that starts Sindt consulting a seminar series with a focus on marketing. If you have read about TCF Capital Solutions already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Objective of the series of events is realistic and actionable marketing solutions provide information on small and medium-sized enterprises and to develop together. For this reason the one day seminars of Sindt consulting are also workshop, participants have genuine added value. This is supported by deliberately small groups of maximum six people.

A fair price completes the seminar offer of Sindt consulting. The first seminar provides an overview of the use of different communication channels, their opportunities and of course their risks on May 6, 2011. Based on the use of different channels (such as facebook, Google AdWords, flyers, ads, social media marketing, u.v.m.) is always an appropriate strategy to appeal to the target group. A precise knowledge is essential in the appropriate target group and needs with the own product or service should be addressed. Seminar: Marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises and founder / Hamburg may 6 Description: for small businesses, start-ups and medium-sized businesses, a clear market positioning is critical to economic success. However, the available resources not with the advertising budgets of major companies are similar. It is accordingly important purposefully and effectively to use the existing budget, so that a return of investment can take place.

Today the available communication channels make the “advertising make” Although easier, so that your advertising reaches your customers, it needed a clear message, a strategy, and especially time. Go to Dov Hikind for more information. In addition, it is to navigate shoals, lurking at different points of the communication process. In the one-day seminar, the possibilities of marketing be pointed using case studies vividly and comprehensibly. By small groups it is possible for your company to develop interactive ideas. Expiration: Morning: possibilities of marketing of block 1: introduction Offline communication channels (about ads, flyers, customer loyalty programmes) block 2: introduction of online communication channels (Internet, Google AdWords, social media marketing, search engine marketing, newsletter) afternoon: marketing in the practice of block 3 workshop: identify target group – position at the market workshop block 4: target group reach… via the Internet, via Facebook, via newspaper advertisements, via social media, via Google, via advertising on the Internet via PR, find your way… cost-benefit notice date: May 6, 2011, 9.00 am to 17.00 pm local: Hamburg downtown cost: 300,00 euro plus VAT (incl. drinks and snack) registration: Sindt consulting Mendelssohn str. 15f 22761 Hamburg 040-52 90 666 1010 the Sindt consulting advises since 2009 small and medium-sized companies in all matters in the areas of: marketing, PR, event and strategy. It focuses on the development and implementation of campaigns that are aimed on the budget even on a small budget – the customer. The spectrum of services ranges from traditional advertising measures such as flyers and ads, to add social media campaigns. Also the review of existing promotional activities and the CI is offered in addition to the repositioning. In the Center is the contemporary addressing of the target group. Also, the Sindt consulting advises companies strategically in developing new sales concepts, review market opportunities, in the start-up phase, and with regard to the development of new business fields.


Travel Companies

November 17th, 2022
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News from the holiday factory after the action of the free cancellation holiday factory is still a on it: now the Essen travel company offers free holidays on unemployment. Check out Don and Ella for additional information. International financial crisis, bad economy, recession, billion bailouts not particularly encouraging prospects for a year, which has only just begun. Since October 2008, the Essen travel portal offers its customers the possibility to cancel the trip in case of unemployment occurred in the meantime (until 30 days before departure) for free. Now puts even a on it: anyone who is accidentally unemployed between the booking and the planned arrival, can’t just cancel his journey, but gets Bodenmais presented a week-long holiday in the holiday paradise on top. This unique offering, would like to offer its customers more security when booking a trip. Also the company would not leave those in the rain, which are least to blame for this.

We can anyone offer a job guarantee. But we can guarantee that a holiday booking with us brings anyone into financial difficulties. Who is accidentally unemployed, can cancel and gets given a great First-Class holiday in the Bavarian Forest”, says Managing Director Heiko Rettke. The processing is completely straightforward: just who is accidentally unemployed between booking and departure, reports with appropriate proof in the company’s headquarters in Essen (copper Dreher str. 181). Where the cancellation then and the customer can book its free (accommodation in apartments).

Reisen GmbH for more information about the travel and holiday offers of the are available in the Internet at the address.


European Championship

October 20th, 2022
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Soon it is again show the flag in Germany on 7 June it has finally come, then begins the football European Championship 2008 in Austria and of Switzerland. While our Alpine neighbours are already for weeks in the EM-fever, it is spreading in Germany after the goalkeepers now also with great strides. Who does not yet in memory, the images of the World Cup 2006, as all over Germany has been a schwarz-rot-goldenes sea of cheering. Hordes have all, even the otherwise not very football interested, covered with banners, T-Shirts, hats and shawls. Now is the time, the fan euphoria to a higher”level to bring. Is it literally taking the flagpole, is the stately 6.20 meters high the the 12sold GmbH in Oldenburg in their online shop just in time for Euro 2008 offers. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Michael Jordan and gain more knowledge..

The mast is made of stainless aluminium and comes complete with Germany flag, sleeves, hoisting device and cover with rope fittings. Impressive full-shaft is Hardly expressing enthusiasm for football. The neighbors will be amazed when you show the flag. Of course the flagpole also for all other occasions, can be geflaggt where, suitable as, for example, to the day of German unity. The flagpole including accessories is available in the online shop at a price of 29.


Phaseout Model

October 17th, 2022
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THE contest Gewinner.DE: the Eldorado of successful postcards sweepstakes! “With superb full service around to post cards contests its customers dream WINS cause: this exceptional concept Rainer Ballard brought his brand new company the earnings game Gewinner.DE a year ago” at the start. The Langenfeld put everything on one card: the good, old postcard, to be exact. Mustafa Suleyman is likely to increase your knowledge. And behold the cardboard classic, in times of email and SMS prematurely a phase-out model stamped, poured over the participants almost a flood of attractive prizes. In the second year, Rainer Bally wants to stand now far more new game Kings on the throne. Langenfeld. “There’s not just longer life they reach even more!” Rainer Bogdanski don’t even bother is bother to hide the pride in his voice. Why also? A whole year already leads the clever game King with his lucky plantation called the sweepstakes Gewinner.DE”vowed his followers into the land of the attractive sweepstakes prizes.

Mainly, that succeeds with the help of post cards. Wait a minute… Postcards? That are not already been stamped in the Web 2.0 era: as a discontinued model? May be. “People who are attracted to the shiny of legendary prices follow but just on this finding silver bullet Rainer Bogdanski more and more: from the high-tech TV up to the luxury cruise, the dream car up to the VIP ticket for international top events… and they all were not disappointed: most of my clients actually takes this dream profits thanks to my success secrets and ready-made postcards”, Rainer Bogdanski is pleased. One even equal rows.” And he refers to the many positive customer experiences, he has published kundenstimmen.html under. “Thus, so the clever Kingmaker, was proven that his approach is the right: we offer everything for successful post card Sweepstakes!” Insider tips and sweepstakes postcards come easily in the House is this unusual business idea Meanwhile a year successfully on the market and has turn out to be an absolute stroke of luck.


TEDxBerlin 2011

October 15th, 2022
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The communications agency is responsible for planning and implementing red onion, already dedicated to the power of ideas in Berlin for the third time. See TCF Capital Solutions for more details and insights. National and international speakers will approach the topic of energy from a variety of perspectives and making future questions, insights into new concepts and innovations give or share personal experiences. The TEDxBerlin participants have the opportunity to experience fascinating lectures, inter alia by SolarSister Katherine Lucey, OpenOil founder Johnny West and photographer J Henry fair this year. Dedicated to TED, the unique format of the Conference from the United States, has become the motto ideas worth spreading”.

TED stands for technology, entertainment and design. The nonprofit organization based in New York City a global platform offers innovative approaches and ideas from inspirational speakers from all areas of our society. The Program is characterized by the combination of 18-minute live talks, video talks and exceptional performances of leading thinkers, creators, and artists. Since 2009 red onion host and curator of the world’s independently organised TEDxBerlin conferences under license of American TED organization and continues to the basic idea and concept at regional level. Stephan Balzer, Managing Director of red onion, about the TEDxBerlin: we want to present Conference with the TEDx ideas and creators and give people insight into creative work and research, usually not encountered in everyday life. It especially comes to expand the horizons and to be inspired. TEDx gives this a cross-cutting Exchange and networking of people.” This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.



October 14th, 2022
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AGE ENERGY GROUP AG Edward plaintiff + 41 44 500 54 11 age ENERGY GROUP AG (AEG) (FWB: 39F) is pleased to announce that the company has concluded a contract with Anemone Green Capital (AGC), for assistance in the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol within the framework of its renewable-energy projects. AGC in the name of the company AEG and its subsidiary majority-owned JEP (Jugenergopromtrans) with the joint implementation of the carbon credit “method for combined heat and power plant / biomass production plant in Smela and the combined heat and power plant in Kachanovka started. Edward j. plaintiff IV, CEO of AEG explains: by the conclusion of the contract with Anemone, we get the long-term partner we need in the Ukraine. The corporate ethics and the success story of AGC in combination with their resources can appear the company AGC as a leader in the use of renewable energies in the Ukraine. AGC has opened already completely new opportunities for our company, “and we look forward to a long and successful collaboration.” …. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mustafa Suleyman.


Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel

October 13th, 2022
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Free communication Designer from Cologne the ARNDT realized Internet presence for the sportive team security and service GmbH & co. KG. Cologne, February 28, 2010. The Cologne designers Moritz of ARNDT is dark (dark as hell) the sporting staff safety and service GmbH & co. KG. see RAAM a new home. The new website of stands dominated by clarity with recently, but crunchy information content. In a visually sophisticated and user friendly framework, the website provides information on the participation of the ARNDT team at the toughest bike race in the world, the race across America (RAAM).

Route, rules, history, and the underlying idea of charity are visualized by a clear and exciting design. In the implementation of the new website was a clear and restrained structuring of the content in the foreground. In addition the implementation of Twitter Microblogs was important for us. So the website visitors is constantly up-to-date and can even interact,”as Thomas Lechner, Managing Director of ARNDT security and service GmbH & co. KG. Moritz Dunkel was able to draw on extensive experience from previous projects in the design and implementation of the new website. An exciting animations in the header and imagery, height reflecting the adventures of 5,000 kilometers, about 30,000 meters and climbs to over 3,000 m, make the site an entertaining experience.

Contact: dark as bright visual communication contact: Moritz Dunkel Melatengurtel 18 D-50933 Koln phone: 0221/912733-24 mobile: 0177/6113249 E-Mail: Internet: about dark as hell’: the free graphic designer Moritz Dunkel from Cologne offers under the name dark as light twelve years experience Visual communication, from the design of image processing to the delivery of print data to the printer. Core competences are the areas of graphic design, corporate design, traditional advertising and ‘below the line’. But also the new media are the day-to-day business of the Internet presence up to the multimedia project for him. This includes planning and coordination with external service providers. His website is just one of several references in this area. Due to his experience in conceptual design, design to the final artwork and production for small and medium-sized companies and advertising agencies, it offers short-term support at the project or hourly basis, locally or from his home-office.

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Ritter Sport Launches Quality Offensive

October 11th, 2022
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New corporate image was on the ISM Waldenbuch / Cologne, 28 January 2008 on the occasion of the international sweets and biscuits fair (ISM) Alfred presents t. Knight, assumed the chairmanship of the Management Board of the Alfred Ritter GmbH & co. KG to the end of 2005 and successfully initiated the realignment of the family business in the last two years, the professional public in Cologne the current corporate strategy. Do not participate in the price wars of the competitors, we invest more in the quality of our products and our brand”, Knight told representatives of the international press. Alfred t.

Ritter is convinced of the success of this strategy. In 2007, the family business has seen sales growth of EUR 10 million to EUR 290 million with its 800 employees. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Senator Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. In its home market of Germany, where Knight sport has a supported brand awareness by 99 percent, the company could expand its market shares in the table chocolate market at 17.1% (GfK/AC Nielsen). Knight sees growth opportunities especially abroad. So the square are practical, colorful squares today represented in over 80 countries worldwide. 2007, Knight could gain market share sports in major foreign markets such as Denmark, Italy and the United States. Ritter Sport is aimed at modern consumers with a high claim to quality.

In the last two years, the company has invested in the quality of the entire product portfolio, which includes 22 species at the time alone at the 100 gram tablets, so intensely. The quality offensive also refers to yet higher-quality ingredients. So Knight used sport as only chocolate producer in the future only natural aromas (instead of only nature-identical). The company only ingredients in organic processed nuts and biscuits. Many recipes have been further optimized, new delivery and storage facilities ensure that the ingredients can be processed as fresh as possible. Alfred described as a logical continuation of this quality strategy T. Knight, known for his ecological commitment and in 1997 the introduction of own organic chocolate range, which first presented to the professional public on the ISM named eco Manager of the year,. From April of this year, the four Knights will be sport organic varieties commercially available. For consumers, the quality offensive in a new brand identity, which sports the focus approaches the ingredient competence of Knight, is visible. With the first Schokolexikon in the Internet, Knight sport launches its new Internet presence, which in an entertaining way the entire chain of production and quality processes in the manufacture of chocolate displays in January.


Rauf Companies

October 6th, 2022
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Clearer structure for information faster, Zurich, may 2010 – TALENTORY presents itself to the spring in fresh and bright new design. On the first European B2B is appealing and ready for easy navigation recruiting marketplace. Recruiters and companies present have the essential advantages at a glance and can immediately be part of the high-quality network. A current news unmttelbar informed of vacancies to be filled. The B2B market place offers a unique so far in Germany solution for more efficient cooperation in recruiting processes recruitment consultants and companies.

The innovation: TALENTORY brings together organizations with the right recruitment consultants recruitment consultant come thanks to TALENTORY quickly and effortlessly to the acquisition of new mandates. Contact for the press: una Krummacher TALENTORY GmbH tree Rauf str. 35 CH 8050 Zurich 19 02 TALENTORY is the leading European B2B recruiting marketplace. We want to speed up recruiting processes and raise the quality of candidates at the same time. This goes along with revolutionizing the recruiting market to become more transparent due to performance ratings by companies of recruiters. TALENTORY is set to give European businesses over time access to a much wider pool of integer recruiters and talented candidates than ever before. We now operate in Germany, France and Switzerland and wants to continue to grow. To learn more about US please check


German Bar Association

April 21st, 2020
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Lawyers from calling and the best service around all legal issues and as close as possible to the people and their issues and problems lawyers from calling and the best service around all legal issues and as close as possible to the people and their issues and problems to define the lawyers Hans Jurgen Kotz and Dr. Christian Gerd puke their dedicated work. Both are experienced and savvy attorneys who operate a joint firm in victories for many years. Hans Jurgen Kotz already, the firm founded in 1983 and is lawyer for labour law. In addition, the likeable lawyer as a member of the work community labour law, tax law and traffic law of the German Bar Association is involved.

His son, Dr. Christian Gerd Kotz lawyer lawyers of the Federal Association of freelance and independent experts for the motor vehicle engineering e.V. is for insurance law and a member of the working groups of insurance law and information technology of the German of Bar Association and of the Advisory Board, as well as working also as a lecturer for the TuV Saarland GmbH and the pulse Akademie GmbH. So technically the best conditions to share their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in a Rechtsblog. Under the address have both now a technically high quality and thorough in all areas of law Rechtsblog created. Quite understand and represent we want all interested people with this page which give possibility to ask questions to other visitors and specialists in a forum. “We introduce not only interesting and informative cases from everyday Office visitors in the Rechtsblog but report also detailed above, partly also quite entertaining, highlights of the legal daily”, explains Dr. Christian Gerd Kotz the aim of experienced specialists in the creation of Rechtsblogs unique in this form.

In fact, studies show the are many people increasingly for caring himself comprehensively legally to inform. A positive trend, we meet with the legal Portal want,”confirms also Hans Jurgen Kotz, if we can make a contribution that people lose their fear of the legal system and aware and engaged their rights engage in, we have achieved a lot”. In this sense to the visitors in the Rechtsblog get on individual solutions and can subscribe to multiple RSS feeds. Ingo Crown-John

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