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December 30th, 2012
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Then the eyes of both had been opened, and had known that they were naked; had sewn figueira leves, and had made for itself aprons. By means of so clear affirmations as somebody can you say that those fruits did not have to be able, if was the proper Gentleman whom it determined in Genesis; 3; 22,24 Then Mr. Deus said: Here it is that the man is as one of us, knowing the good and the evil; however, so that it does not extend its hand, and it also takes by the tree of the life, and eats perpetual and alive, Mr. Deus, therefore outside launched, it of the garden of the den, to cultivate the land by that it are taken. Launched having except the man, put querubins to the east of the garden of the den, and an inflamed sword that walked around, to keep the way of the tree of the life. Many times we see in the churches some brothers if strengtheing the Maximum to be noticed for the controllers of that congregation, and who knows, if to become shepherds. Many times these efforts are moved by pure personal interest. Unconsciously, nor they know that they are in disobedience.

Because when Mr. Deus wants, it calls the servant for the name it enables and it to play this or that function. This truth can be evidenced in Exodus 35; 30 the 35: Moises to the children of Israel said: Here it is that it called you for the name the Bezalel, son of Uri, son of Hur of the tribe of Jud, and the Spirit of God fulled it of ability, intelligence and knowledge, in all artifice, and stops to elaborate drawings and to work in gold, silver, bronze, for stonecutting of rocks of engaste, wooden notch, all the luck of works.


Foundation National Library

December 23rd, 2012
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Gilbert always demonstrated to be opened to one politics international of interaction between countries independent, as much is that always she cogitated the creation of the Community of Peoples of Portuguese Language, that could compete with other communities in formation, in the freyriana vision. Thus, Freyre always looked for to compare and to complement social and biological concepts, as culture and race, culture and people, people and civilization, for the preservation of a culture rich in details, but threatened of extinguishing. Bibliography AZEVEDO, Neroaldo Bridges. Modernismo and Regionalismo: years 20 in Pernambuco. Joo Person: Secretariat of Education and Culture of the Paraba, 1984. ANDRADE, Manoel Leather strap. Gilbert Freyre and the great challenges of century XX.

Petrpolis, RIO DE JANEIRO: voices, 2002. I CASTRATE, In Elias of. The myth of the necessity – Speech and practical of the regionalism northeastern. Thesis of Doutorado in Science Politics, Rio De Janeiro, IUPERJ, 1989. FONSECA, Edson Nery of. Gilbert Freyre of a Z: Essential references to its life workmanship. Rio De Janeiro: Dpt Ncional of the Book and Foundation National Library, 2002.

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Navarrete Gorjn

December 16th, 2012
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These two firings are translated in a truly showy event that causes that the police, with powerful firearms, compulsive and indiscriminately begin to shoot against the occupants of the second truck. The dead fire is so devastating that it produces a crazy number of and wounded, and a thing is well clear and is of manifesto: two police are hurt of smaller gravity by cutting weapons that are identified like machetes, whereas all the hurt deads and were fleeting and were touched by firearms. All the witnesses who entrevistamos agree in indicating that the police acted compulsively, fry prepotently and by irritation, without responding to moderately logical schemes, since she does not consist that they responded to an attack with firearm, against they. () It is the red truck (which was not baleado) in that the greater number of members of the OCSS travels. One does not notice that they offer resistance. The blue truck () however, must like travelers to a majority number of settlers who go of purchases or to take care of subjects personal in Coyuca de Bentez. Two supposed member ones of the OCSS that travels in the canvas that was in the ceiling, is those that they descend machete in hand, and apparently throws blows against the police.

The others do not take part and some from which they descend defend hiding itself underneath the transport. A firing or explosion, and practically all the police in unison begins to shoot. One affirms that in past days the police had been attacked and thinking that the same would return to happen they use its arms against disarmed people, since does not consist convincingly that the occupants of the truck carried firearms, especially who no of the police was wounded from bullet. () the high authorities of the government of the state of Guerrero, at the end of the month of June of 1995, before the obvious gravity of the masacramiento (sic) of disarmed civilians, and only two hours of the event, they began to create an artificial version of the facts (). Hilda Navarrete Gorjn, president of the Center of Human rights the Voice of without Voice, mentioned that the slaughter ” it is a case that stays in impunity.

We agree that the violation of the human rights, economic and social remains; the poverty circumstances have not improved for the community, as numeral 14 entrusts the CNDH in recommendation 104. ” There has been indemnification no due to the victims, the State has preferred to be put under the blackmail of dishonest leaders who really do not make justice in this caso” , it expressed. After 14 years of abuse, impunity, illegality and reprimand, Mexico continue living these acts, that not only let see the injustice in the country, but delay the democratic progress for a right, equitable and impartial country where all we see beneficiaries and not only those in the power, but what we must to do? against that they do not take care of the interest of the town, those that they only look for to be well among them, between compadres.


Sacred Seminary Heart

December 10th, 2012
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The afros plenrias, musics, instruments, presentations in the streets and the manifestos, showed that the black movement of the Piau would have at that moment force to stimulate the creation of a strong group that would mark history, from this franciscanos support of frades. After the meeting the representatives of the Piau, had been motivated to articulate and to organize black communities, as, the creation of groups of reflection of the black movement. In the Piau Park, one of the old habitacionais sets of Teresina, came in permanent performance some militant ones in the joint of the organized black movement. With prominence: Black Cona, Svio, Black Halda Regina, Marizete, Black Claude and Divina. They were militant that they made reflection on excellent subjects of the time in reference the cause of the black person, acted in the called group New Ylwai. Its meetings happened in the center of formation of the Piaui Park.

With this group they had given origin to the Mocambo of the Black Agents of Pastoral of Teresina. After some months would go to initiate the creation of small groups in the quarters and the Sacred Seminary Heart of Jesus, with prominence to the work of Frei Leandro OFM, Frei Fernncio OFMCap, Frei Joo Muniz OFM, Foot. Joo Pablo and Frei Evandro, Frei Ccero OFMCap, had created the Black group of the Seminaristas: Juarez, Adelino, J Cross, Carlito, with support of the Foot. Peter Brito, sufficiently operating in the afros celebrations and cultural nights. He had the wakening of militant young of the Great Dirceu: Someron, Jakson, Sebastiana, Socorrinha of the Itarar, Gean (in memory), Jose de a Cruz, Josefa and Ruth Goreth. In They are Joaquin, a group of people were participating with the leadership of Baptist, great militant, perseverante and friend of all, with its elegant gingado, conquest to all and all. In the Red quarter it had the wakening of Rejanei, Ruimar and a Rodinelle child.


Civil Rights Of Individuals

December 3rd, 2012
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Legal Center "Analytics" is a small legal review. We specialize in divorce (divorce), citizens may have property ownership rights, inherit and bequeath property, do business and any other activity not forbidden by law, establish legal entities independently or jointly with other citizens and legal persons, do not make any contrary to the law of the transaction and participate in liabilities; choose their place of residence, have the rights of authors of scientific, literary and art, inventions and other results of intellectual protected by law activities; have different economic and moral rights. Citizen acquire and exercise the rights and obligations under his own name, including name and proper name, and patronymic, unless otherwise follows from the law or national custom. In the cases and manner prescribed by law, a citizen can use a pseudonym (fictitious name). A citizen is entitled to change his name in the manner prescribed by law. Change citizen of the name is not grounds for termination or change of its rights and obligations acquired under the same name. Citizen is obliged to take the necessary steps to notify its debtors and creditors of the change its name and bears the risk of the consequences caused by lack of information about these individuals change its name. A citizen who changed his name, the right to demand their own expense to make the appropriate changes to documents, furnished to its original name. The name received a citizen at birth, as well as a change of name to be registered in the manner prescribed for civil registration.

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