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Director General

January 30th, 2013
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EFE the controversy by issuing a report on abuses of children in Wales and he came to identify by mistake to a former politician has been the catalyst. He pointed out that it was to be ultimately responsible for all content that emits. The director general of the BBC, George Entwistle, chain resigned Saturday following the controversial by the issuance of a report on alleged abuses of children in Wales and came to identify by mistake to a former politician. Entwistle, who came to the direction of the British public broadcasting station on 17 September, submitted his resignation in a statement issued along with the Chairman of the BBC, Chris Patten, former Conservative politician. I have decided that as more honorable thing I can do is to resign, said the head of the chain, which described as totally exceptional events of recent days, therefore considered appropriate that the station now seek a new leader. He pointed out that it was to be ultimately responsible for all content that emits the string. Having been director general even if only for a short period of time, and in some circumstances of great challenge, has been a great honour, added. Controversial report the controversy is centered around the report issued on 2 November by Newsnight, one more major journalistic programmes of the BBC.

Entwistle, who admitted that the station is facing opportunities and challenges, emphasized at the same time that this is full of talented people that make it the best station in the world. The BBC had been forced to apologize unreservedly for the issuance of the report because it led to identify by mistake to Lord McAlpine, former Treasurer of the British Europe Minister conservative Margaret Thatcher. Reportage tried on alleged abuses in a home for children in North Wales and reported statements made by a victim, Steve Messham, who claimed that a prominent politician had abused him. Messham did not reveal the identity of the politician in the program, but said that he had worked at the time of Thatcher in the past eighty years. See more: resigns the director general of the BBC by an error with a politician in a story on paedophilia

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January 26th, 2013
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A time a mother was to place its son to sleep and using to advantage one of the rare moments that had to be together, since the work of it consumed its time all, it decided to read a history for the son, this in turn in the height of its five years, was better to read now for it while still it was time, before the girl grew and the time finished. The mother caught a great rose book and read for the son a classic history on a princess any that in the end of the book finished living happy forever to the side it its prince hero. The illustration of the book showed a pretty shining castle with an immense well drawn rainbow the deep one. The mother verifying the intellectual progress of the son passed then to ask: _Voc knows that drawing is this? What the son answered: a castle. the very proud mother: Muito well. In Brazil it does not have many castles, has more in the Europe. They had been constructed in another century, you know what it is a century? See mother, is one hundred years.


USA Love

January 20th, 2013
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Second, to love to the next one as we love we ourselves, including our enemies. God did not say you to love to the next one as you love proper It so that you did not commit the sin of the idolatria, but said so that you knead to the next one as you love to you yourselves, to prevent the egoism, to keep justice between the men and to promote emotional and social adjustments. The great newness is that God always takes the initiative to love you and me, although our errors and weaknesses. ‘ ‘ love we It because It in them loved primeiro’ ‘. I Joao.4: 19 the Bible all treats a sacred romance, where it counts to a pretty history of love between a gotten passionate God and its rebellious fianc.

In this history it enters one third good-natured candidate, and tries steal-It the loved one. God loves this flaring woman, dressed in such a way of sun, the point to give the proper life for it. thus, is wounded, deceased, but ressucita and after that it makes a long trip in order to construct the pretty mansion where together they will go to live, and quickly promises to finish and to return to search it. However, while he is of trip, it he discovers that the fianc trai with that one another one? It cries, he pardons but it repetidamente he loves and it still more. History finishes when It comes back with thousand and thousand of godfathers.

The homesickness of the loved one is so great that a emotive meeting if of still in airs. Haunted, the other candidate is forced to attend to all the scene, and after that he is imprisoned for posterior destruction. The fiancs make a wonderful trip of seven days for the sidereal space until finally they arrive at a place of indescritvel beauty, never seen for human eyes. There they are recepcionados by a Being of high stature and radiating appearance, that softly goes leading them until arriving at a splendid ivory palace. There it is a magestoso white throne encircled by magnificent serafins and in it a more shining Being of what is seated the sun. Then, ahead of millions and millions of angels and witnesses comings of all the universe; to the triunfal touch of the spectacular celestial orchestra, the marriage is celebrated by the King of the universe, with a indizvel pomp. Finally, the fianc places a gold crown on the head of the fianc and together they live happy for the eternity. The Bible discloses as it will be the end of this history of love between God and the humanity. What the Bible does not disclose, and as sera the end of this history of love between God and you.


Rio Grande

January 13th, 2013
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Nobody opens the door, with much fear, and the dog is died in the following morning. The gold of the Jesuits At the time of the missions, the Jesuits who had come to catequizar the indians of the region had brought obtain all the luck of treasures. For security, they had decided to embed them. To mark the place, they had planted a tree. As it had many deaths in elapsing of the time where they had been here, also in confrontations with the indians, many of these hiding places had been intocados.

Then, each time that somebody is come close to one of these trees, at night, alone, appears a candle showing the place. One gives credit that only later that the gold will be exhumed the soul will rest. Light for the fisherman a man had a son that it worked in the Rio Grande as fishing. Every year it returned in day 30,10 and was with the parents until the turn of the year. Every year, the son came back in day 30 of October and was in the house of the parents until the beginning of the new year, when he returned for the Rio Grande. One day it got behind itself, arriving in day 31, was assaulted and esfaqueado before the dusk. The family not wise person of the occurrence and its father, the night, did not obtain to sleep. She was, then, to postar it the front of the house to wait for the son.

She saw many people walking for the open field, all with candles in the hands, except the last one of the line, in who it the proper son recognized. Thinking to be idiot for sleep, he concluded that he was having hallucinations because of the concern with the son. In the following morning, he counted to the woman, who said to be a signal of that the son was deceased, needing that candles were lit.