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European Creation

April 30th, 2018
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The end of this calendar of five numbers in the Mayan count constitutes a Mayan Era; that is to say, a period of time in which not only the monumental stones of commemoration were elevated, but arrived at its ground zero in the registry of the time, in order to begin another one it was within the great cycle. But they were not of simple accumulation of mathematical data, but they had to agree with the celestial phenomena and the passage of comets and other movements of the stars who they marked times like solstices and the equinoxes. The Mayan calendrico system goes back until the dawn of the creation of the world; the Mayan ancestors registered the historical document memory that reflects information on diverse events, such as those that provides the MGP to us Wuj on the different creations in the process from human evolution; first in the oral tradition and soon like registries written already within the new alphabetization of the European culture. According to the MGP Wuj, " when the Training Creators and saw that it was not possible that they spoke, they were said to each other: It has not been possible that they say to our names Then said themselves to them: You will be changed because hablis&quot has not been obtained that; Then, one tried on with the mud and later with the wood, until the present man, maize fact, continue evolving towards the human perfection, or towards the decrepitude of his species according to it makes use of the main tool that was equipped to him: intelligence. The beginning of the present Mayan Era, began in a departure point in year 3113 to C. chronological departure point of a especially significant fact as he is it " last creation of mundo" considered by the specialists like the creation of the age and sun of maize men; according to the relation of the MGP Wuj.


President Country

April 30th, 2018
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Even a mute, not speaking to anyone about anything, came out to say: people should vote not for who he is entertaining, but who's going to fix the problems. "Another who was imprisoned for terrorism and became president of a CTAR, has come to say a mouthful about values, family, etc, etc, which according to him, the writer does not have. The Peruvian politicians have mostly come to rant against Jaime Bayly, not realizing that the population perceives as piconeria …. See Connecticut Senator for more details and insights. and nothing else. The country is tired of professional politicians, living involved in scandals, bribes, with a very low production of legislation, which does not meet the real needs of ordinary people, but to the interests of powerful groups to which they serve . The people want a change of faces, styles, ie "passing style liar, hypocrite, French style, biting, no commitments to anybody, just to the country".

The professional politicians of Peru Jaime Bayly know they can spoil the party, "they feel violated," this unpleasant intrusion in what they consider their stronghold, their territory. They're not happy with the intentions of the writer whom you lied to the mother …. But it should not falter or doubt, but follow the dictates of their conscience and heart of Peru's answer to the masses, who want as a candidate and why not, "as President of Peru." Some even are starting to launch the theory that his Homosexuality is a serious impediment to a politician, President of a country. Nothing is more absurd, ignorant and deceitful and then proved.


Central Government

April 29th, 2018
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If the Senate defines control Congress in the crucial reorganisation of some territorial autonomies to representative of the different autonomous communities of the Government majority and minority parties; the Congress, reciprocally, delimits the control of the Senate as determining reorganization of the different political forces representative of the territorial institutional powers of the State. Itself both Chambers represent the compatibility of citizenship: the Senate as corporeal autonomies of the State; the Congress as partisan political spirits and governmental national plurality. To be able to analyze the current democratic social system constitutional politician must know distinguish conceptually between the political system such as reorganization and determining representative sort of equitable constituent and functional training of the structure of the State and the Government; between the social system as decentralization of the power of the State depending on the services provided by institutions to the citizen; and between the economic system as mortgage securities market, public or private, to the needs and interests comunitarios.* * in relationship corresponding to Compatible equity powers as parts of forms of Government States, the three systems that constitute the current social democratic political constitutional system, include: political system: reorganisation responsible for regulating the institutional powers (oligarchy) and constitutional system of the rule of law (monarchy). Check with Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. Social system: autonomic administrative hierarchical distribution of power (bureaucracy) and decentralization of the Central Government of the State (anarchy). Economic system: public or private entities, financial mortgage (plutocracy). In a State of democratic law you should never fall into the trap of putting system social in order to make a weak State in the total source of revenues and budgets, in a State of stock market, mortgage, strong financial and economic to the political system. Since the transparency of the State on the participation of the citizen in the contribution and achievement of a market free of institutional values as a contributor to revenue and beneficiary of budgetary resources, it is essential that the democratic political system will not degenerate into a State of totalitarian regime. The right to private property and the policies of privatization of public entities in private, during the Government of Suarez, helped counter weight to the State’s bureaucratic power in order to give greater expansion to a plutocratic power decentralized in a market of free participation of investment securities. The compatibility of the systems that constitute the current social democratic political constitutional system is the basis for being able to regulate the economic system in the constituent formation of the development of consumerism and the collective productivity, along with the social system as dependent institutional integration to the needs and interests of coexistence as realization set its contribution; in whose political system more importantly is not only the voter and voting rights, but the meeting point convergent of the oppositions of the political forces of institutional powers to be able to form coalitions and Governments in parliamentary consensus.

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Global Value

April 29th, 2018
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The answers to these questions with our Global value of July report. This investment report more four free reports to learn how to invest, or to optimize our investments, costs $150 per year, but we’re launching it at a promotional price of $99 a year (just $8.25 a month), for a few hours is going to let this opportunity pass? Click here to get it in this same sense, the Chilean Cencosud (IPC:CENCOSUD; OTC:CSUDF), wants to strengthen its expansion strategy in two markets in the region with great potential for growth: Brazil, growing from the hand of a zoomed economic policy, and the Peruvian, promises and going in a good direction. Cencosud strategy is as clear as the statements of Pablo Castillo, general manager of the supermarket division: the future of Cencosud in supermarkets is in Brazil and Peru. Little more than one year ago, had talked them about the strategy of regional expansion of Cencosud (relying on the internal forces of Latin America), was interrupted by the terrible unexpected worsening of the international financial crisis. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Ohio Senator. But the fortress financial that it shows the signature together with the change of scene, make shortly again to resume its regional growth plans, proof of confidence in the growth potential of the Latin American countries.

Markets of Brazil and Peru have an interesting potential for the companies that are dedicated to consumption, such as Cencosud. This week gave account of the recovery in the level of employment that he had observed Brazil in recent months (well for employment in Brazil) (with a generation of 131.557 jobs in May), and positive perspectives which can be seen in the future. In the case of the economy of Peru, the international financial crisis will not prevent that it grows this year although it will do so at one much slower pace than did so in the last time.


Internet Oligarchy

April 28th, 2018
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She and Stolbizer are killed by beautify as many enemies of democracy that would require a treaty to substantiate my sayings. I will only tell you that the second of the named attempted to BREW in the lists to Llambias. AND It was he who refused to accept. Thy youth does not authorize you to ignore that the CR.It was one of the entities who did most for the coup of 1976, so how you lived in this country in 2008 when Buryale, of the same entity but formosena, said that if Congress voted not what they wanted to be close. That I lamo coups. Like when the oligarchy whistled to Alfonsin. The same oligarchy that you now call field.

The fight between Carrio and Stolbizer was if iba Llambias or Lopez Murphi in the list. Here, Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Two titans in the fight against the people. Both the one and the other are very gorillas. Learn more about this with Richard Blumenthal. Enter to see my article on gorilismo on Internet to see because I say that Stolbizar is a gorilla. And Carrio is a coup leader who said that Cristina won by fraud and that finally the problems his Government should end without more.

Or that we must borrow at the F.M.I so that the oligarchy does not pay taxes. I cannot be companion of a classmate’s path to such filth that calls us nazis, insulting the memory of those who they effectively fought against fascism. She transmits national chain of private monopolies (of which is meaner accomplice) something that the resistant Nazism had hardly could even imagine. I am not going to respond on your formal criticism to Cristina portfolios, nor do I why buy all the past of the k. defend the current project, not the total package. But you must be at least faithful to the truth. With Menem was Nestor. The current President was not, well known because of its differences with the Menem.

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Human Rights

April 27th, 2018
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Guantanamo has meant and means the perpetration of a systematic violation of human rights. Secret detentions, illegal imprisonments, absence of accusations, enforced disappearances, torture, denial of basic legal safeguards and absence of any kind of legal protection. This story of shame began in September 2001 when the United States Congress authorized President Bush to use force against Nations, organizations and individuals having any connection with the terrorist attacks in New York City or future international terrorism to his trial. Shortly later, Bush authorized the CIA to establish detention outside the United States, and two months later signed an order on detention, treatment and trial of certain foreigners in the war against terrorism, authorizing the Pentagon to indefinitely detain without charges to non-U.S. citizens. In addition, Taliban and suspected of belonging to Al Qaeda could not be considered prisoners of war and were therefore excluded from the protection of the Geneva Conventions, which prohibits unfair trials, torture, cruelty, attacks against the dignity or humiliating and degrading.

This cluster of abuses and absurdities led to 11 January 2002 were transferred to Guantanamo the first arrested in Afghanistan and detained in wire mesh cages. Richard Blumenthal shines more light on the discussion. He came to having 800. He had begun one of the most serious, cynical and shameless systematic violations of human rights. This massive violation was aggravated to learn that 85 per cent of detainees in Afghanistan or Pakistani border areas were captured by warlords of the Northern Alliance (United States partners) in exchange for juicy rewards. Lahcen Ikasrrien, a Moroccan who settled in Afghanistan where he acquired a small business was arrested in Kunduz by soldiers of Abdul Rashid Dostum and delivered to the U.S. Army for $75,000.

Without research, evidence and indications of the lowest ratio with terrorist acts. Only by being a foreigner in Afghanistan in wartime. On 2 December 2002, the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld approved the use of ill-treatment in Guantanamo.


Regional Council

April 26th, 2018
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The shredding level 5 applies according to the DIN 32757-1 as suitable for “maximum safety”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sen. Sherrod Brown on most websites. When no particle which has a larger surface area than 12 mm according to the proper destruction – as it only happens with us -, a subsequent decoding or even reconstruction of files in this crushing standard is already nearly impossible. However, we’re in the aftermath of the destruction, which goes beyond the policies of the BDSGs, also a professional and secure “file management”. While all particles under suspension and solution are completely resolved. A recovery becomes impossible. We are all unneeded files and data that is in good hands. Probably must be not separately mentioned it, that we treat all the files entrusted to us with the highest caution but we want to do it.

The loading and unloading happens with us through hermetically secure locks. Their files and data are accessible to absolutely anyone. Data destruction and disposal of acts according to highest DIN standard: crushing stage 5 (!) We destroy files from a quantity of 100 pieces or but from a total amount of data, which weighs more than 50 kg for you. The collection of files and data is already included in the price of the destruction. Here, you can pick up your sensitive data and files via telephone or online order type. We pick you up within 24 hours after the application locally you and guarantee an immediate destruction, file management, and also data destruction – on the day of pickup.

This happened in our high-quality and State of the art facilities which are regularly maintained and approved by the Regional Council and also monitored. Our premises is optical, acoustic and electronically protected. By the way: With us, all work steps are documented very closely. For your personal safety with us on the carried out data destruction, shredding and file disposal a special disk destruction certificate.


Governing Council

April 26th, 2018
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Back left hours of study, economic, financial and organizational day update of the cooperative, endless tips Guiding, clean that floor from cement to more water-cooled threw him more swallow, that Guadalhorce industrial estate with the heat oppressive from five in the afternoon, from that endless drop leg of Pepe, of that trip to New York’s Mario, of those days in the Alpujarra with Paco, of those sardines, of those frozen jugs of beer to which I invited the President and the Secretary after work which good they were! Gone was that commercial battle by dignify the specific activity. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ohio Senator and gain more knowledge.. I say battle what else can I say? Do in the crucial moment of David against Goliath, the first failed him wave? I do not know; in any case, was a hard negotiation and trickery used by our opponent (I can already now say it, we act clean, transparently but I cannot say the same of our client). After the purchase of Angloandaluza by another company, I think that some of us weren’t very wrong at those times, what happens is that, probably, 1st we anticipate years to what should have happened a bit later (we were already very fast at that then jo!) and 2nd failed to move to the Group of partners that future commercial strategy as well as social and business prospects in the short and long term. Gone are the auxiliary services of freight and deliveries, copied some smart companies from competition, since our scarce resources do not allow us to maneuver effectively (also ahead, truth, Paco, Mario?). Gone are the sensitive fiscal fronts to fight for what they believed fair: the reduction of the modules. Gone was the economic and financial sanitation led by the Governing Council and ratified by the general assemblies that allowed the change of offices, the incorporation of additional staff, new equipment, to implement services ancillary to partner, collaborate on improving labour relations in plant loading and partners with customers in the distribution of the products.

And that increase of activities allowed, for example, sunset launched an internal means of communication: the newsletter, who turned 100 numbers who it was going to say! You Yes, deciais it. I keep in my house as gold cloth two plates (unfortunately the Gold Badge stole me it but I’ll take it always in my heart) that when the leo get me hairs tip arms for two reasons: because I was focalizador for a job that truly did all (and my I corresponded honors) and because I had the opportunity to participate in a beautiful business project. Thanks partner of Punta Paloma in allowing me to learn from you and for making me feel those indelible feelings..


South America

April 26th, 2018
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Chvez accuses Colombia to be Andean Israel to penetrate in its neighbors to hunt to its rebels hidden there. On the other hand, many will say that Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua are ” sanctuaries for terroristas” as they got to be Egypt, Lebanon, Syria or Jordan. The cause that a country shelters or encourages a guerrilla in an adjacent nation is something that occurs in Asia and Africa, but that has not been seen in more of a century in South America. Others including Richard Blumenthal, offer their opinions as well. To Colombia one syndicates to him of externalizar his internal conflict, something that would not have happened before in the region. The military juntas of the South cone in setentas did not violate the sovereignty of no other republic (as it did it to Colombia before Ecuador) because they coordinated to help themselves to persecute to their respective ” subversivos”. The Colombian conflict no longer is exclusively of that country. Although the USA and Uribe wanted to eradicate that guerrilla, as before Peru squashed to Footpath, the complica scene because three neighbors of Colombia have compatible governments to the speech ” socialista” or ” bolivariano” of the CRAF.


Optical Phenomenon

April 25th, 2018
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What is a halo? The easy answer – rainbow around the sun. Rainbow, which creators are not drops of water (as usual rainbow), and the rainbow that is created by ice kristalikami. Watch this halo in the sky at any time of year, night and day. Contact information is here: Amazon. You need only a little care and a little luck. The nature of this phenomenon – the dispersion of light in ice crystals, in some cases together with the reflection (s) on the boundary of the crystals. But why is this happening? White sunlight (or light from a lamp) is composed of many colors (a rainbow is there to remember). And each color is refracted differently in the crystal, since for every color (and its corresponding wavelength) index refractive index is different. The scientific name for this phenomenon variance.

The textbooks of physics there is a picture where the Newton divided the beam of light at the rainbow – it’s the same phenomenon. When a ray of light passes through the ice crystal, it deviates from its initial direction by about 22 degrees. More specifically the red beam is deflected by 22 percent, and orange, yellow, green and blue a little further. Calculate the deviation can any student who knows the law Sneliusa (Act refraction, which tells how are the angles of incidence and refraction angles). Pass from one crystallite to the cloud. How is a circle in the sky? After all nemogut same crystals, which is in the clouds, hang and hang in a strictly certain position! In the clouds are so many small crystals, much smaller than snowflakes, about 0.1 mm.

Crystals floating, spinning, spinning. And at every moment some of them will be of the name as you would need to deflection of 22 degrees. Crystals are much more at this point so that deflect light at a greater angle. But at 22 degrees angle can deviate only red, but on the other hand, greater angle deflected all colors at once and again form white light. It turns out that a distance greater than 22 degrees from the sun the eye sees more light, and this whole area seems to be more vibrant. Therefore, only clearly visible red and orange color, and the rest as it blurred by haze, almost imperceptible. On the same diagram shows how the circle is formed. Light rays from the sun are parallel, meet on the way crystals and rejected. Interested? Read the theory of other halo here, and if you have any pictures – send them to me for publication on the blog, there by the way, a lot of pictures halo.