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May 19th, 2019
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Welt argues, moreover, that "to restart the U.S. relationship with Russia remains a priority of foreign policy, but at the same time Washington is trying to maintain balance in its relations with Georgia. " However, as it is easy to understand, for sustaining a balance of Georgia itself should look positively and to not put the U.S. in an awkward position. However, it is clear that while the case is different. Corrie Welt assesses the situation and definitely not in the spirit of self-confident correlations of the team members the President of Georgia: "The Obama administration discredit the" Rose Revolution "in Georgia, knowing that since 2003, democracy remains fragile in this country." Consolidate and strengthen democracy – is now not quite a new task of official Tbilisi does not seem to too willing to perform the job in Washington, again dictated by the mouth of Michael Posner. In fact, President Mikheil Saakashvili and his team in front of a particular choice of either all of the requirements to create the conditions objective for the election are met, and then the president risks losing power, or police state, and this time apply the favorite ways to save power, and then the West finally parted with the illusions about the victory of democracy in Georgia. Both options are fraught with dangerous developments. Second, after all, may lead not to strengthen the democratic foundations of the Georgian state, and the assertion of an authoritarian, or that worse, the dictatorial regime. Signs of the last manifest, vpochem, more than once.

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November 22nd, 2018
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He responds as expected aggressive to come out of this situation. Ignorant that it but so does not work. So is custody. His single mother from the ex-DDR can’t help this situation out of inexperience. The education authority is removed from court her due to her age and physical disability. It follows the trial with later admission to a psychiatric 1991 Institution.

Annually, a reviewer from the previous write off! The result: 2013 he is still forced neurotic harassing supervisors. Written interventions are not answered by the Court. The civil law specific maintainer also does not react. Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs spoke with conviction. The downside: The legal intervention requires a paid lawyer. Justice only for the rich? For me, this is a legally certified imprisonment and labor procurement measure guarantee income for the ‘corrupt’ part of the public service. Does not the State to serve the citizen (Primate)? > legal support: about of supervisors order requires a mental illness or a physical, mental or emotional disability. mental illness: include all physically not justifiable mental disorders; Although mental disorders as a result of disease (such as meningitis) or brain injury.

The same applies for neurosis, obsessive-compulsive disorders or Personality disorders (formerly: psychopathologies); mental retardation: below are innate and the intelligence damage acquired during birth or early childhood brain damage of various degrees of severity. mental disabilities: prolonged mental impairment, which is understood as a result of mental disorders are. These include the impact of organic brain impairment (dementia), which are more common with increasing age (such as dementia of the Alzheimer’s type). physical disabilities may also be reason for ordering a supervisor; but only on request of the person concerned, and the disability, the ability to care of own affairs must affect (E.g. in continuous movement inability or deafblindness). The largest group of people under supervision are old people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia. In addition, some people with mental disabilities in adulthood requires a Supervisor.

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Political Activities

July 21st, 2018
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Succeeds in thirty years to reduce the State rate from 50 percent to 10 percent, then all citizens and residents have the Federal Republic of Germany more time and more money. The quality range of websites of political parties is great. While established parties 1 can, spend large sums of money to professionally make communicating over the network, the efforts of small parties for personal reasons almost exclusively in amateurish stages get stuck. The websites are hardly developed and updated infrequently. But a real challenge is to make it better, this expertise out. Hans Kolpak, initiator for a NationalPartei: \”I have the experience that too many cooks spoil the mush. Under most conditions Ohio Senator would agree. It seems especially hard for the flick Cobblers stick to their bars. 2 3, everyone wants to be like clever and even build a House of cards.

Even the organizational failure of small parties can today be optimised with the help of computer. This is real Progress!\” Even drupal is configurable is so miserable, that the potential of the world’s leading CMS content management system, for which there is even a Parteiverwaltungs software 4, is thwarted. But the confusion begins in the head and not the keyboard. As Hans Kolpak the project on January 6, 2010 was launched 5, he has deliberately set March 17, 2010, as the official start. So much time is reasonable. The Web standards must be maintained, to create a barrier-free access to visitors and search engines. There are still software that generates 6 7 only strange Internet addresses such as instead of A work of art is not consensus, neither visually nor programmatically. Either like it or not. The political core of voters is the fiscal policy of Governments: succeeds in thirty years to reduce the State rate from 50 percent to 10 percent, then all citizens and residents have the Federal Republic of Germany more time and more money.

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A Home For Refugees

June 16th, 2018
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People in the refugee camps need more than just a tent, they need decent habitats. Hamburg 18 December 2013. “The man as innovator morethanshelters is breaking new ground in humanitarian aid in the refugee camps of za’atari”. morethanshelters thinks new humanitarian aid in refugee camps. With a modular room system, similar to over and over again can be combined like a LEGO Kit, not only provides the Hamburg social corporate shelters, but creates with the people on site – habitats in refugee camps and bring innovation there, where it is most needed. For a week, Daniel Kerber is back from za’atari in Jordan, one of the world’s largest refugee camp.

As the founder of the morethanshelters he has worked for two weeks with the refugee camp in Jordan. I was in the refugee camp experience, how the families from Syria in the greatest need not give up as they tackle, develop community, improvise, work and hold it together. There are makeshift schools, small carpentered together shops, local councils and community kitchens.”so Kerber. These examples are evidence of a global development: the most refugee camps of our time are significantly longer than originally intended to be now an average of 12 years. From a camp is a temporary settlement, a complex Habitat with an idiosyncratic and particular social dynamics.

Is everyone clear now: the refugee camp in za’atari will consist of several years. To generate effectiveness here, new ways must be undertaken medium of long-term planning. So far lacks products, ideas and procedures for this. In a workshop with supporting organizations and experts in za’atari are created new participatory forms of space and life design with local people to develop initial ideas, test, and implement. Morethanshelters will do this next spring a place for social design”in za’atari set up. We plan a structure to establish who is able to develop new and innovative solutions for the most pressing problems on the spot with the refugees, “as Kerber. Only 15 km from the Syrian border station fight people and aid agencies under dramatic circumstances with the impact of the civil war in Syria. More information about morethanshelters and image material, see download the Crowdfunding-campaign of the Club morethanshelters e.V. will find you see morethanshelters for further information and images contact or call us: 040 18149238. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sen. Sherrod Brown has to say. Daniel Kerber is the next week for interviews available.

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Heidi Astor

June 13th, 2018
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We get out of the wholesale market in Paris fresh poultry and fish. Fresh herbs and vegetables are of course. To spend more time at the table according to the motto”we keep the French way of life, as an essential part of French culture, also with us here in Germany for desirable,” so Jurgen Bender, Executive Chef at the restaurant Schloss Engers. The process of opening between the two countries is also subject to new experiments, which are made here in the intercultural dialogue in the region. Not only because of the food you can exchange themselves culturally, but also, in which one arouses interest for style and elegance and a new way to decorate the home,. The French Landstyl has also old roots, expressed today in pastel notes, creamy tones and subdued, soft tones, special weaves, natural materials, and wood, stone, terracotta and metal colours dominate. To make the own apartment, this type include appropriate materials, an appropriate apartment and appropriate furniture in the French country – style to: simple but chic! Textiles flair Heidi Astor ( embodies French values such as exclusivity, extravagance, elegance, something it has never seen here in the region.

Both French and German customers find my idea to offer French fabrics very surprising and are pleased. Amazon will not settle for partial explanations. “I represent for many people from the area the French cultural dream that they have previously brought out the holiday: both cool with me as warm colors: cool colors are synonymous of standoffish elegance, warm shades for summer and Sun,” as Heidi Astor. Feel themselves alive and aware all perceive as beautiful they experience, in which new colors and color combinations will learn this lifelong dream is reality now. Many people will with a new way of life and culture to make friends, in which they simply open through a new flavor to himself, in which they learn through new products, a new way of taking thus a new way of life and culture on to set up their own apartment and is internally ready. Most people are open for it and be surprised. The rooms seem different when fitted with French fabrics and colors.

People learn to feel comfortable and to set new accents in establishing her own apartment. At the same time interested in a growing number of my clients for the history of these substances and their origin. This is the case for example with old French patterns such as the toile de Jouy,”that Astor is Heidi. Human opening one is always the first stage Integration process: “Change through rapprochement” of the principle of the Socialist policy of detente meant something like the following: the States must approach each other, so the relations among States for the better can cast. “Change through rapprochement” was a model for the reorientation of the German Ostpolitik. At the present time, this principle is still important for the further development and maintenance of a European common sense.

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Conservative Government

June 11th, 2018
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Is going to the ballot box choice or obligation? Formally, the thing is clear: a civic right is to go to the election in Germany. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal. A duty to participate in the election, is at least no legal, no. Elsewhere, this is as you know different. In at least 32 countries worldwide election partially is not partially sanktionsbewehrt duty. Italy, Luxembourg, and Belgium also elective, Australia and New Zealand, Turkey and many Latin American countries also.

The reasons for the existence of a duty to the election are different; in many countries, about the voters register is an instrument of the population reporting system. Until 1992 (in some States until 2004), compulsory voting or voting rights at our neighbours in Austria was elective because introduction of suffrage for women in 1918 the then Conservative Government feared that conservative voters not to vote would – be in contrast to their democratic sisters. The righteous conservative Austrian (or the corresponding social Convention) the righteous conservative woman it had can prevent to go to the election, and to make their cross with the black. Who to choose? But back to the German present just before the election: we have already not legal, but then a good civic duty to go vote? Or have we not only on the ballot, but already the free choice? What is – maybe you know these thoughts – if none of the competing parties has made a choice offer me, that I would like to take? What if, in this so-called election no candidate so far has sought me, the voters, that I might therefore give my crosses him or her, because I recognize at least a serious attempt can bring me to vote? Are the really mundane questions? To the election anyway? Arguments such as these listed took me recently in a discussion with politically active people to confess – I wanted I afford my own belief – this time actually result the choice should remain remote. I earned scathing glances and the reply that surely no person seriously could do this.

Because against the own conviction in this case, better is to stay than at home? But why should that be so? Because democracy is not working, if too many citizens do not exercise their right to vote? Is this the case? Maybe. Anyway, the conviction behind this deadly argument is though highly abstract, but just belting out. So am I going to choose? I don’t know it.

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National Chairman Rene Stadtkewitz

June 6th, 2018
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Successful election of the National Executive, speech of the National Chairman Rene Stadtkewitz and the Deputy Federal Executive Marc doll civil rights party the freedom – Landesverband Hamburg the Hamburg land Association of the civil rights party which has freedom formed on Friday, founded the June 10 in Hamburg. At the first Party Congress in the Hamburger over 70 members, guests and press representatives were present. The voting party members chose the current country coordinator, Jens Eckleben (46), unanimously as the Chairman of the National Association. If you have read about Richard Blumenthal already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Other members in the six-Member Executive Committee are Ferdinand Storm (27) as Deputy Chairman, Claus Doring (44) as State Secretary, Arno Willemer (51) as Treasurer and Holm Abrahams and Dr. Rainer Brorsen as associate members of the regional executive. The founding Congress was a series of nine events, which take place between 4th and 21st June in Bavaria, Baden-Wurttemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, Hessen, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg, Saxony and Thuringia. Amazon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Along with the previously founded Landesverband Berlin, freedom is thus represented in ten federal States and has more than 2,000 members in all Germany.

All provinces will be covered by the end of the year. In his welcoming speech, the country coordinator Jens Eckleben as central policy fields called the introduction of direct democracy along Swiss lines, a democratically legitimate Europe without transfer Union and rescue package, the reform of immigration law with a qualified point system as in Canada and restricting of the abuse of freedom of religion by the radical, political Islam. Jens Eckleben also said: today we have reached an important milestone on our way, but until the Bundestag elections 2013 is still a large and difficult road ahead of us. Important are now above all the membership drive and the further development of the organizational structures in Hamburg, the fundraising for the financial support of the campaign in Berlin (2011) and Schleswig-Holstein (2012), as well as the increase of the Awareness of our political party projects SYMPATHETIC in the public.

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Spring Caucasus Exacerbation

May 28th, 2018
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USA have prepared a new war scenario? If we talk about some common fabric that united the whole sequence of events of the week, you have to turn to the provocative report of the Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair at a hearing in Committee on Intelligence of the Senate of the United States that took place on February 2. In this document, Mr Blair spoke, and the probability of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the future of Armenian-Turkish dialogue, and the interests of Russia in the Caucasus, as well as traced Washington's intentions toward Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan. Note that the response to American provocation then went everywhere, except Russia and the Kurdistan – perhaps in Moscow and Erbil, or until decide how to respond to the report of Mr Blair, or prefer to prepare their rebuttals without too much fuss and in a strictly confidential mode. "The situation in the Caucasus is still unstable, since at any time between Armenia and Azerbaijan might break War "- postraschal Senators chief Natsrazvedki USA. Here, Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And then he did what he publicly denied virtually all senior U.S. officials – linked settlement of the Karabakh problem with the process of Armenian-Turkish dialogue. Commenting on the issue of resumption of Turkish-Armenian relations, he noted that this process is influenced by "unscrupulous relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. " Finally, Russia and the Caucasus: Blair also said that the vision of President Dmitry Medvedev on the former Soviet Union as the Russian zone of privileged interests, may undermine Moscow's relations with Washington.

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Communist Party

May 25th, 2018
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According to the applicant, the campaign materials M. Zhalnin inciting social discord in respect of party "United Russia" and officials of local and regional administration. Moreover, supposedly formed unit that every party member and official – the "enemy" who must be neither more nor less, "fix". Although, in fact, these materials contain only criticism (sometimes very unfavorable) to address "United Russia" and the current government. I am convinced that without criticism of political opponents of free and democratic elections are simply unthinkable! Can be a dangerous precedent, after which he criticized during campaign will be not only televised, but in general.

Then the authorities will turn into a kind of caste of untouchables. I consider unfounded the applicant's arguments and others, according to which M. Zhalnin allegedly took advantage of her position. I hope the court will figure everything out and take a fair decision. Zhidkov AI, Secretary of the Communist Party Regional Committee of the Tambov regional: the situation around the elections Tambov City Council can be described in one word – chaos.

Power is power, it will fight for you to keep it, but in this campaign is not saved even the minimum of the legal framework, which assumes legislation relating to elections for political parties. We have already made a formal declaration of refusal to participate in the Tambov regional branch of this dirty campaign. However, scheduled for September 30, 2010 hearing in court Tambov municipal union claim of the party "Fair Russia" de-registered candidate Zhalnin MM from the registered list of candidates nominated by electoral associations "Tambov regional separation of the political party the Communist Party "in a single constituency, fills the cup of our patience.

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People Klimina

April 12th, 2018
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October 10 in the small town of Ust-Kut in the holding of elections the head of the Ust-Kut MoD and members of City Council. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Claim to the presidency of five candidates – Vladimir Senin, Pichkur Ivan Afanasiev Sergey A., Klimina Tamara (LDPR faction) and Dushin Alexander. As the candidates for deputies registered 53 City Council candidate. We are certainly interested in the biographies of all above politics, but in this article, we will only provide greater detail Tamara Klimina since, yet it is the only woman who dared to fight for the presidency. In Currently, Tamara managed Ltd.

'LZPK Lena-forest', and also heads the Regional Public Movement "Komsomol veterans' and is raising three beautiful children. Biography and career Tamara Klimina (Smyk) are very interesting, and serve as a model of how a woman in our difficult times was able to excel in those areas that are traditionally ruled by men. She was born January 2, 1961 in a small town on Shalym Kemerovo Oblast Tee. In 1970, the family of the candidate moved to the city of Ust-Kut. Tamara began to study at a local school 98. There, she joined the ranks of the Komsomol. This momentous event took place back in 1975, and for life shaped and defined the life and worldview of Tamara, because at the moment it is not only fighting for the post of head of UKMO (Ust-Kut municipality), but also leads and manages the movement of people who still remember the Young Communist League and the principles, which are then planted people.

Throughout the study Klimina actively involved in school life. She was a permanent member of propaganda teams and campaigns, taking participate in the competitions of KVN teams, played in the 'Summer Lightning', and defended the honor of the native school sports fields. In addition to purely entertainment events, Komsomol members, including Tamara Klimina (Smyk), and engaged in very serious cases more, for example, began to organize the school construction teams, which will undoubtedly have contributed to the construction of soy most urban sites. After graduating from high school in 1978, Tamara passed entrance exams to college Irkutsk trade. And at the same time she was married. After graduation, the future candidate for the head worked in retail establishments, has been managing several stores Ust-Kut and elsewhere has shown itself as a competent and responsible manager. In 1987, elections were held in the City Council of People's Deputies of UKMO, and that while Tamara seriously interested in politics early. Along with social and political activities, she is very active in business, founded several logging companies and farms. Huge practical experience in the logging industry led to the discovery of OOO 'Forest-LZPK Lena', the output of which is currently in demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Biography candidate Head UKMO Tamara Klimina (Smyk) – is an example of hard work to the benefit of his native city and an example of how much can be achieved if you put all their efforts to achieve this goal. However, Tamara A. would not have been him, if stopped on what has been achieved. She is constantly moving forward and is committed to new heights. At the election of the head of Ust-Kut, it will be as a candidate from a list of the LDPR faction. We are from We wish her every success and we remind readers that anyone has the opportunity to ask Tamara, going on her personal website.

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