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April 11th, 2015
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The first instructors of pupils with deafness had appeared in the Europe; in century XVI, different methodologies of education, that if they used of the auditory-verbal language, language of signals, manual representation of the alphabet and other visual codes, being able, or not, these methodologies had been created to associate these different medias. From century XVIII, the language of signals sufficiently passed to be spread out, reaching success in the education of deaf person, as much of the point of view of the expansion, how much of the results that it propitiated, allowing that the deaf people conquered its citizenship. However, to break de1880 when 2 happened the Congress of Milan (Italy) adopted the oralismo, method that says considers it as the only one media in the education of deaf people. The oralista philosophy is based on the belief of that the verbal modality of the language is the only desirable form of communication for the deaf person, and that any form of gesticulao must be prevented. Since then, the possibilities of use of the languages of signals had been excluded all. At this time, many deaf people whom they used the language gesture-appearance had suffered persecutions (GOLDFELD, 1997). For the oralistas, the said language is indicated as indispensable for the integral development of the children with deafness. However, the oralistas boardings had exactly suffered many critical ones for the innumerable limits that present, with the increment from the use of prteses.

Another aspect to be developed by the deaf person, on the basis of this boarding is the labial reading. However, in accordance with Lacerda (2000) is very difficult for deep a deaf child, despite ' ' protetizada' ' 3, to recognize, so precociously, a word through the labial reading. What it occurs in the oralistas techniques cannot be called of language development, but yes of exercise of speaks organized of formal, artificial character, with the use of the limited expression the occasions where the child is seated ahead of drawings, it are of dialgicos contexts, that in fact they would allow the development of the meaning of the words.



April 7th, 2015
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With voznikonoveniem humanity people like to feel a sense of delight all the time. forgotten always achieved in different ways. Achieve pleasure possible by various methods. Here, for example, a person gets the adrenaline, when jumping with a parachute, it also brings man happiness. Second love food, food and supplies to people delight. However, all these pleasures are natural. There are other ways to improve yourself mood. and man has created invented them myself, because in fact man is weak.

A man came up with intoxicants to make their lives brighter. Odurmanivayuzie matter came up for 5 millennia bc. er. in culture under the name of the Sumerians. Hear from experts in the field like Charles B. Rangel for a more varied view. They made opium, and under the action gets artificial pleasure. Then intoxicants began producing in all the ancient powers. There were even opium battle, because of this. The Chinese authorities have recognized that opium may destroy their power.

Then came in the early 19 century, morphine was injected intravenously with a needle. In the early 20 th century society was under the scourge of cocaine, which in most cases had used prostitutes and soldiers. With time intoxicants vseusovershenstvovalis and improved. And in the 21 century the legal smoking blends and legal powders, about the dangers of which are still controversial, and the government can not accept decision whether to ban them or not worth it. Legal intoxicants are very similar to his appearance on the original drugs and give the same effect, then there are people ispotlzuyuschie they too have fun and get used to them, relax.


The Word

April 7th, 2015
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The new generations are valuing the reproduction and the preservation of the doctrine in which if they had formed, and not it commitment with the customers, however the therapeutical orientation is not an ideology in which if it makes necessary and obligator to the faithful repetition (CALLIGARIS, 2008). Sixth chapter explana on to cure or not to cure, where the traditional definitions of what it is to cure say that to cure it means to reestablish normality functional or, then, to take subject to its previous state to the illness. However the psychoanalysis does not want to have a preset notion of normality, that is, the normality ideal is the state where the citizen if allows to carry through its potentialities, being obtained to fully live inside of its limits taxes for proper history and constitution. Being defined in such a way, normality can be the target of the cure of the Calligaris therapists (2008, P. 79) finishes the chapter with the following speech: ' ' Patient is the flat that if complaint and wants to be cured, while who makes analysis is ' ' analisando' ' or ' ' analisante' ' , not patient, therefore it must wait analysis and not cure. If I ahead have a reserve of the word ' ' paciente' ' , it is because I wait that all let us be impatient with the unnecessary suffering that, eventually, ruins ours dias.' ' The following chapter explains what to make to have patient more. In lower court one becomes to know. Its commitment is with the people who trust you and bring for its doctor’s office a complaint that asks for to be listened to e, why not, decided, that is, its commitment is with the community in which quick you services. Then if its commitment will be with customers, if do not worry, they go to finish knowing of that you exist and are there for you help them.