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Natural Law

December 7th, 2017
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If you grow these muscle groups – will grow and all the rest. Arrange for a priority. Why did you come to the gym? In order to pump up the muscles and gain muscle mass? Or to their bones "honeycomb"? I think you choose the first option. Then what the fig are you doing ballet and gymnastics at the gym? A recipe for success – in the daily growth of power and, consequently, the daily increase in weight. And because you can only increase basic training, long rest, a good recovery, and, of course, well-written and mentoring programs. Our bodies – is a constant physiological processes. If you know the physiology – your way be easy. The organism does not need to try to cheat or something to tune for themselves.

On the contrary, you just need to obey and accept the natural laws by which he lives! That's it! All what you need, so it is right to send arms, and help them to work. Whatever you may be smart, you still will not be able to fight with the nature of the organism. There are clear laws, following which you will succeed in the short term. Golden set of rules: Take the truth is What if you dream of, for example, to pump up the mighty hand – it does not mean that you need only download them to the blackout. You see, between the amount of muscle and body weight there is a physiological dependence. For example, if you weigh 80 kg, you just can not have the hands to 50 inches.


Placa Catalunya

September 27th, 2013
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EP the Minister of Interior is made available from the mayors of populations where there are still camping. In the event that may be a risk to coincide with the Festival of Sant Joan. It says the peaceful departure of the outraged was performed excellently. The Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, has assured Monday that the occupation of Placa Catalunya has to end sooner or later, although there is no deadline. At a press conference to present the device of traffic for the weekend of Sant Joan, Puig explained that it has been available to all mayors of populations where there are still camping and believe that there may be a risk, especially taking into account the verbena on Thursday. If there is no risk we can not intervene, but it is clear that not can remain indefinitely, so I am available to councils, if they consider that there may be colliding with the verbena, said the Minister, which ensures that the Mayor of Barcelona has not made contact with e. l. Puig He also assured that the peaceful March of the outraged on Sunday overran all expectations, but was in excellent shape. I want to celebrate that he would lead by democratic mechanisms and peaceful that provides for the rule of law, underlined Puig, who has concluded that it made in a democratic way and regretted that it had not been so on other occasions. It has added that MOSS continue working to identify the people who reacted violently against the deputies the day 15 past, but has not provided new data. Source of the news: Puig reiterates that the occupation of plaza Catalunya must end “sooner or later”

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Philippine Islands Avenue

March 15th, 2013
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The victim, a 46-year-old man, was dragged by the current. Resuscitation maneuvers were useless and the doctors certified death. A man of 46 years, with domicile in Alcala de Henares (Madrid), has died Tuesday while bathing in the Henares Canal at the height of the village of Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara), once you hit in the head and he was dragged by the current. The Civil Guard has reported this Wednesday in a statement that the event took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, around 1640 hours, when persons accompanying the deceased to the armed Institute reported his disappearance. According to the note, the Guardia Civil gave notice to the emergency service 112, which sent the place firefighters that they incorporate to the search work initiated by the patrol of the post of Yunquera de Henares. Thus, the body of the missing person was located at 1750 hours on the inside of the channel at the height of the Philippine Islands Avenue in the village of Yunquera. The manoeuvres of resuscitation were useless and doctors certified death at 1820 hours. The organic unit of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil has opened proceedings to determine the cause of death. Source of the news: dies to be a blow on the head when bathing in the Canal del Henares

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