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Fortuno President

July 29th, 2012
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It does this by following a correct procedure and deliberate. Read each text according to your needs and complexity and provides, as you know your own capabilities, their goals of time with each reading you do. 3. Mental reading. Oral reading, we learned in first grade, has its role, but it is not the same as silent reading or mental, which is carried out efficiently when a reader does not have to read aloud to anyone nor low. The mind-reading succeeds, unlike oral reading or subvocalized, a full connection with the text and a higher concentration level. 4.

One direction. By eliminating the bad habit of constantly reading and rereading, the reader reads efficiently in one direction, from beginning to end. Get all the facts and insights with Raymond Dalio, another great source of information. Return to text only if it is necessary to study it further, and analyze it, but after having made a continuous and uninterrupted reading unnecessary. 5. Pace.

The pace allows the reader control over eye movements so that they can increase the speed until the maximum capacity. Without rhythm, the reader progresses smoothly inefficient, with rhythm, moves the reader efficient insurance. 6. Extending the catchment area. Through exercises designed to that end, the reader effectively extends its catchment area. In the time before one or two syllables caught, now capture full sentences. Reading it will not only take an enormous rate, thus also allows you to capture much better understanding of the meaning of what he reads. 7. Concentration. Only through a fluent reading the reader is able to establish a full connection with the text, delete extraneous thoughts and distractions to the subject, and therefore sufficient concentration that allows optimal understanding. 8. Extensive reading. Conquered the barriers of inefficient reading, the reader quickly, almost without exception, reported that after training read much more than before. Adults, children and young people with very poor reading habits discovered, with the method, an interesting and wonderful new world. The excuses and evasions disappear, the disappearance of the difficulty and inefficiency. 9. Large vocabulary. The efficient reader, like read more, acquire more vocabulary. In addition, through training, has become aware of the enormous need to master more and more vocabulary, which develops strategies for continuous improvement. 10. Want to read and read. The efficient reader, having cast aside the barriers of time and poor understanding and poor retention, read what they want and want to read more. The method of Reading Speed In moving from being a reader inefficient to be an efficient reader, we get the following three goals: Read faster. Better understood. Remember everything. A speed-reading course is a investment of time and money that pays off all his life. Do not leave it for later. By Joseph R. Fortuno President NILVEM The author is President of NILVEM New Speed Reading Institute, and Memory Study, an institution that specializes in the development of efficient methods and techniques of study. More information. This text may be freely reproduced as long as it remains the last paragraph. ‘.


James Baldwin

July 24th, 2012
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2. BY the MEMORIES OF the ALLEYS Nor everything what it is faced can be modified, but nothing it can be modified if it will not be faced. James Baldwin In last the two decades, we can consider as being almost a common sense the idea of that collective identities are constructions social politics and that they must be treated as such. Of this new perspective, it was transferred to affirm it that individuals construct its identities and that the maintenance of these identities depends on the resultant process of the kept interactions for these individuals in the process of understanding of itself proper and its interventions in the reality. Collective identities had passed to be understood to not only leave of an aggregate of social interactions, but also of the politician-strategical reason of social actors. After all, if identities are constructed, the one that interests they serve and who is those excluded of the process? The notion of identity, that breaches with the dichotomies between individual and society, passed and present, as well as between social practical science and, so is associated with the memory idea as this last one to the first one. The direction of continuity and present permanence in an individual or social group throughout the time depends in such a way on what it is remembered, how much what is remembered depends on the identity of who remembers.

When analyzing the workmanship Alleys of the memory, we cannot omit the origin and ethnic-social condition of that it writes. It is evident, in all the body of the workmanship the scienter of the author. Its marks of black woman of humble origin they are not camouflaged by a text ' ' romantizado' '. The black writer reveals in its totality, exposes itself integrally, leaves to penetrate us in its more recondite memories. She assumes yourself as that one that speaks and not of who if she speaks.


Fernando Grecco

July 20th, 2012
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For Fernando Grecco ' ' A party is the madness of many in benefit of ones poucos.' ' (Alexander Pope) One more time it prevailed, in So Paulo, the ignorance politics of our countrymen. The forces of the evil if sobressaram. Of this time, they will be eternalized in the power, practising, always, all type of curse to the people. The greed covets and it is the sustentculos to the measures of general character in our territory. It has years, certain called party ' ' social-democrata' ' it comes promoting the equipment total of our state, estraalhando any new leadership politics that could be an eventual alternative stops in exempting of this so atrocious conservadorismo our children, aged, at last, to the most needed than they are fruits of the insensibilidade and the repudiation of the public power. Evidently we relate in them to the PSDB, an acronym of clear trend fascist, since it is endorsed for practical authoritarian politics, antidemocratic and avessas to the Brazilian people.

Only considering total one alienation politics of the natives of So Paulo is that we can understand the election of Geraldo Alckmin to the government of the state. Alckmin, when leaving the government in April of 2006 to dispute to the Presidency of the Republic, left a gap in the State in the order of R$ 1,2 billion, compelling then the governor in exercise, Claude Lembo, to carry through drastic cuts in sectors as Health, Education and Security. Fernando Braga, to the time state secretary of Planning, confirmed journalist Mnica Bergamo, of the periodical Leaf of So Paulo, that ' ' he had reduction in the rhythm of the speed of obras' '. In 26/03/06, the Online Leaf divulged documents that they had proven that the government of Geraldo Alckmin benefited to allies when directing resources of old our Box for the press, in the case periodicals, magazines, programs of radio and television that then were supported or indicated by members of the house of representatives of the allied base in the State legislature.


Machines and Law

July 18th, 2012
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1) Before you leave home, it is desirable to find documents on a machine and the law. So just in case. And then suddenly turns traffic cop is not a gentleman and will not believe your word. Documents can be in one of the following places: a basket of dirty linen, the latest novel by Marina, a telephone table, a box of makeup, her husband's coat, school satchel her son-Losers. 2) After leaving the house is desirable to find his car. So, just in case. Try to remember where you are it left last night. If you hear a discordance of car hooters in the courtyard, boldly goes straight into the thick clusters of machines.

Surely your favorite freely located somewhere in those parts. Just you have not read my advice and do not know what the car is better to place along the road, not across. While I agree that the swearing and buzzing for a couple of hours men – louts and goats. Is it possible to conduct themselves so ugly? Let the joy that had a couple of hours outdoors rather than in their stuffy offices. 3) When you approach the car, first remove it from the alarm and then open the door key, and not vice versa. If you have mixed and the machine screamed as her husband unfed, no need to run up to all passers-by and to prove that you do not vzlomschitsa and it's your machine, although written in-law. Just disconnect the alarm and get behind the wheel.


Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Investment Projects

July 17th, 2012
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Called the degree of efficiency to achieve the best results at the lowest cost. The effectiveness of the investment project is considered as a category, reflecting the corresponding investment project goals and interests of its members. For different project participants of its effectiveness may be different. Financially successful project as a whole, may at the same time to be ineffective for its participation in the project uchastnikov.Effektivnost equity of a party is determined by the ratio of its equity capital invested in the project, and capital, received by him from the project and remaining in his possession after payment own costs and pay its creditors, government, etc. The volume of equity participant contributed to the project, defined as the difference between the amount of funds invested by him in the draft, and the volume of funds mobilized for this purpose. The Bank's own funds invested in the project at each step, defined as the difference between all the means that should this step be invested in the project, and the amount taken at this step zayma.Effektivnost investment project can be evaluated as a quantitative and qualitative harakteristikami.Sredi various performance indicators very important role played by indicators effekta.Effekt – category, which characterizes the excess of the results of the project over the cost of it for a certain period vremeni. evaluate the following types of efficiency: the efficiency of the whole project, the effectiveness of proekte.Effektivnost participation in the overall project is estimated to determine the potential attractiveness of the project to potential participants and the search for funding sources.


Mycelium Solution

July 16th, 2012
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But at the same time ostyvshem compost I always find the mycelium with white fruitlets fungi that occur only after treatment of the em solution. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Tyler Wood Integrated Capital Solutions and gain more knowledge. For the final conversion of the substrate into a full muck need it passes, processing "Emkoy" each layer and then sealed and carefully hide the plastic wrap. Some authors argue that the em and California worms are friends. My experience suggests the opposite: not very willing to live and breed worms in grass or leaf compost. Even if it is semi-decomposed. Justice Roberts does not necessarily agree. Instead, they thrive in last year's compost – in it we lay the remains of food, pour dirty water. But if the pile to shed the em solution, the number and cheerful red immigrants sharply diminished. em indispensable for fertilizing.

Squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, cauliflower, broccoli, download cabbage, tomatoes, beans, peas, blackberries, as well as shrubs and fruit trees, I fertilize infusion of herbs with the em. The neighbors brought me the grass from their lawns or myself her on the roadside. Pile up in 200-liter barrel spill solution – enough for fermentation 1.5-2 liters of em solution. Adding in a barrel with water so that between it and the film as one less than the air. Film on the barrel fastening straps from an old inner tube. Every two or three days stirred the infusion, and after 7-10 days begin fertilizing. Very well respond to her cauliflower, squash and cucumbers. For a new starter using undecomposed mass. But after the second or third time I dumped her out of the barrel, lay in a compost or mulch space cabbage, around-trunk circle of fruit trees.


Environmental Science

July 16th, 2012
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President Medvedev took the ecology. Again, ecology and Sochi 2014. Environmental expertise in Russia will . pe Week: leakage of chemicals in China, an accident at Slovenian nuclear power plant or other accidents. Moscow – one of the polluted cities in the world. The Montreal Climate Exchange began operations with quotas on emissions of industrial gases. Bon Appetit: insects as a delicacy. In Russia, for the first time celebrated the Day of the ecologist.

Overview of events week from 02/06/2008 to 08/06/2008. President Medvedev took the ecology of the number of loud statements on the environmental situation in the country and the environment did last week, Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting in the Kremlin on issues ecology. The President noted that the issue of ecology is a very serious problem in contemporary Russia. In a dysfunctional environment home to 40 million Russians, of whom one million live in conditions of a dangerous level of contamination. To address this situation, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev called for changing the system of environmental responsibility in the country. He posed the problem of the Government to the State Duma bill on the system of norms of permissible impact on the environment by October 1 this year. Medvedev recalled that in January this year a meeting of the Russian Security Council on environmental issues, which, inter alia, discussed the impact of environmental standards on the innovative development of the country, 'in fact, the level of our competitiveness. " Dmitry Medvedev also expressed the need to promote renewable energy technologies, and urged to reconsider funding for projects related to renewable energy in the formation of budgets for future years.