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The Limits

April 3rd, 2018
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the great Masters of Music make this very well. exactly the music of a great soul to only exceed the limits of the mere trivial one, the current and the common human being. At least an angel could show celestial wonders, does not seem obvious? Happily no book does not exist that obtains to teach as to learn to listen to music with the heart. The newspapers mentioned Richard Blumenthal not as a source, but as a related topic. for this does not have formulas: it is only learned making. But as to learn alone always it is more difficult, I decided of this time to elaborate this work and to congregate more in this coletnea nothing, nothing less than the talent of famous Masters as Mozart, Chopin, Bach, Beethoven and Haydn. To appreciate music requires patience and continuity. A minimum of disciplines, therefore. as in everything related the training, here also only most perspicacious will obtain spoon the best and inesquecveis fruits.

It is not truth that Wisdom comes of saborear? It always enchanted me to search on subjects related to the Musicoterapia. The proposal basic is to offer culture, to disponibilizar workmanships rare or of difficult access and to facilitate to the maximum the musical appreciation. Everything this of entirely gratuitous form, without no interest of profit, any that is. Why such effort? For the simple fact of that it is the minimum that I can make now. Quanta people exists for there suffering indizveis sufferings and however you prevented (ressentimentos, painful memories, fears, you distress, solitude, for example) and I cannot make nothing! One day I had that to make something for me exactly, but, absolutely, this is not sufficiently. As many pains, as many hurts, as many traumas, as many fears.

As much weakness ours. To suffer is really an illusion, a great lie invented for we ourselves. exactly when if it decides to stop to suffer, all that invisible weight that jammed the heart, as all storm, disappears! Of where it comes this so great force? Each one goes to need one day to discover its proper reply.


Electric Abortion Renato

January 7th, 2018
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Later, it was Precambrian Society. It did not give certain, and the organization turned disorganization. Connecticut Senator contributes greatly to this topic. (Russian Renato; 1989, p.138) After some experiences badly succeeded, Renato was to a show of the band Dry Mouth, in the Lake North. After the presentation, if approached to the young guitarist: ' ' I liked you very. You mounting a band with the Marcelo Bonf, still does not have guitarist. You do not want to touch with people? ' ' only problem of Eduardo Paran was that it touched well excessively and made question to demonstrate its endows, solando its guitar without stopping. Attitude that the other integrant ones of the band renegavam.

But in the Legion, Renato had will to more make elaborated musics. there, Eduardo had space. Moreover, they had added the tecladista So Paulo Pablo. thus, gave first formation to it of the band for the presentation in Ducks of Mines, in the Park of Expositions of the city. The virtuosity of the tecladista and the guitarist finished taking the two for is of the band.

Thus, Renato and Marcelo had decided to invite only one guitarist to join they. ICO Ouro Preto was the chosen one. ICO also did not last very. As well as it had left the Electric Abortion in the hand in the last hour years before, also left the Urban Legion. Lacking to one month for the presentations most important not only of the band, but of the rock of the federal capital, the guitarist gnawed the rope. 13 He was then that Given to Villa Wolves he entered the Urban Legion. It just had entered for the course of social sciences of the UnB and had plans later to move to France, where its father was consul. But it moved radically of idea. The image of rock band was moving. In this period, the Paralamas of the Success had signed a contract with EMI? First Odeon and launched its compact one.


Tropical Hurricanes

November 25th, 2015
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The tropical hurricanes and forests Which is the effect of an hurricane on a tropical forest? Had to the winds we fortssimos that many times reach 100 kilmetros more than for the moment, in places covered for tropical forests little affected by the hurricane, generally, the trees of the forest are, practically, without leves. The strong winds pull out literally them of the twigs. In affected places more, the trunk and twig in addition and even though the complete withdrawal of the trees including its roots is possible to occur. This all cause a drastic change in the structure of the ecosystem, modifying the regimen of light that reaches the ground, as well as adding great amount of materials that suddenly are deposited in the ground provoking modifications in the ciclagem of materials inside of these ecosystems that withholds the biggest biodiversity of the planet. Chemical preparation from: Steudler, P.A et al. Natural The effects of and human disturbances on soil nitrogen dynamics and traces gas floods ina Puerto Rican West Forest. Biotropica, v.23 (4a), p.356-363, 1991.


Heinich Art

April 18th, 2014
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Thus: … democratization of the public is about a social possibility of access to the culture of the favored populations less, that the public politics aim at from years 60, particularly for the opening of the houses of culture and the development of the action or still the concern with the not public one (pg 78). In this way this question of the democratization constitutes object of common quarrel for politicians and sociologists, representing two possible directions practical and the theoretician. aesthetic 1.2Percepo Under this aspect the author comments that Bourdieu opens a way interested for the social use photographs of it, the boarding statistics is completed for a more qualitative method, to the base of interviews in depth, that after that it will be used by sociologists of the art and the culture in its works of field. Thus: ' ' the sociology of the reception precedes the sociology of the taste, questioning not them aesthetic preferences, but the conditions that allow to see to emerge a judgment in terms of beauty (or feira, of art or no-arte' ' (pg.82). In this way, as much the objective properties them workmanships with the receiving mental pictures, and the pragmatic contexts of reception are requested in the probability to see an object in aesthetic terms qualified, the description of these changes, and the explicitao of its logics, supplying to sociology a rich program of research in possibilities.

artistic 1.3Admirao In accordance with Heinich, the sociology of the art if inclines to a sociology of values ' ' . it is that the art if becomes object of well bigger investments of what those of that if they occupy the specialists traditionally, when is interested for the origin, for the felt value and of obras' ' (pg 84). Thus an aesthetic one meets not only in the register of values as possible qualification of the workmanships, or of its authors, parallel to the moral, sensitivity, the economic rationality or the feeling of justice.


National Curricular Parameters

March 10th, 2014
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FINAL CONSIDERAES We conclude the thought vision, if to fight them to me against the practical alienation through one pedagogical one, where the professor of physical education amongst others, obtains to make a revolution of the thought in the children and adolescents, thinking about them, while future operating citizens in the society. So that this the bibliographical work obtained to have theoretical support, including authors who understand and already they had commented on the subject, was necessary to study educative, social questions, politics, economic and we can and is necessary to have in sight that the Brazilian educators have many difficulties in working with the context of the pupils and with the construction of values you discipline from them. There we have in the world of the art LEAN authors (2002) and ABUD (2005), therefore followed the parallels between music and formation citizen so important for the accomplishment of the same. The work considered and objectified to use the Hip-Hop as a learning instrument and formation of values that could go beyond the pedagogical custom of the PCNs, thus making, the pupils of 6 to 9 year Municipal School President Tancredo Snows will reflect on the current context of the society where they live. The joined subjects did not have pursuings of the same lines of objectives delimited in this work, therefore, this were mainly based on the National Curricular Parameters of Basic Ensino of physical education, beyond removed texts of the Internet and on books indirectly to the work. The bibliographical article was possible to show through the authors, who the Hip-Hop, can assist in practical the pedagogical one of the classroom, really contributes for the formation citizen of the pupils and can obtained to reach the proposals in the PCNs, because the existing social problems meet weak due that go inside for of classroom disentailed of the miditica culture.


Adriano Botelho Economic

August 16th, 2012
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General Deodoro of the Fonseca resigns the same in 23 of November of year, under imminent threat of deposition for the republicans, represented for the vice-president Marshal Floriano Peixoto, who assumes ' ' naturalmente' ' the presidency. Only in the government De Campos Sales, with Rodrigues Alves in the command of the Brazilian economy, the facts of the crisis of the economic depression had been brightened up. In this period, 14 company dedicated to the civil construction had initiated its activities in the city, beyond the constitution of seven real estate and four on enterprises to the production of material of construction, as ceramic, roofing tile and bricks, as mentioned for Adriano Botelho in its book ' ' Urban in Fragmentos' '. 1. Objectives 1.1. General objective – To explore the advance of the civil construction, that during the economic depression also became great source of income and object of profit of fictitious capital, generated through constructors in operations in the Stock exchange.

1.2. Specific objectives – To before understand the occured changes, during and after the reformadoras measures that they intended to promote industrialization and to stimulate the economic growth of the country. – To demonstrate the impact, from this law of the economic depression, enters the change of the old agrarian structure, based in the exportation of the coffee, for the industrialization and the incentive of the based economic growth in the civil construction. – To search ways that make possible profit of equalized capital its distribution, that transits beyond the socialism and of the capitalism. 2. Object the social inaquality and urban resultant of the politics applied in the Law of the Economic depression, that contributes until today for the profit for the speculation of a fictitious capital. 3. Problem – To win the biggest challenge of the period, that was the scarcity of currency, aggravated for the growth of the wage-earning work, result of the end of the slavery and the fond bulk of immigrants as work force.