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Military Alliance

November 25th, 2014
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A military alliance is defined as an agreement that political seeks united states the association of education two or more states to concentrate efforts in military the service policy of a common political behavior. religion The concept of partnership must verify government certain conditions. Its issues source must be an international congress treaty and George bush so the conclusion clinton of the joint. It election is also a political cnn act that entails race certain obligations.
In the economic year 480 a. C. media Jerjes Persian iraq emperor, whose domains stretched from India to Asia Minor, fought against small states that made up the whole people that would lead bush to classical Greece. Sparta, Athenian, Theban and Euboea, among others, formed a culture military league to vote defeat the Persian fleet at Salamis, and was thus initiated the decline of empire aquemenida. First time that some small affiliated defeated a great empire.




November 22nd, 2014
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As he affirms the authors to the person who assumes a dogmtica position are conditional to believe that the world exists as if it perceives (MEZZAROBA; HUNTER, 2008, P. 13) Exist solutions to break and to intervene this attitude. The attitude is something acquired and each one possesss its. As well as the solution for this attitude affirms the authors is to be contradogmtico, adopting critical criteria so that they are capable to find odd, to inquire, to question reality.

Carrying either contradogmtico, he is through the critical one that we acquire new knowledge, these generators of attitudes that will be able to modify objects. 1,5 PARADIGMS If we fossemos to literally take the direction of the word paradigm, could say that it would be the same that standard or model, according to translation of the known dictionary more in Brazil. Many factors exist that intervene with the discovery process, no matter how hard let us deepen them the research, this is necessary, the maximum that we will obtain is to inside produce knowledge of limits and certain paradigm. ‘ ‘ When you produce knowledge you inside make, it of the one limits determined paradigm, despite of this she does not have conscincia’ ‘ . The social beliefs, values and techniques inherited for one determined group of people, at any given time of history, current or not, can be of social order and/or cultural, they are paradigms. Mezzaroba and Monteiro affirm that the biggest paradigms are those of social matrix and culture (2008, P. 16). Social paradigm would be the form of organization of the society, as to treat its problems, its economy, politics, that is, its form of development. In the social paradigm in strict direction we have a way profile as the society if it organizes, as it identifies its problems, the way for which if it accustoms to answer them, the way of economic production, its form of organization legal politics and, at last, its way of development.


Crisis And Future Of Policy

November 13th, 2014
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When you talk about a crisis, one thinks immediately of an economic crisis, which relates primarily to the trade and industries, but a crisis goes beyond the monetary problems of a country. It is important to assess a crisis comes from the political system, given that the policy is the one that controls the relationship between society, trade and overseas. Most of the time, when society hears talk of an economic crisis, invades it the fear, especially because both politics and the media try to cover up the fact that this event is happening, this is the case, that we find today in television Televisa artists talking about the economic crisis and which should not to panic. As we can see commercial parties talking about the advances that have been made in Mexico and how it is that this country is going to improve, saying his famous phrase we are going well. The policy must strike a balance between omission and honesty of events happening in the country towards the society, given that it is not everything that happens, since this can unleash one even greater conflict, but nor should lying since the society is not silly and gives account when not told the truth, this ultimately leads to distrust of society towards the rulers and the disinterest towards the policycreating a feeling of apathy. Is why leaders must say events such as they are, but omitting that could trigger even greater problems. In addition to being able to analyze a little better than changes should apply in politics, we will take to Mexico as an example of the problems that have been tabled within the policy and its relationship with the crisis, we must assess that this last is of the utmost importance, since dictates the future policy, given that if the Governors fail to improve conditions, and as it has been mentioned previously, if they fail the trust of their society, the future of the policy looks at risk. .

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