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Administrative Code

November 9th, 2017
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The sad statistics of car accidents has plunged the company into shock. Rules of the road were simply not designed for such a number of private cars on the roads, so many times they were simply not provided. Credit: Steve Rattner-2011. gai, and later the traffic police have been unable to cope with any traffic, either with an avalanche of traffic violations. The Administrative Code provided paltry fines, which, moreover, can be was not paid for years. Eventually, the whole system was virtually paralyzed and crushed increased by several dozen times since the Soviet era traffic. The situation began to gravitate toward normalization only 2005, with the adoption of a new administrative code, which meant a tightening of administrative penalties and a significant increase in the amount of fines for traffic violations.

Drivers have become more circumspect, mia seriously worried about morality and the problem of corruption among employees, and the government finally paid attention to road construction. As a result, by 2007 statistics road accidents in Russia ceased to be so threatening. However, reasons for optimism was a little bit. Number of cars continued to grow rapidly. Road construction could not keep up traffic flow. Yes, and driving culture of Russians remained low.

Overtaking on the wrong side and running a red light has been and remains the most frequent causes of accidents. A considerable number of car accidents happening because of poor technical state vehicles. The lack of basic rules of passing inspection, the imperfection of the evaluation criteria the technical condition of the vehicle, obsolete equipment items of tc mpeg markedly inhibited the elimination of the traffic flow of cars in poor condition. In 2007-2008, made quite a serious step toward constructive change. A new table of penalties even stricter penalties for violations of traffic rules, and requirements to the technical state of vehicles have become more stringent. One can argue about whether a tightening of the only true solution in this case. However, the increased fines reduced statistics of car accidents and caused a more restrained behavior of drivers on the roads. General culture on the road has become much better and thanks to the improvement and reformation of the mpeg cars in improper technical condition of the roads of the country considerably reduced.



June 28th, 2011
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Meanwhile, the risk is very important and often leads to total loss of the car. Or, for example, in some insurance companies pay for the risk of "Theft" is made in view of wear, and within the first month of operation of the new car can lose up to 5-7% of its value. – What are the nuances worth more attention? – First, be sure to check for themselves the moment at which the insurance company begins to bear responsibility for the insured car. For some companies this responsibility comes only from the time of the tc be registered in the traffic police. Accordingly, problems may occur because a car without number plates – a bait for thieves. Secondly, pay attention to is whether the liability insurance company for damage paint without damaging the body parts. Third, note the additional requirements, such as whether the company requires mandatory installation of any alarm, and whether for this discount. Fourth, check whether the contract included a mandatory deductible, considering it can cause problems for the payment.

– But insurance agents need to explain these nuances to his client? – Agents are different. "Conscious" necessarily tell about nuances, and those who want to make money, get money from the client – this may simply "forget". So no need to rely on the agent's consciousness, especially sort things out for themselves what it is you buy. Because when the insurance case is not the agent will ask for payment, and you. – Then the logical question: why do you, as an insurer, raised about this? – Now people are chasing cheap insurance, without going into details contract, but would pay less. But do not think that if something happens, they can refuse to pay because this insurance case is not covered by the contract. And if you do not talk about the pitfalls of insurance, not to explain to people the nuances, it would appear negative. Not only to a particular insurance company, where people bought the policy, and to insurance in general. We walked a very long time to make people understand that the insured necessary and related to this positively. Moreover, our company manufactures products aimed at specific audiences, including those who want to save, but we always stipulate "pitfalls" to avoid differences in the payment process. Thus, we have the insurance "Avtoobereg" with the rate 3.49% – only insurance against theft and total loss of vehicle, m e of global risks.


Russian Federation

February 13th, 2011
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Q: Help-account canceled or does it work? Answer: It was reported earlier that "01" August 2009. Help-bill, which was issued earlier in the commission store, ceases to exist, and in return will be issued a contract Sale of motor vehicles (number units). This innovation is based on the entry into force, with "01" August 2009. paragraph, second subparagraph of Paragraph 2 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 26 July 2008 N 562 (Collection of legislation of the Russian Federation, 2008, N 31, art. 3735). However, after the entry into force of the innovation, the local authorities had the right to decide on the extension of information – account for the individual territories, and was done in the Novosibirsk region. Thus, at present on the territory of the Novosibirsk region act as a sales contract vehicle, and reference account. Q: Help-account or contract of sale for car Which is better? Answer: – if the car will be placed on record in the Novosibirsk area, you can make as a reference account, and the contract of sale car at your discretion, and both the Novosibirsk stsi take a job – if the car will be placed on record in another region, it is better to issue a contract of sale vehicle.

This measure would avoid the difficulties with registration in areas where local authorities have not extended the Help – account. Question: Can you make yourself a contract of sale car, and does not apply to the pawnshop? Response. You are free to arrange the sale of, for example, print the agreement Sale of samples available on the Internet. It is important to do this correctly, what would the traffic police took documents to the job. In this case, the basic requirement for registration of the transaction in writing – is the presence at the moment Registration in the traffic police of both the seller and the buyer, ie, Both parties of the transaction should be present in the traffic police with the passport. The presence of the seller when registering a vehicle in the traffic police are not required if the transaction was executed through Specialized pawnshop. Thus, if the car is sold in the remote region, or a car salesman does not want to waste time on travel in the traffic police, it is better to use the services of commission for the store processing the transaction. Q: Can our organization to engage in self-registration of contracts of sale of cars? Answer: Maybe, if the following conditions: – The charter of the organization should be registered form the activities of the Commission motor trade "- the Organization must be accredited by the traffic police to work with special products, and a monthly report to traffic police on all transactions made as to help – by and by contracts of sale for car