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Mayor City

February 23rd, 2014
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He is lacked same is more ' ' vontade' ' politics ' ' criatividade' ' to administratar. When I speak of this will, I speak behind of an unconditional, sliding commitment even though of the partisan enemies, in the intention to bring optimum for the city. The people does not advance to be here of is there dying of loves for the city, if inside of the city hall terms somebody that places the second plain city in satisfying its personal egos, its revenge, or until worse that this, satisfying the will of any another political party who is. She is necessary that the people execre who still uses a city hall to practise ' ' politicagem' ' , cheap persecutions, that only reduce the good image politics of the city. I know well, that on the part of the pretense candidates, has much ' ' vontade' ' , but she is necessary that they league themselves, since already, that the problem also is in ' ' it lacks of vontade' ' of its allies, who generally will be the assessor futures, secretaries, coordinators and controlling.

If he will not have now as will be then its future administration? He is necessary that all that are working in a city hall if feel ' ' motivados' ' , valued, if they feel important inside of what they make. For in such a way, as already said, the Mayor must more be the person ' ' otimista' ' inside of a city hall, to be able to infect to all, every day. She is necessary to purge of the public job the commissioners who do not possess will and to punish the accomodated staff, but for this, we must have a mayor who is sufficiently uneasy to put into motion everybody. A good manager decentralizes its action, distributes responsibilities to its secretaries, clearly, with much criterion. Finally, as well as he must be any manager of this planet, it must be muitssimo receptive, glad, and spontaneous, to receive the people, entrepreneurs, politicians and the press, &#039 well; ' independently of color, race, creed, patent or party poltico' '. Even because, the city hall does not belong to no party and/or to no governor, it must be the administrative center of the city, where they must be, if possible, better of each area of the city working.

The choices of a mayor must primar for ' ' quality tcnica' ' not for the kinship next to an ally. Therefore, everything depends on the choices that the governor makes. When if it chooses that one that makes the same thing that another one made, without thinking about the individual potentiality of the individual, the explicit governor who its administration does not intend to pass of the beans with rice. Finally my people, I only wait that the people and the candidates can only make good choices in 2012! Mrio Sergio Melo Xavier


General Security

February 17th, 2014
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Paradoxically, a remarkable and dramatic increase in regards to participation in the Parliament and Government of the layers of military retirement and senior officials graduating from different security services was visualized. Without a doubt, the war of the six days of the year 1967 and its influence on the image of the military before the public layer determined a turning point of a trend that is invigorated with the years until reaching a record with the Parliament and Government, which completed its mandate in these days. In the forty years that alienate the war of the six days of the last Parliament, the number of their members with a degree of General and hierarchs of retired security services went from 4 to 14. In the Government, in the same period, their participation grew from 3 to 10. It is worth mentioning that while changes in both fields of action were similar in magnitude, in regards to the specific weight there is a big difference. While in Parliament at its peak (2006-2008) only arrived representing not more than 12%, in the framework of the most important decisions, the Government its specific weight arrived at almost 40% in the same period. Another demonstration that highlights the growing trend in Israel retire from the army and continue in the political race emerges from analysis of the behavior of the commanders in Chief of the army since the creation of the State these days. Of the 18 army commanders removed since the creation of the State to date, 11 (61%) were devoted to politics with his retirement.

Only 2 of them until the year 1973 and the rest later. Another aspect, and such time of greater meaning, emerges with the increasing participation of the different active representatives of the army and the security services in cabinet meetings. Unlike the stage of Ben Gurion as Prime Minister, the last Government as an example of the tendency of all past cabinets of if composed of a wide layer of retired military, fostered a growing participation of active military and hierarchs in functions of the various security services.


Iranian Oil

February 11th, 2014
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The fear that the Iranian oil fell at the hands of the nazistas hurried the exit of the father of Pahlevi. The Allies had perceived that the son could be more passive and to accept the occupation better. They were certain. The government of x Pahlevi Prayer was a man centraliser. In its government, they were gifts its circle of allies. Those that made opposition were pursued. It arrived to be accused by international agencies diverse times for disregarding the rules of the human rights in the country.

To each year that passed, it increased its personal richness, what it contrasted with the poverty of the population. In the decade of 1950, it implanted a series of measures that was known as ' ' Branca&#039 revolution; '. Through it, it modernized the economy of the country and ocidentalizou many customs. Pahlevi moved in a wasps’s nest when making an agrarian reform with lands of the religious leaders. The opposition of this segment increased.

Moreover, much of the practical occidental people, as the flexibilizao of the clothes in the woman, as well as the maquiagem, films, musics, games, were seen as half of deteriorizao of the Iranian culture. The series of reforms really made with that the Iranian economy grew, however, this improvement was not felt by the ample majority of the population. It was increased income concentration and the popular idea, stirred up for the religious ones, of that everything that was occurring for the distanciamento to the Islamic customs. In the measure where the poverty if spread, the number of people was multiplied who if came back to the basic values of the Isl. The Revolution Meanwhile, the opposition forces if agglutinated around a name? the Ayatola *** Ruhollah Khomeini. This religious xiita (let us remember that 89% of the Iranian population are xiita) was exiled in Iraq. Shortly after Saddam Hussein to assume the power in this country, x Pahlevi Prayer requested that Khomeini was banishes, similar to diminish the influence of it in the Anger.


Sustainable Development

February 4th, 2014
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Thus, it fits to the State, with the one creation legislation and of an institucional body the paper of regulator of the use of these waters that flow off in the pertaining to the state of Cear territory, to adjust this territory to a profile of competitiveness in global scale, therefore the implantation of a joint system and interconnection of hdricas workmanships. Amongst the projects and programs, is distinguished it creation of the Program of Urban Development and Management of the Hdricos Resources? PROURB, in 1995, Project Are Jose in 1995, Project of Integrated Management of Hdricos Resources of the State of the Cear? PROGERIRH in 1997, having as has detached the construction of workmanships of basin integration, as the complex of the Eixo of the Waters, that possesss 5 axles of integration of waters of the Castanho dam until the Region Metropolitan and the Complex of the Port of the Pecm; Program of Sustainable Development of Hdricos Resources for Brazilian Half-Barren? PROGUA in 1998, amongst others. The projects and investments in the hdrica infrastructure field had made possible economic modernization, but this occurred of intent form in specific sectors of the pertaining to the state of Cear territory, notadamente the Region Metropolitan of $fortaleza (RMF), coastal zone, and some cities of the region of the valley of the Jaguaribe, Acara and of the Cariri. The hdricas workmanships of great transport, as dams and expositories pass if to locate strategically in considered territorial portions favorable to its exploration for irrigated agriculture, fish, tourism and other economic activities (QUINTILIANO and RASP, 2008). It is given credit that it had an modification in offers and management of waters in the Cear through the creation of some projects and programs, inside of the national context of implementation of hdricas politics. These actions had brought some improvements for the State, contributing for the development of the economic activities.