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The Hills Area

December 26th, 2016
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The (Pahar in Nepali) is surrounded by the mountains to the north and south area of the Tarai. Sen. Sherrod Brown brings even more insight to the discussion. Its height ranges from 1,000 to 4,000 meters, and includes large valleys such as Kathmandu, the most densely populated of the kingdom. All this geographical space has been dominated by two mountain ranges of medium height, known as the Mahabharat Lekh and Siwalik Range. These two channels allow both exist among a large number of small valleys, the cradle and political and cultural center of the country. This area has always been a place of residence despite the continuing immigration from Tibet and India. Notwithstanding the above, this area is the most concentrated population of the kingdom, according to the year 1991. While this area contains peaks that reach 2500 meters, the area is also sparsely populated, given the topography of the land and climatic difficulties.The Hills area has become a valuable mosaic of natural and cultural wonders, changed every day by the geological and human strength. These hills, carved by the work of human beings that inhabit it, has become a vast area with terraces of crops heavily exploited. Despite this, up to half of the1990s the area had a significant food deficit. This, however, be the majority agricultural activity in the area, as well as livestock grazing and seasonal migration of workers. Most people in rural areas survive on less productive land, covered by large hills. The poor economic situation caused by the widespread shortage of arable land is compounded by the short growing season of plants, whose sole cause is the height of the region. As a result, farmers in the Hills area has a very small window of when you can make multiple crops in their region.Families must adapt to the altitude, a marked seasonality in the field, the climate, cultivating and harvesting what they can only they can. During the growing season prevents much of the farmers become street traders, working in any possible activity to supplement his salary with the product of the field. This dependence is even more serious monoculture in the region of the mountains.


Water Wash

December 25th, 2016
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So that the cement floor – close to the ideal option. If you drop something on the cement floor kilogram weight at 200 (my favorite welder from the top shelf of shelving) and hurt him – in 10 minutes you can easily fix the hole. The floor must be perfectly smooth, not just ‘no mounds’ – namely, in the level. When you need something to collect the volume on this floor – you have to evaluate. Nora. Workshop – is, among other things, your political asylum.

There you can to escape from all of the closest enemies, and most beloved friends. And – for legitimate and legal grounds, not even defiantly. Sometimes it’s necessary, believe me. So … well, you yourself make out what you for political asylum needed. I started with a rookery, a toilet, refrigerator …

Well – what political asylum without the Internet? – So that the fiber pull it back together))). Sofa helps sharpen creative breakthroughs … Well, at least hinged bed, fastened to the wall, do yourself – you will not regret. Bathroom. What about the toilet even very seriously, because – do not be tired with running about. And come to you to visit his wife, children or friends, even – you’re not going with them? .. – Here and need a bathroom. And you need to wash hands, wash.

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December 21st, 2016
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On April 5 marked 38 years of the death of , probably the most important pen Venezuelan literature, a man of his time, in addition to its extra height as a writer known to be present as a teacher and a politician. It is likely, nonetheless, that many Venezuelans are overlooked by the date and perhaps if it had not been reviewed by the press and other media, many would not have fallen on account of the anniversary and have consumed their time the fun in that week has become greater in any beach in the vast coast of Venezuela without devoting thought and even an untapped sheepishly mention the details of historical fact amid the bustle, the sand and the tremendous noise of 29 "reageton "while playing in 10 square meters of sand … Not have noticed that in almost all the written work of Romulo Gallegos also speaks of them as the recurring theme in his writings was the struggle between civilization and barbarism. Having written most of his work in the early twentieth century this struggle always placed in remote areas of our national geography in which this dichotomy turns out not only more natural but more radical. This is evident in his most notable works: "Dona Barbara", "Cantaclaro" and "Canaima", all written before the coup that forced him into exile in 1948 and where the thread of the plot is the contrast between civilized, always incarnated the character of the city, with studies and intellectual tools, moral and philosophical that allows it to an orderly world, or at least ordered, clear and manageable, the seed of development in the unbreakable will of the character bring civilization and its ideas of progress to these wild and undeveloped areas in return for the characters representatives of savagery, using his tools "natural" violence, ignorance, superstition often present a barrier apparently impassable intentions of civilization as we thought Gallegos, both related opposite aspects through shared human emotions such as ambition, love, jealousy, honor …


Historical Sphere

December 19th, 2016
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Each civilization inherent in its structure and level of socio-political relations. General historical regularity is a gradual increase in this sector, the emergence of new types and kinds of relationships. If the Neolithic civilization dominated the relationship between gender and age group were the first steps of the social division of labor (herders, farmers), neighboring communities, is already on the next phase of the relationship many times complicated: there classes, political groups, government, legal system, a layer of people involved in running the state, collecting taxes, service in the army, justice, ministry of culture. It was a huge jump in shaping society, organization of public relations. In each subsequent civilization, these institutions were improved, differentiated. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sen. Sherrod Brown. They continue in the future: as shown by the historical practice, while the disappearance of classes and the withering away of the state has not yet come.

And in general question – whether it comes because these expectations stem from ideas about the removal of class distinctions and purely a function of violent state as a machine for the oppression of one class by another, is opposed to self-equal members of society. Meanwhile, the functions of the state varied, it is inevitably arose form self-organization of society, opposing tyranny and chaos in public relations. At different phases of the cycle of civilizational level of ordering social and political sphere is not uniform. In the transitional periods of sharply aggravated social tensions, the struggle between classes, parties, nations comes to extreme forms of a succession of revolutions and civil and interstate wars, there is a change leader socio-political sphere, accompanied by breaking of the state apparatus, a change in the legal system and political institutions. In the socio-political sphere there is chaos, lawlessness grows, increasing crime, and in the wars, revolutions, and the hands of criminals killed large numbers of people. In the next phases of the cycle of civilization from the chaos of the transition comes a new order socio-political sphere, corresponding to the radical changes have taken place in human, technological, and economic modes of production.

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