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General Elections

April 18th, 2018
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I want to thank those who first have relied on the PP, I can assure you that they will not regret never. Amazon is often quoted as being for or against this. Zapatero confirms that there will be no advancement of the general elections. Amid a standing ovation, the leader of the PP, Mariano Rajoy, has thanked supporters were outside the headquarters of the PP in the Genoa Street that had been placed in them the confidence to govern. Today is a wonderful day for our party, started by saying. Accompanied by Alberto Ruiz Gallardon and Esperanza Aguirre, Rajoy has victorious ensures that they have achieved the best result in history for our party in municipal and regional elections. I want to thank all Spaniards who have today gone to vote, because democracy is vote, Rajoy described above between cheers from the gathered there. When voting it is the great festival of democracy and today Spaniards have freely chosen who believed that it was good for his country. There has also been a reminder of the people gathered in Genoa toward the 15-M movement, with shouts of this is democracy and not the Sun.

Rajoy has congratulated in addition to the current Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz Gallardon, and the President of the community, Esperanza Aguirre, by his electoral victory in municipal and regional elections, respectively. I would like to thank to all people who in all Spain to relied on the candidacies of the Partido Popular. I want to thank all those who have relied on the PP for the first time in a very special way, I can assure you that they won’t regret ever, said Mariano Rajoy, while among the attendees they chanted Bildu cries out. This party will govern for all, said Rajoy also referring not voted that. You have right to celebrate this result, she added. Finally, Rajoy has concluded his speech: tomorrow I will get to work to fulfil our electoral programme for recupar Spain and its economy. Source of the news: Rajoy: “tomorrow I” I will set to work to recover the Spanish economy”

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Deputy Prime Minister

March 11th, 2018
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The first vice Minister of the country, which ensures that the Government has to be the first to go to the root of the problem has announced it. Ministers thought initially that the measure was a joke. Zimbabwe is one of the countries with the highest rate of HIV positive, with 1 in every 7 people infected. All the men of the Cabinet of Ministers of Zimbabwe will be circumcised to give example and try to reduce the rate of persons infected with the AIDS virus, in a country in which 1 of every 7 people are HIV-positive, he announced the Deputy Prime Minister of the country, Thokozani Khupe. As leaders in Government, we must set an example so when we go to the root of the problem (of AIDS), you can understand the importance and the benefits of the exercise (of circumcision), told Khupe government newspaper Sunday Mail, who admitted that Ministers thought he was joking when he told them the measure.

Zimbabwe began a national circumcision campaign two years ago, and it is estimated that about 30,000 men already have been subjected to the small surgery, centered in recent months especially in the largest in 13 years. According to medical studies, circumcision can reduce the number of HIV infections in up to 60%, so that the Zimbabwean authorities are intended to circumcise 1.2 million men by 2015. Our goal is that nobody dies by HIV or by diseases resulting from AIDS, and we can only achieve that when our leaders start to mark certain guidelines, said Khupe. Presented the last June and developed by Unicef and the World Bank study indicates nearly 2,500 young people contract HIV every day around the world, and sub-Saharan Africa is the region most affected by this virus on the planet. Source of the news: Ministers from Zimbabwe will be circumcised “for example” in the fight against AIDS

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Headman Festival

October 9th, 2013
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More information: official website of the festival. Share car to go to Arenal Sound! Festival Euroyeye the lifestyle of 1960s return from Thursday and until August 7 day Gijon. The sample account not only with musical performances (touched the British Nasser Bouzzidda, Juli and The Higher State, the American Maxime Brown, The Peper Pots and The Faithkeepers Spaniards and Germans King khan & The Shrines). In addition there will be fashion shows and flea market, rides motorcycles, scooters and Lambretta and projection of feature films. Productions that can be seen are The party s over, starring Oliver Reed and Loiuse Sorelmbra, Banda aparte, in French Jean Luc Godard and Aoom, Gonzalo Suarez Spanish.

Entries for every day cost 20 euros. More information: official website of the festival. Busker Festival the Busker Festival s s celebrates this year its seventh edition. It is a Festival of street, which takes place in twelve corners of the Barcelona neighbourhood of Barceloneta. It is organized by an NGO, the Yellow House, and one of its objectives is to show the cultural diversity of Barcelona through the music. As in the street performances, groups do not charge for entry, but the hat is passed so that the audience can decide how much money give to artists depending on their possibilities and their musical tastes. The festival runs until Sunday and will host the performance of two groups that will be alternating from 19.00 to 23.00 daily hours. In addition, in the square of the sea will be held a special show of the Group invited from 23.00 hours until midnight.

These last include bands such as Dinatatak, Buritaca, Funkallisto, Skarallaos and Baciamolemani, which are collaborating on the last disc of the sticker, which is sponsoring the event. More information: official website of the festival. Aquasella. between 5 and 6 August, and leveraging the massive celebration of the descent of the River Sella, Arriondas offers this festival dominated by electronics. The highlights of this edition will be 2Many Dj, Logo, Headman, Groove Armada, Mathias Kaden, Dj Hell or Darkrow. The celebration will continue all the night and until well into the morning. At 8.00 in the morning, for example, plays Oscar Mulero and will have to wait until 8: 30 to see artists like The Zombie Kids. The fertilizer for the two days of festival costs 150 euros. More information: official website. Share car to go to the Aquasella! You don’t have to go to these festivals? Car share. Source of the news: Arenal Sound, Euroyeye, Aquasella, Buskers big weekend festivals

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Placa Catalunya

September 27th, 2013
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EP the Minister of Interior is made available from the mayors of populations where there are still camping. In the event that may be a risk to coincide with the Festival of Sant Joan. It says the peaceful departure of the outraged was performed excellently. The Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, has assured Monday that the occupation of Placa Catalunya has to end sooner or later, although there is no deadline. At a press conference to present the device of traffic for the weekend of Sant Joan, Puig explained that it has been available to all mayors of populations where there are still camping and believe that there may be a risk, especially taking into account the verbena on Thursday. If there is no risk we can not intervene, but it is clear that not can remain indefinitely, so I am available to councils, if they consider that there may be colliding with the verbena, said the Minister, which ensures that the Mayor of Barcelona has not made contact with e. l. Puig He also assured that the peaceful March of the outraged on Sunday overran all expectations, but was in excellent shape. I want to celebrate that he would lead by democratic mechanisms and peaceful that provides for the rule of law, underlined Puig, who has concluded that it made in a democratic way and regretted that it had not been so on other occasions. It has added that MOSS continue working to identify the people who reacted violently against the deputies the day 15 past, but has not provided new data. Source of the news: Puig reiterates that the occupation of plaza Catalunya must end “sooner or later”

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September 18th, 2013
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Muller started this Friday mourning tied his best weapon and serene. It was almost impossible to Nadal to subtract your service. The difficulty of Nadal to find his niche removed, however, the best of this tennis player, who came to lift two balls set in the first partial. Before the powerful pull of his rival, who scored 17 aces, Nadal strategy was expected, resist, until this good. After one set serving brilliantly, Muller faltered in the mental aspect. He committed a total of 22 not forced errors. That was how Nadal took advantage of two failures of Luxembourgish in the tiebreaker to find ways to stay ahead with a first round in their favor. Resumed the match this Saturday in the second set, things began just as it was on Friday.

Muller sought to harm a great favorite with his serve, but Nadal skills elsewhere balanced the scale to the point that both crawled back to a tiebreaker. Represion in this life or death, returned to demonstrate again who was the larger of the two. By your patience, endurance, his ability to intimidate the opponent, by many things, but in reality, by small details bowed balance in favour of the Spanish: 7-6 (5). With two against and sleeves with Nadal on a roll, Muller sank completely in the third set. The pace of the match had changed.

Little by little, the Spanish had done with the meeting. The left-handed Manacor broke the serve of Muller in the first game and let him blank then. In only 31 minutes solved that last set (6-0). It was not a party too showy for the Viewer, with the exception of some uploaded to the network, but it allowed Nadal to continue quite fresh and rested in the box. Ferrer beats Beck the Spanish David Ferrer, seventh seeded in the tournament of Wimbledon, defeated Slovak Karol Beck in three sets (6-4, 6-3 and 6-3) and agreed to the second round of this Grand Slam for the third time in his career. After two hours and three minutes of mourning, Ferrer won a place in the fourth round against French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, twelfth favorite and runner-up this year at Queen s, who has today removed the Chilean Fernando Gonzalez. Goodbye Nico Almagro the number fifteen in the world, the Spanish Nico Almagro, fell in the third round of the Wimbledon tournament before the Russian Mijail Youzhny, who beat him 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3), 6-3 in two hours and 43 minutes to stand in the second round to Swiss Roger Federer. Almagro ripped with very good foot that appointment, but deshincho from the second set and lost his chance of accessing the knockout stages for the first time at Wimbledon. Source of the news: Rafa Nadal gets into second round after suffering before the serve of Muller

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Play Against Barcelona

September 7th, 2013
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Real Madrid technician has ensured that low back pain of Ramos has passed and that it will play in the Supercopa of Spain. In addition, he has dedicated praise to Karim Benzema. It has assured that the reduction of the sanction of the UEFA is a victory. Coach Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid coach, confirmed that Sergio Ramos is perfect to play the Supercopa of Spain against Barcelona and dedicated praise to French Karim Benzema, who with his offseason work has earned the ownership to the detriment of Gonzalo Higuain. Sergio Ramos is perfect. You are going to play, he said forcefully Mourinho, making it clear that low back pain that prevented the Andalusian dnsa play with the Spanish national team against Italy will not be an impediment to its alignment before Barca.

After being the top scorer of the preseason, Benzema, who in the previous campaign earned a public rebuke from his coach, received praise. Tomorrow is the owner because he has earned it. Play Benzema and Higuain do not, but then it may be upside down. I have a short template by mia option. With all the positive things that this has and some negative, but all are headlines, he said. In their answers to the questions that made him about many of the players in his squad, Mourinho spoke of Nuri Sahin, said that he did not injured the preseason and said that it will be recovered from his knee injury for the second day of League play. It is improving, the opposite of what some say maliciously who believe that you he injured. It is not true, stressed the Portuguese coach, and pointed out that Turkish midfielder injured herself in the United States during a pre-season tour. Shortly he will train with the team and will be for the second match of the championship if there is no strike (of players), he said.

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Latin Americans Victims

August 24th, 2013
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A witness of the accident ensures that the avalanche pushed them. Local policemen and the mossos who attended the train station of Castelldls after the deadly outrage of 12 people last year have ensured this Thursday before the judge that the station lacked the necessary security measures, according to the lawyer of the families of the victims. The holder of the Court of instruction number 1 of Gava has taken this Thursday statement to agents of the local police and the mossos, the driver of the commuter train that had just get off the victims, of the Alaris train that hit them when they crossed the tracks, as well as directors of Renfe and Adif, neighbors in the area and others that injury resulted in the outrage. The accident occurred the night of San Juan in 2010, when a group of people, mostly young Latin Americans, who had just get off at the station of Castelldls for go to a verbena on the beach crossed the tracks without using the existing underpasses and were charged by an Alaris train passing at high speed. After the statements of the morning session, the lawyer of the families of the victims, Andreu Van den Eynde, has told journalists that the policemen who came to the station have assured the judge that the installation did not exist the conditions of safety necessary to cope with a massive influx of people. Policemen, according to counsel, acknowledged to the judge that night they knew that there would be a mass influx situation at the train station.

Despite this, counsel has considered, moreover, that curiously, when more influx of travelers, Renfe – said – it decided that there was no security or staff at the station. For its part, Machinist of the Alaris train which hit the victims has ensured that it triggered alarm mechanisms to highlight the arrival of the train, but he has ensured that it is impossible stop a train, according to Van den Eynde. According to the explanation of the Machinist told by counsel, what must be done is not ever lower the route, because the train can not stop or when there are emergencies like that night. For its part, according to Van den Eynde, representatives of Renfe and Adif also declared before the judge have ensured that the station met the necessary security measures. Not all the blame was ours for his part, one of the witnesses of the accident, who only wanted to be identified as Elisabeth, has opined that the station did not comply with the security measures since there was no vigilantes of informers or safety. Elisabeth has assured: everything was very dark, we try to leave the bridge, which was the output that we knew, but it was closed, and try to leave the station by other means, but the great flood of people who had pushed users to track. The young, 18 years old, has recognized the recklessness of the victims, but consider: not all the blame was ours. Source of the news: police officers ensure that the Castelldls station lacked the necessary security.

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Philippine Islands Avenue

March 15th, 2013
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The victim, a 46-year-old man, was dragged by the current. Resuscitation maneuvers were useless and the doctors certified death. A man of 46 years, with domicile in Alcala de Henares (Madrid), has died Tuesday while bathing in the Henares Canal at the height of the village of Yunquera de Henares (Guadalajara), once you hit in the head and he was dragged by the current. The Civil Guard has reported this Wednesday in a statement that the event took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, around 1640 hours, when persons accompanying the deceased to the armed Institute reported his disappearance. According to the note, the Guardia Civil gave notice to the emergency service 112, which sent the place firefighters that they incorporate to the search work initiated by the patrol of the post of Yunquera de Henares. Thus, the body of the missing person was located at 1750 hours on the inside of the channel at the height of the Philippine Islands Avenue in the village of Yunquera. The manoeuvres of resuscitation were useless and doctors certified death at 1820 hours. The organic unit of the Judicial Police of the Guardia Civil has opened proceedings to determine the cause of death. Source of the news: dies to be a blow on the head when bathing in the Canal del Henares

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Australian Years

February 20th, 2013
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The Australian, winner of the 2011 Tour. It has transformed in recent years to break his second son fame. It will not stop until you reach the Tour, recently claimed his father. At age 8, an accident was about to leave him disabled. At 34 years, Cadel Evans has meant on this Tour who has won all a sign of the obstinacy of a singular cyclist, cold, calculating, stubborn, that has been transformed in recent years to break his second son fame. It will not stop until you reach the Tour, recently claimed his father in an interview in which defined his Rod as an obstinate obsessive athlete in the preparation of its objectives.

Evans does not meet any of the cliches of cycling, in the way they run or life. The first Australian to win the Tour comes from another world, in a hemisphere where cycling has no such predicament as in Europe. Formed in mountain biking. It is methodical and timid, hates the foci of the media circus, just grants interviews and rejects all the benefits of Fame. It prefers silence removal, classical music listening with his wife, Italian piano teacher, or reading her beloved Tintin comic.

The Australian completed a perfect Tour, faithful to its condition of methodical calculator, which has dominated in all areas. He controlled the mountain, giving an acceptable time for striking the final blow in the final time trial, which had been prepared with the precision of a surgeon. Toured it three weeks before the Dauphine, which mimicked the same route, and recorded details of each section, almost every curve. In that test he played it more as a preparation to in order to win it and subsequently returned to recognize it once more. Nothing is left to chance. The success is in the small details, says. His 2011 Tour has been the bottom rung of its renewal, started two years ago when he managed the worldwide Mendrisio and broke with his second son fame.

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Director General

January 30th, 2013
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EFE the controversy by issuing a report on abuses of children in Wales and he came to identify by mistake to a former politician has been the catalyst. He pointed out that it was to be ultimately responsible for all content that emits. The director general of the BBC, George Entwistle, chain resigned Saturday following the controversial by the issuance of a report on alleged abuses of children in Wales and came to identify by mistake to a former politician. Entwistle, who came to the direction of the British public broadcasting station on 17 September, submitted his resignation in a statement issued along with the Chairman of the BBC, Chris Patten, former Conservative politician. I have decided that as more honorable thing I can do is to resign, said the head of the chain, which described as totally exceptional events of recent days, therefore considered appropriate that the station now seek a new leader. He pointed out that it was to be ultimately responsible for all content that emits the string. Having been director general even if only for a short period of time, and in some circumstances of great challenge, has been a great honour, added. Controversial report the controversy is centered around the report issued on 2 November by Newsnight, one more major journalistic programmes of the BBC.

Entwistle, who admitted that the station is facing opportunities and challenges, emphasized at the same time that this is full of talented people that make it the best station in the world. The BBC had been forced to apologize unreservedly for the issuance of the report because it led to identify by mistake to Lord McAlpine, former Treasurer of the British Europe Minister conservative Margaret Thatcher. Reportage tried on alleged abuses in a home for children in North Wales and reported statements made by a victim, Steve Messham, who claimed that a prominent politician had abused him. Messham did not reveal the identity of the politician in the program, but said that he had worked at the time of Thatcher in the past eighty years. See more: resigns the director general of the BBC by an error with a politician in a story on paedophilia

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