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Spanish Association

April 25th, 2020
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The Helicobacter pylori, which causes most stomach ulcers, has been present in humans since more than 60,000 years ago. It is one of the most widely spread microorganisms: some researchers claim that only exceeds it the bacterium that causes tooth decay in number. The ulcer of stomach and duodenum, is an infectious disease whose main cause is a mobile, and spiral bacterium called Helicobacter pylori, which is acquired in childhood and lived for many years in the interior of the gastric cavity. Although always produces a small swelling, most of the time this organism does not produce symptoms and only causes an ulcer in about one in every ten individuals that infects. Suffolk County Rep. has many thoughts on the issue. In this case a combination of antibiotic drugs, is administered to the patient to eliminate the bacterial infection and is restored from its ulceration.

Is not yet known the exact mechanism by which Helicobacter pylori induces the appearance of ulcers, but more recent studies suggest that this can be related to the presence in the duodenum of bacterial strains especially aggressive and capable of producing toxins that can directly injure the superficial cells of the digestive tract. These knowledge that currently are a proven scientific certainty, and have already been incorporated to health systems protocols and manuals of medicine, about two decades ago were considered to be slightly less than a heresy, by a multitude of skeptical experts, who did not believe in the effects of the now called the ulcer bacterium. The presence of spiral bacteria in the human stomach was first described by Kreinitz in 1906, according to the Spanish Association of Gastroenterology (AEG). But it was not until the beginning of the 1980s, when Robin Warren rediscovered the germ and first established its relationship with gastric inflammation and ulcers. Attempts by the researcher Barry Marshall isolate and cultivate the bacterium they were unsuccessful until he left forgotten in his lab a few vials of a biopsy culture during Easter of 1982.

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Choice Appropriate

March 25th, 2018
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To be a candidate for a reunification of debts, you must comply with the specific rules defined by financial firms or individual lenders with whom you decide to begin. Each lender has different standards, foulbrood is important to consider the options and the differences that exist between the potential lenders. It is convenient to do specific questions to lenders about those aspects of the contract that you did not understand, so that in this way you know very well what is your part within the contract. Amazon usually is spot on. A requirement is that you must have more than one type of debt or loan to achieve the unification of your debts, this is quite understandable, since there must be 2 or more loans or debts to begin a reunification. Secondly, the person requesting the reunification of debts shall have proof of employment or proof of income monthly in order to demonstrate which are unable to pay their debts. Contact information is here: Richard Blumenthal.

In many cases, the debts will have to be in the same category, such as student loans multiple or credit card debt. Many people believe that reunification is an easy solution to reduce its debt but the truth is that it may be worth, provided that potential lenders can understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. As with many other financial situations, it is important that interested applicants understand the interest associated with the loans and the responsibilities that come with such circumstances. The reunification of debts is effective for amalgamating several payments of different loans into one monthly payment. Although many people believe that they can reduce the amount of time that takes an individual to pay loans, reduce the interest rate or reduce the total amount of money for each month, the truth of the matter is that there are situations in which is very difficult to achieve all these goals. Financial evaluation to which it is subjected who calls the reunification of debts, is done with the intention that these people may be more responsible financially and achieve with just one payment per month, reducing the number of cases of non-payment of loans or payments with delay. In addition, make payments on time can help dramatically increase the credit score of a person, so this is a great benefit of amalgamating the loan payments, even if you can not enjoy lower rates of interest or lower payments. Original author and source of the article.

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Action in the White House

June 1st, 2017
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In a statement in the East Room of the White House, U.S. President, that during this week said more than ninety telephone conversations and face to face with legislators to get their “yes”, said the vote tonight “answers the dreams of many. ” Tonight, he added, “we rise above politics. . . and show that we can do great things, “said the U.S. president, who in an allusion to his campaign slogan said” so it looks like change. ” The health reform had been throughout the last year his big legislative priority.

U.S. President before his statement that he had phoned to congratulate Pelosi said that “tonight we answered the call of history.” “Do not shirk our responsibilities, we embrace. Let us not shrink from the future, we have given way. ” Between the two votes, Congress had rejected a procedural motion filed late by Republican opposition, which introduced an amendment on abortion, one of the issues that had complicated the leaders of the Democratic majority to get the necessary votes for approval. Abortion, key Democrats are not assured the votes needed to pass the amendment until the leader of a group of half a dozen anti-abortion lawmakers who opposed the measure, Bart Stupak, announced in mid-afternoon it had reached a last-minute agreement with the White House and leaders of his party. Stupak called for assurances that the reform does not allow the use of federal funds for performing abortions.

The congressman rose to defend the measure tonight and ask for “no” to the Republican amendment against abortion, a move that earned him a shout of “murderer of babies” uttered by one of the lawmakers present in the courtroom. Through the agreement forged, Obama, issued an executive order that will clearly not be able to use these funds for voluntary termination of pregnancy unless extreme cases. The measure seeks to provide health coverage to nearly 30 million Americans who currently lack it. Among other things, the reform will prohibit insurers refuse to cover people who already suffer from illness and will mandatory for most residents to have health insurance.


Play Against Barcelona

September 7th, 2013
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Real Madrid technician has ensured that low back pain of Ramos has passed and that it will play in the Supercopa of Spain. In addition, he has dedicated praise to Karim Benzema. It has assured that the reduction of the sanction of the UEFA is a victory. Coach Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid coach, confirmed that Sergio Ramos is perfect to play the Supercopa of Spain against Barcelona and dedicated praise to French Karim Benzema, who with his offseason work has earned the ownership to the detriment of Gonzalo Higuain. Sergio Ramos is perfect. You are going to play, he said forcefully Mourinho, making it clear that low back pain that prevented the Andalusian dnsa play with the Spanish national team against Italy will not be an impediment to its alignment before Barca.

After being the top scorer of the preseason, Benzema, who in the previous campaign earned a public rebuke from his coach, received praise. Tomorrow is the owner because he has earned it. Play Benzema and Higuain do not, but then it may be upside down. I have a short template by mia option. With all the positive things that this has and some negative, but all are headlines, he said. In their answers to the questions that made him about many of the players in his squad, Mourinho spoke of Nuri Sahin, said that he did not injured the preseason and said that it will be recovered from his knee injury for the second day of League play. It is improving, the opposite of what some say maliciously who believe that you he injured. It is not true, stressed the Portuguese coach, and pointed out that Turkish midfielder injured herself in the United States during a pre-season tour. Shortly he will train with the team and will be for the second match of the championship if there is no strike (of players), he said.

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Latin Americans Victims

August 24th, 2013
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A witness of the accident ensures that the avalanche pushed them. Local policemen and the mossos who attended the train station of Castelldls after the deadly outrage of 12 people last year have ensured this Thursday before the judge that the station lacked the necessary security measures, according to the lawyer of the families of the victims. The holder of the Court of instruction number 1 of Gava has taken this Thursday statement to agents of the local police and the mossos, the driver of the commuter train that had just get off the victims, of the Alaris train that hit them when they crossed the tracks, as well as directors of Renfe and Adif, neighbors in the area and others that injury resulted in the outrage. The accident occurred the night of San Juan in 2010, when a group of people, mostly young Latin Americans, who had just get off at the station of Castelldls for go to a verbena on the beach crossed the tracks without using the existing underpasses and were charged by an Alaris train passing at high speed. After the statements of the morning session, the lawyer of the families of the victims, Andreu Van den Eynde, has told journalists that the policemen who came to the station have assured the judge that the installation did not exist the conditions of safety necessary to cope with a massive influx of people. Policemen, according to counsel, acknowledged to the judge that night they knew that there would be a mass influx situation at the train station.

Despite this, counsel has considered, moreover, that curiously, when more influx of travelers, Renfe – said – it decided that there was no security or staff at the station. For its part, Machinist of the Alaris train which hit the victims has ensured that it triggered alarm mechanisms to highlight the arrival of the train, but he has ensured that it is impossible stop a train, according to Van den Eynde. According to the explanation of the Machinist told by counsel, what must be done is not ever lower the route, because the train can not stop or when there are emergencies like that night. For its part, according to Van den Eynde, representatives of Renfe and Adif also declared before the judge have ensured that the station met the necessary security measures. Not all the blame was ours for his part, one of the witnesses of the accident, who only wanted to be identified as Elisabeth, has opined that the station did not comply with the security measures since there was no vigilantes of informers or safety. Elisabeth has assured: everything was very dark, we try to leave the bridge, which was the output that we knew, but it was closed, and try to leave the station by other means, but the great flood of people who had pushed users to track. The young, 18 years old, has recognized the recklessness of the victims, but consider: not all the blame was ours. Source of the news: police officers ensure that the Castelldls station lacked the necessary security.

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The Scope

July 19th, 2013
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86). From posed before it is concluded, the scope of mentoring is extensively larger than coaching, which is, Yes, a subgroup of the mentoring. Below is a picture overview with the main differences between Mentoring and Coaching. Main differences between Coaching and Mentoring. Main coaching objectives support and guide the growth of the protected. The main functions is to listen, provide a model to follow and make suggestions and connections. Attention immediate challenges and learning opportunities.

Mentoring main objective correct inappropriate behavior, improve performance and impart skills that the employee needs to accept new responsibilities. Functions include instructions on what needs to be done followed by Feedback. Long-term career development care. Appreciative evaluation as an appreciative assessment Coaching model is a relatively new coaching model. It is based in that Coaching should focus more on the strengths, resources, skills and opportunities for the individual who on the problem, stressing the capacity of the coachee reflect the same and resolve its own conflict situations. The coach guides you and helps to make it capable of accepting, deepen, restructure and resolve the paradoxes facing them. Importance of the Feedback in the Coaching.

Various authors, among them Smart (2003), Zeus and Skiffington (2002) and Dilts (2004), among others; they coincide in defining Feedback as what we do when we give our opinion or evaluation of the behavior or performance of someone. It is any communication that provides information to another person to close to our perception of them and how it affects us his conduct. The ability to facilitate constructive Feedback is critical to the success of any intervention of coaching and is one of the most important functions that must play the coach or Director with his coachee or subordinate. Giving and receiving Feedback is essential to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of individuals and the organization. Namely, there are two types of Feedback that potential coaching, these are the negative and positive Feedback. The first identifies concrete actions which have merit, affirms and reinforces the work well done that helps people to learn from it. Feedback is a form of recognition that motivates people. Critical, or negative Feedback on the contrary says details and lays the Foundation to discuss and improve. This may induce individuals to fight with more forces to enhance and improve its performance. On the other hand, given that coaching is a two-way activity, it is important to be as prepared for giving and receiving Feedback. CONCLUSIONS. 1.-The coaching is unrelated to other professions, however there are marked differences. These professions include consulting, therapy and mentoring. 2 Between the Coaching model is appreciative assessment, which emphasizes that learning cannot be in the absence of a reaffirmation and strengthening of strengths and achievements of the individual. Accordingly the coachee is guided and aided by the coach to make it capable of accepting, deepen, restructure and resolve the paradoxes facing them. Highlighting the importance that in this process, the coach also learns. 3 Within the process of coaching, Feedback becomes a powerful tool of double track to go to evaluate and to reinforce those behaviors to improve as an individual and to improve job performance. Thanks for reading this article. Contact: if you want to cite it, do so as follows: Martinez, M. V. Iraima (2009). Processes in group dynamics. Toxic and nutritional. Article online. Available in:. Check out (year, month day). Original author and source of the article.

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The Emperor

July 14th, 2013
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One of them tells that once having been asleep while meditating, was so furious with himself that was cut the eyelids, which gave rise to the first tea plant to fall to the ground. Since then tea has the zen monks provided protection against sleep, facilitating mental clarity. Bodhidharrna came to India around the year 520 from France, and continued journey until the Court of the Emperor Wu de Liang, enthusiastic protector of Buddhism. The Emperor told him all that had been done to promote the practice of Buddhism, the construction of temples, monks etc. protection and asked him what merit had won with it, according to the conception that the gradual accumulation of good deeds that lead to circumstances each time better in future lives and the accumulation of merits. But Bodhidharma replied: absolutely no merit! This undermined the idea that the Emperor had Buddhism to the point that asked: what, then, is the first principle of sacred doctrine? Bodhidharma replied: everything is empty; There is nothing sacred. Then asked the Emperor: and who are you to be here before us? Bodhidharma replied: I don’t know.

After this interview, Bodhidharma retired to a monastery on Wei, where it is said that he spent nine years in a cavern, looking at the wall. Suzuki argues that this should not be taken literally, but rather symbolic level alluding to the interior State of Bodhidharma, who managed to exclude from your mind all thoughts that held him to the sensory world. Thus remained Bodhidharma until monk Shen-kuang, then named Hui-k approached him or that would become the successor of Bodhidharma. Hui-k or he asked Bodhidharma and again she instructed him, but was always rejected. However, he continued sitting meditating outside the cave, waiting patiently in the snow hoping that Bodhidharma finally give. Desperate, the end is cut a finger (according to other versions an arm) and submitted it to Bodhidharma as evidence of his sincerity.

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Few Small Details

July 7th, 2013
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A quilt of velvet, some spongy quadrants, a foot of bed, complements red change air your bedroom to make it warmer and more comfortable is easy. You have a few modern bedrooms at home is affordable if a few small details are taken into account. It uses warm materials and fabrics with nice textures to touch in addition to the presence of wood, the color of the walls and the furniture finish, the sense of comfort in the bedroom provide largely textile accessories. Col chas, curtains, cushions and throws of velvet, chenille, wool, thick linens, etc., manage to give the warm and cozy touch that we seek. A suggestion: a bed dressed in a splendid velvet and linen of a luminous Golden tone quilt claims the leading role; In addition, a ladder of many pillows with delicate embroidery of very subtle tones. Decorate it all in white is fashionable, is bright and will help you to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you have an armchair, retapizar with a cotton sailcloth or, better still, responsible for a case as you can wash at home.

Whitens the comfortable with painting, but so it may not seem new, sanding it unevenly, impacting on the edges. In addition, also dressed bed in white clothes, with a quilt of pique and quadrants to game, and if you want to give a romantic touch, adds a mosquito netting chiffon. Add natural supplements changes lamps screens by other warmer plant fiber, which will provide a more pleasant light and happy a bedside table or vanity or camoda, with a small bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers of soft tones. You will manage a romantic and delicate effect. Foot bed: ponle a fabric with color an easy and subtle way to renew the bedroom by introducing a little color goes to renew the bench that sits at the foot of the bed with a warm touch and cheerful color or print fabric. To change your image, simply retapizarla and give a new finish to the legs. Da warmth with touches of Red Red is warm color par excellence.

Perhaps by its decorative power and its intensity, is advisable to use it in small doses, especially if what we want is to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. In a quilt, a plaid, cushions, flowers, screens, a picture, the Red is perfect as a counterpoint in bedrooms decorated in white or gray tones, because it softens them and makes them less cold. Choose bedding in light shades like before, ancient inspiration. Dress the bed in white or very light tones with yarn or cotton linens embroidered with hemstitch, with large quadrants to game, quilts of pique, butis, cushions of different shapes and sizes, with flounces, all ties very fluffy, soft and comfortable. Add a small vanity if it is of classical and romantic, wooden style lacquered or pickled to make it lighter, much better. You can also recover one old, painting it, or simply resort to a desk or table, and add a mirror supported on the wall. In a matter of decoration, get a few modern bedrooms starting at small ideas and complements, the imagination is a good ally. Original author and source of the article.


Puerto Gaitan

July 3rd, 2013
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And that water, which was previously stagnant, now it is going to end up in the rivers, which are grown and overflow in rainy season, as it has already happened in the region of Orocue. The other unfinished case is referring to the hacienda Carimagua, located in the town of Puerto Gaitan (Meta Department). The Hacienda was awarded to displaced by the violence generated by the Colombian armed conflict, but after four years, on February 11, 2008, the Minister of agricultural Andres Felipe Arias trying change the award and to give it to private investors alleging that they would better use the ground and that would represent greater dividends for the State and in turn to the desplazados2. This hacienda is in located in a wetland type sheet of approximately 6 thousand hectares where is born the Tomo River (600 km long.). The Tomo river empties to the East, flowing into the Orinoco River.

The site also contains the Carimagua lagoon, which has a diverse population of fish, amphibians and mammals. Carimagua also maintains 6 thousand hectares of forests that border the Carimagua, Cararabo pipes and the River Muco.3 If the 1991 Constitution ordered that the property for public use, national parks, communal ethnic groups land, protected lands, the heritage of the nation and other goods determined by law, are inalienable, imprescriptible and indefeasible (art. 63); concern that the Government does not include nor intends to include the wetlands in the Orinoquia, and causes more concern that regional Las departmental tables of water, in which rulers, have seat representatives to the House and Senate, whether pro-Government or opposition, keep silence and ignore the issue, especially when there is the possibility to obtain a law that would allow vulgar business with wetlands in exchange for payment of a tax and the commitment to replanting that presumably would minimize the ecological damage. 1 2 3 Original author and source of the article.


More Important

June 29th, 2013
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In recent years, I have listened to many candidates claim that they have sent hundreds of sheets of lives to several companies while searching for work. These candidates firmly believe that the job search is a numbers game, therefore think that among more resumes they send, it is more likely to be hired. Unfortunately, these candidates were not thinking correctly. While it is true that should actively apply to jobs in order to get one, it is also true that sending a resume widespread dozens of employers for vacancies that you are not qualified is a big waste of time. The job search will take much of your personal time, and can be especially difficult for those who already are working full time. If you only have three hours per week that you can dedicate to job hunting, chances are it will go better if you spend an hour to each of the applications well focused rather than take 15 minutes per application and present twelve applications by hour.

Today the competition is tough for every vacancy that there is. Last week I was speaking with an employer who had received 300 applications for an administrative position. Many of the applicants had graduate degrees, but could not find a job suitable for their high-level titles. Against that volume of applications, a resume widespread almost always goes directly to the trash. Your challenge as a candidate is the creation of a cover letter and a resume that really stands out against the director of human resources for each vacancy of jobs to which you apply. The truth is that doing this requires spending a significant amount of time in all applications send.

A solution is to hire a professional resume writer. One of the great advantages of hiring a professional writer of resumes is the amount of time that you save in your search for employment. A qualified writer will spend time learning about who you are as a person and as a candidate. Then, create documents which require only minimal change for each job application you submit. By hiring a professional you make the best use of your valuable time since professional is in better condition to play the numbers game by submitting a greater number of high-quality applications. It is the quality of the applications, not the quantity, that ultimately helps you be hired. Original author and source of the article.