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Brazil Vote

January 4th, 2015
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This ties up to in the STF today day 24, evident that providencial to that they are not serious, came exactly in good hour. Now I ask myself until when the voter in Brazil will continue in its majority so disinterested in who is giving a power of attorney? this exactly, the vote nothing more is that a power of attorney. I for example always voted in the candidado one and the party. I always valued excessively the coherence, the principles, the ideals, therefore my first vote for president was in 89 in deceased Mario Senator Hollows, for pure conscience broken politics and in a new that appeared. It is not only to hear ideas, promises, is to know who this speaking, who is this person and who the fence. What it will be of it and us when to gain the election. Another one coisinha, if to be motionless seated alone speaking badly, in very soon will have in this country a totalitarian regimen. That is a Country at the hands of one only owner..