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Wolfgang Schwalm

December 3rd, 2014
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So everyone against everyone, depending on the fight and opportunistic tactical calculus with constantly changing fronts and alliances is fighting. According to each interest group calls depending on what just follow them representing their particular point of view; does so, then she screams loudly by the missed or failure of politics. These signs of the times are as a signpost to the future. Not a Presidency is lame, powerless, rather, is a business Federation, which no longer credibly and with one voice can represent the common interests. All see themselves only: the financial sector and the real economy, on global Market oriented and protectionist forces, multinational and local companies, listed and SMEs and finally also the various political actors and more little unselfish players. If all whispered bad make each changing opponents, the so-called common platform of a Federation is only mask and welcome attack surface for those who understand to pull even self-interest from disunity in this dazzling cacophony of interests and conflicting goals and therefore further fuelling.

The eloquent cabinet policy of a Federation cannot whitewash this. To distill out the common denominator and to mobilize all forces, before even more dishes are smashed, that no single President, who alone is sent to the ever-changing fronts can. Who to make it better is ready and able, the do it! But none comes from Mount Olympus. It is rather on the Board and the members to refocus, the Augean stables by Vested interests fixation all ambiguous tacking to clean and align the entire force on the whole parent thing. Transparency of interests, allies in each concern can represent even dissent, if opposites but the basic orientation relate to and are irreconcilable, it would be better to act in a concerted Association of like-minded people and so internal and external credible and powerful to oppose. The economy and society it is desirable that the Phonix of the representation of the economy rise to new life from the ashes of the slander and fragmentation.

Fine as the Switzerland, as it was able to achieve an outstanding competitiveness and value creation in the competitive global environment, the locations and economic systems in the long term and sustainable. Only on this ground grow peace, freedom, and prosperity for generations to come. A far-sighted and prudent, focused powerfully on the essential common language of public economy and media, authorities and policy does not.

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