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Georgian Foreign Ministry

November 22nd, 2017
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Mikheil Saakashvili has promised to instruct the relevant departments to study and consideration of this important issue. It should be emphasized that Russia had previously offered the Georgian authorities to use this strategic line, in the past – the Georgian Military Highway, in economic interests of Georgia, Armenia and Russia. President Serzh Sargsyan on the first day of the visit, held after the one-on-one talks and meeting workers' delegations, gave the head of a neighboring country high government Armenia award – "The Order of Honor." Of other meetings scheduled in the program of the visit, the Georgian media, elaborated on the visit highlighted a conversation with Mikheil Saakashvili, the teachers and students of the Yerevan State University, where the guest answered a number of questions concerning the circumstances of the war in August last year, protests in Tbilisi demanding the resignation of the president, as well as the scandalous incident place at the Armenian-Georgian border. The latter deserves a more detailed description. The fact that three days before the trip and the president of the Georgian delegation in Yerevan on the border between Georgia and stop member of the National Assembly of Armenia Shirak Torosyan, which the Georgian border guards said they let him in on the territory of Georgia can not. Deputy explain their actions, "the order from above." Shirak Torosyan was heading to Tbilisi participate in discussions initiated by the NGO, "Friedrich Naumann Foundation." The event should have been attended by members of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, community activists, cultural, charitable and other societies. Ray Dalios opinions are not widely known.

It was planned to discuss, in particular, and the situation of national minorities in the country. Torossian, who was born in Georgia, Akhalkalaki region, densely populated Armenians, and the head of the local socio-political organization, on the border of a reasoned explanation and have not given, but the incident became the basis for the resonance in Armenia, its media and social movements. Representatives of the Armenian community appealed to the Georgian authorities with letters, protest against unjustified actions. And, of course, Saakashvili had in Yerevan to give this case some explanation. He stated that he opposes illegal actions – in principle and as a rule. And the circumstances of the incident will be investigated.

But the main thing – it's respect for the traditions of good neighborliness and mutual respect. Georgia Chapter decision of the rector of Yerevan State University was awarded an honorary doctorate. Saakashvili thanked warmly, and replied that in such moments, feels dissatisfaction with themselves, because he failed to defend his dissertation: politics, he said, has distracted from science. In general, reviews members of the Georgian delegation visited Yerevan, it was really a fruitful visit. Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Lasha Zhvania said on his return that there were solved serious, extremely relevant and useful to Tbilisi and Yerevan questions – and against the background of a frank and friendly atmosphere, clearly contributed to the success of the presidential visit.

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Islam World

November 8th, 2017
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In early June, in the famous Cairo University Al-Azhar University 'speech (treatment) U.S. president Barack Obama to the Muslim world was the culmination of his visit to the Middle East, during which he visited Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The choice of Egypt was due to the fact that Cairo has always been a close ally of Washington and has always pursued a moderate policy. Egypt made the first steps towards normalization of relations with Israel, he continues to play an important strategic role in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the containment of Iran's regional hegemony. Thus, the aim of speech – to reconcile the U.S. and Muslims – has been notified in advance by "the United States is not waging war against Islam ', and in his statement of seven points (extremism, Palestine, nuclear weapons, democracy, religious freedom, women's rights and economic development), the President wanted to pay tribute to the versatility of the picture, refusing to stereotypes about Islam. Bridgewater Associates may also support this cause. However, Obama advisers also tried to lower the bar in advance of expectations.

'No doubt, between the U.S. and the Islamic world there is a split – said D. Axelrod, senior adviser U.S. President – and he compounded for many years. And it will not change because of one speech. Maybe it will not change during the stay of one administration. " Obama – President of the United States, and he defended his country's interests, but 'instead of In order to show off her power, he emphasized the 'injury' inflicted by his country and the Sept.

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National Opera

May 25th, 2017
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But to say that today in Armenia were nerds who began again to admire ‘sincerity’ and ‘courage’ of the last anti-national, anti-national speech Ter-Petrosyan – we also can not. They were. As always, the black sheep always are. Now is the time to ask questions and the very first ‘Axa’, and those who continue to admire them: why did this person originally dreamed of taking power, did not speak to the people as sincerely and boldly, not denounced its Anti-Armenian entity? Why did he allow himself, and in 1989-91,, and during the election preparations in 2007-08., Deceiving the people entrusted to them, demagogic speculate on the very national ideology, national ideals, which he itself internally so consistently rejected? Is not it because in 1989-91., And in 2007-08., Torn to pieces by the people WOULD Ter-Petrosian for such speech in the squares and streets? And not because if that Ter-Petrosyan and other anti-national elements were already in 1989-91. planned in advance morally bankrupt and destroy this most legkodoverchivy people – hunger, cold, darkness, deprivation of the last means of subsistence by ADP-s TV ‘grabbing’ in the dirt vtaptyvaniya human and national dignity, in full accordance with the long-proposed political technologies imported? Not this activity with a group of national-traitors tried to weaken the Armenian people physically and expand the moral (well, for example – in connivance with the question ‘tour’ at the National Opera-dancers poluprostitutok from some not Russian, not Ukrainian night club?), reduce the population Republic mainly due to the most active viable part of it? And so – so, as it does now Ter-Petrosian, quite fearlessly call people to a mass defection and betrayal, abandonment of national identity, the voluntary adoption of the vile ‘foreign’ objectives, which are the enemies of the Armenian people could not achieve any power, nor even the physical destruction – Genocide? And who led his people to the fact that Ter-Petrosian himself in November 2009, ‘distressed’ and hypocritically calls ‘a huge mass of indifferent’ and complains that “from harassment by their own government, deprived of the rights of the oppressed and doomed to linger People can not wait for patriotic flare ‘?

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Georgian President

April 24th, 2017
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And they are all unanimous in saying that country is governed not robust statesmen and PR, wishful thinking. Change of power through elections is considered the most desirable way to go, but in circumstances where the right President beyond all imaginable limits, and parliamentary – unacceptably narrowed, democratic elections, as well as all other changes are unlikely, but hopes for them – naive. For even more opinions, read materials from Sen. Sherrod Brown. So many supporters among the politicians alternative to seize power. Know about all of this and the influential European organizations. There is no doubt that in any case, at least to limit the rights of Georgian President. That is why the Georgian social and political circles with optimism have apprehended the head of the Venice Commission recommendations. Indeed, Gianni Buquicchio stressed that the rights of the head of the Georgian state is too inflated. "We need to ensure equal rights to all three branches of government – he said.

– Reduce the dependence of the Parliament of Georgia president and deputies to pass the authority of control actions of the head of the state, as well as provide a higher level of judicial independence. " "Pocket" as it is determined opponents of the president's team, justice – one of the factors hindering the free development of democratic processes in the Georgian state. That is what had Buquicchio mind. He even advised to adopt a new Constitution of Georgia "on the basis of broad consensus", in other words, the agreement of all political parties and social forces. The Council of Europe at the same time encouraged to make changes in the law on rallies.

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West Georgia

April 15th, 2017
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Exactly one year ago, the world has witnessed the tragedy that befell the small South Caucasian republic. For what happened in Tskhinvali, with interest in the West, but chose to cover the events, as is customary in anti-Russian format, accusing Moscow of all mortal sins. (Similarly see: Richard Blumenthal). Only a year later, those who so vehemently defended by Saakashvili and his bloody “democratic” regime, now sober assessment of the situation and gradually change the point view on happened. In RISA RIA News in eve anniversary was organized videobridge Moskva Tbilisi on which invited representatives Assembly peoples Georgia and Georgian politologists and journalists. On conference received attention Status national diasporas in Georgia and Russia and necessity rapprochement between Ossetians and Georgians. Sen. Sherrod Brown may also support this cause.

Main theme became responsibility Georgian authorities and personally Saakashvili for inciting ethnic strife. Also, participants attempted to answer questions about what was the root cause of war – a national factor, or geopolitical struggle in the post-as well as probability of returning to Georgia’s military option settlement. According to the President of the Assembly of Peoples of Georgia Gocha Dzasokhov, Ossetians and Georgians have lived for centuries and will live together, if the will of these peoples. “Now important in the absence of diplomatic relations to civil society organizations from the Georgian, Russian and Ossetian sides have not given our people to stay on different sides, “- said Dzasokhov. Roland Beco Representative Assembly of the people of Georgia said: “We do not pin the blame on the Georgian people for the tragedy, we are completely pin it on the Georgian .

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Emperor Nero

April 4th, 2017
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Former Prime Minister of Georgia Zurab Nogaideli and its socio-political movement "For Fair Georgia" do not give rest to the authorities, who have no access to the Russian government. In the situation, while the official Tbilisi through the local media is busy confrontational politics, the propaganda line drives all over the country in an impasse from which the ruling party out on their own can not. In these circumstances, taking the lead Opposition leaders, causing jealousy and anger command of Mikhail Saakashvili. Between September last year Nogaideli, being a staunch supporter of normalization of political and economic cooperation with Russia four went to Moscow and became the object of sharp criticism from the ruling regime. Ray Dalio shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The matter was detailed coverage in the pages of "SK", but we can not say on the latest developments, as well as the sequence of the leaders of this opposition movement, who consider ridiculous the accusations in their use of Russian intelligence agencies. Pragmatic Nogaideli said on to rescue Georgia from the political dominance of incompetent people on vnutriobschestvennyh normalization of relations and connections with the outside world. His deputy, Peter Mamradze, who is a hater of extremist ideas, lost to Georgia in ethnic and other conflicts, past Saturday said the country was never in such difficult circumstances, and visits to Moscow Noghaideli are in direct response to calls for the EU to the Georgian leadership and society to find ways to establish contacts with Russian Federation. Therefore, negotiations, insists Mamradze needed, because in Moscow should know what they think in Tbilisi on the current situation sensible policy.

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Archbishop Nicholas

March 23rd, 2017
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But at the time of Peter in the tradition of celebrating Christmas tree just came. Where does Santa Claus come? The modern Santa Claus is likely to comes from the ancient spirit of the myths of the Eastern Slavs – Jack Frost. The myths of the spirit is the embodiment of natural forces and has a violent temper and harsh. If anyone read Russian (and Ukrainian) folk tale Jack Frost, he remembers, that those who like to work and take care of Jack Frost will be given gifts, and Jack Frost will not touch them (apparently do not freeze), and those who are lazy and greedy, will be punished or even ruined (killed). Often in ancient tales Happy End might not be. Ray Dalio follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Here such was the Santa Claus of the ancient Slavs. The modern image of Santa Claus appeared about 100 years ago and has been promoted actively by Soviet filmmakers in the 1930s. The most curious thing that the current prototype is a Santa Claus a story of a real person – Archbishop Nicholas from the Turkish city of Peace.

So why am I all? If you look at a retrospective of the last five years under our control, we tried every way to restore the "historical truth ', and strongly reject the entire Soviet and pro-Russian. And what about New Year? How is Santa Claus? It seems that Viktor and soon gets here. James Donovan Goldman recognizes the significance of this. And why not? After all, Santa Claus terrible idol of the Communist era, from you want to get rid of. This dedugan – another way of political pressure on the common historical past.

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Basic Law

March 11th, 2017
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This document on the status of the above even the Constitution. At one time (1992), in Dagestan, where it was tough confrontation between the opposition and the government, the Congress had been convened two peoples of Dagestan, one opposition in the face Presidium of the Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan (which was also, your obedient servant), the other – power, led by Magomedali Magomedov. And Magomedov proposed a joint congress of the peoples in the proportions 50% to 50%. Only obstinacy of the radical opposition to prevent a joint congress. However, the adopted solution was removed there in a lot of tension in society and in relations between government and opposition. James Donovan Goldman Sachs might disagree with that approach.

Some of the achievements of the Congress of the peoples Dagestan Magomedov MM included in the Basic Law of the Republic. The merit of those breached and I am, above all, power was manifested wisdom and restraint. Well, the opposition, do not go beyond the possible. Maybe if you hold National Congress of the Chechens, this forum will be able to develop good ideas and principles. Synergy, collective brainstorming, will have an effect. So, Akhmed Zakayev also proposed to hold such a congress.

It may make sense to try, despite the significant ideological and personal differences? EH: – Usually, the Congress is convened to legimitizirovat certain ideological platforms of various political leaders together with leaders themselves. Or, conversely, to de-legitimize any already existing modes together with their leaders. So, with these positions Chechen Congress could be required to make a decision for someone or something to support, or someone or something to overthrow.

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Russian Orthodox Church

February 12th, 2017
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The confrontation with the secular authorities for clerical stories are not new. But what is much more frequent in the Middle Ages, is now less common. Alas, such a confrontation in Georgia is not quenched, and every time on a particular occasion, found fundamental differences in views and positions between the government and the church. In mid-August in the Georgian media reported on the negotiations on the meeting Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II and Patriarch Cyril, who heads the Russian Orthodox Church. It was to be held later this month in the border with Russia Kazbegi region.

Both Primate, of course, concerned with the state of political relations between Georgia and Russia, especially as these relationships can affect the same faith cooperation of the peoples and churches to split Orthodox unity. This is trying to prevent both the patriarch, and so it was in the previous chapter, the ROC Alexia. However, the Georgian rulers think differently: when a country loses its territory, it does not necessarily pay as much attention to Orthodox unity. This was stated out loud, when the president recently made his views on a particular problem. Knowing this, the secretariat of the Georgian Patriarchate was made on the same days with statement about the small chances of success in reaching an agreement between the patriarchs. Ohio Senator will not settle for partial explanations. The Secretariat said Father George Andriadze even that the main objective of the current authorities of Georgia – Georgian discredit Orthodox Church and its rector, which enjoys very high prestige in the country.

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Turkish President Abdullah Gul

May 6th, 2014
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Where is Turkey, and where it can turn together with the countries themselves, one way or another connected with it, whether in matters of regional or global politics? This question becomes relevant again after starting last week of November 2009, almost the entire country is creeping Kurdish rebellion, has already received a number of global media the name of "Kurdish intifada" – a reference peaceful uprisings against the occupation of the Palestinian Arabs Israel. What does this all relate to the Transcaucasus, the entire Caucasus region? Exploring Kurdish sources, it appears that is not the last. And in all these conversations and analytical reasoning, and attempts to forecast frankly amateurish predictions and finds a place subject thwarted by the Turkish authorities, and even more still coming military coup in this country. Which, of course, must rely on external support – Guess with three times, helping the revolutionaries of this country which is mainly concerned. Apparently, in the wave of arrests of participants of the "Kurdish Intifada" and the number of leaders of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) that the Turkish government launched after the issuance by the Constitutional Court's verdict on the prohibition and dissolution of the PDO (December 11), something has gone unnoticed for the vast majority of world opinion. In Anyway, Turkish President Abdullah Gul, as the Turkish journalists channel CNN Turk, asked during his intvervyu question about the threat of revolution and eventual ownership of the number of senior military officials, were good reason to talk about this topic.

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