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May 19th, 2019
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Welt argues, moreover, that "to restart the U.S. relationship with Russia remains a priority of foreign policy, but at the same time Washington is trying to maintain balance in its relations with Georgia. " However, as it is easy to understand, for sustaining a balance of Georgia itself should look positively and to not put the U.S. in an awkward position. However, it is clear that while the case is different. Corrie Welt assesses the situation and definitely not in the spirit of self-confident correlations of the team members the President of Georgia: "The Obama administration discredit the" Rose Revolution "in Georgia, knowing that since 2003, democracy remains fragile in this country." Consolidate and strengthen democracy – is now not quite a new task of official Tbilisi does not seem to too willing to perform the job in Washington, again dictated by the mouth of Michael Posner. In fact, President Mikheil Saakashvili and his team in front of a particular choice of either all of the requirements to create the conditions objective for the election are met, and then the president risks losing power, or police state, and this time apply the favorite ways to save power, and then the West finally parted with the illusions about the victory of democracy in Georgia. Both options are fraught with dangerous developments. Second, after all, may lead not to strengthen the democratic foundations of the Georgian state, and the assertion of an authoritarian, or that worse, the dictatorial regime. Signs of the last manifest, vpochem, more than once.

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Spring Caucasus Exacerbation

May 28th, 2018
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USA have prepared a new war scenario? If we talk about some common fabric that united the whole sequence of events of the week, you have to turn to the provocative report of the Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair at a hearing in Committee on Intelligence of the Senate of the United States that took place on February 2. In this document, Mr Blair spoke, and the probability of war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and the future of Armenian-Turkish dialogue, and the interests of Russia in the Caucasus, as well as traced Washington's intentions toward Iran and Iraqi Kurdistan. Note that the response to American provocation then went everywhere, except Russia and the Kurdistan – perhaps in Moscow and Erbil, or until decide how to respond to the report of Mr Blair, or prefer to prepare their rebuttals without too much fuss and in a strictly confidential mode. "The situation in the Caucasus is still unstable, since at any time between Armenia and Azerbaijan might break War "- postraschal Senators chief Natsrazvedki USA. Here, Amazon expresses very clear opinions on the subject. And then he did what he publicly denied virtually all senior U.S. officials – linked settlement of the Karabakh problem with the process of Armenian-Turkish dialogue. Commenting on the issue of resumption of Turkish-Armenian relations, he noted that this process is influenced by "unscrupulous relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan. " Finally, Russia and the Caucasus: Blair also said that the vision of President Dmitry Medvedev on the former Soviet Union as the Russian zone of privileged interests, may undermine Moscow's relations with Washington.

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Communist Party

May 25th, 2018
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According to the applicant, the campaign materials M. Zhalnin inciting social discord in respect of party "United Russia" and officials of local and regional administration. Moreover, supposedly formed unit that every party member and official – the "enemy" who must be neither more nor less, "fix". Although, in fact, these materials contain only criticism (sometimes very unfavorable) to address "United Russia" and the current government. I am convinced that without criticism of political opponents of free and democratic elections are simply unthinkable! Can be a dangerous precedent, after which he criticized during campaign will be not only televised, but in general.

Then the authorities will turn into a kind of caste of untouchables. I consider unfounded the applicant's arguments and others, according to which M. Zhalnin allegedly took advantage of her position. I hope the court will figure everything out and take a fair decision. Zhidkov AI, Secretary of the Communist Party Regional Committee of the Tambov regional: the situation around the elections Tambov City Council can be described in one word – chaos.

Power is power, it will fight for you to keep it, but in this campaign is not saved even the minimum of the legal framework, which assumes legislation relating to elections for political parties. We have already made a formal declaration of refusal to participate in the Tambov regional branch of this dirty campaign. However, scheduled for September 30, 2010 hearing in court Tambov municipal union claim of the party "Fair Russia" de-registered candidate Zhalnin MM from the registered list of candidates nominated by electoral associations "Tambov regional separation of the political party the Communist Party "in a single constituency, fills the cup of our patience.

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People Klimina

April 12th, 2018
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October 10 in the small town of Ust-Kut in the holding of elections the head of the Ust-Kut MoD and members of City Council. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. Claim to the presidency of five candidates – Vladimir Senin, Pichkur Ivan Afanasiev Sergey A., Klimina Tamara (LDPR faction) and Dushin Alexander. As the candidates for deputies registered 53 City Council candidate. We are certainly interested in the biographies of all above politics, but in this article, we will only provide greater detail Tamara Klimina since, yet it is the only woman who dared to fight for the presidency. In Currently, Tamara managed Ltd.

'LZPK Lena-forest', and also heads the Regional Public Movement "Komsomol veterans' and is raising three beautiful children. Biography and career Tamara Klimina (Smyk) are very interesting, and serve as a model of how a woman in our difficult times was able to excel in those areas that are traditionally ruled by men. She was born January 2, 1961 in a small town on Shalym Kemerovo Oblast Tee. In 1970, the family of the candidate moved to the city of Ust-Kut. Tamara began to study at a local school 98. There, she joined the ranks of the Komsomol. This momentous event took place back in 1975, and for life shaped and defined the life and worldview of Tamara, because at the moment it is not only fighting for the post of head of UKMO (Ust-Kut municipality), but also leads and manages the movement of people who still remember the Young Communist League and the principles, which are then planted people.

Throughout the study Klimina actively involved in school life. She was a permanent member of propaganda teams and campaigns, taking participate in the competitions of KVN teams, played in the 'Summer Lightning', and defended the honor of the native school sports fields. In addition to purely entertainment events, Komsomol members, including Tamara Klimina (Smyk), and engaged in very serious cases more, for example, began to organize the school construction teams, which will undoubtedly have contributed to the construction of soy most urban sites. After graduating from high school in 1978, Tamara passed entrance exams to college Irkutsk trade. And at the same time she was married. After graduation, the future candidate for the head worked in retail establishments, has been managing several stores Ust-Kut and elsewhere has shown itself as a competent and responsible manager. In 1987, elections were held in the City Council of People's Deputies of UKMO, and that while Tamara seriously interested in politics early. Along with social and political activities, she is very active in business, founded several logging companies and farms. Huge practical experience in the logging industry led to the discovery of OOO 'Forest-LZPK Lena', the output of which is currently in demand in both domestic and foreign markets. Biography candidate Head UKMO Tamara Klimina (Smyk) – is an example of hard work to the benefit of his native city and an example of how much can be achieved if you put all their efforts to achieve this goal. However, Tamara A. would not have been him, if stopped on what has been achieved. She is constantly moving forward and is committed to new heights. At the election of the head of Ust-Kut, it will be as a candidate from a list of the LDPR faction. We are from We wish her every success and we remind readers that anyone has the opportunity to ask Tamara, going on her personal website.

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Patriarch Cyril In Ukraine

January 5th, 2018
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During his visit to Ukraine, the Patriarch of Moscow expressed its opinion on Ukraine. Patriarch Cyril said that he believes that since the President of Ukraine became the leader of the Party of Regions, Viktor Yanukovych, political situation has become much better. Moreover, the Patriarch said that in Ukraine, with the advent of the presidency, Viktor Yanukovych, have improved economic performance, and are developing relationships with the world and neighbors, that is, with Russia, and even to Europe and even the United States of America. So in recent months with Yanukovych in Ukraine is booming. Paulo Coelho has many thoughts on the issue. This statement made the Patriarch, when he gave an interview to Ukrainian channel "Inter" right before his arrival in the city of Odessa. Also, the Patriarch invited the clergy to keep pace with time and use the Internet and social networking sites to communicate more with people of faith. Also, the patriarch Kirill said that now the church has nothing against that person tried to material goods, but the main thing that it does not become for him in the first place.

Patriarch Cyril said that he was now very happy to visit Ukraine is not very much against travel to Ukraine often. Learn more on the subject from Amazon. Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill said that Ukraine is very close to him by heart. Patriarch Cyril will be in Ukraine from 20 to 28 July and will visit cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk. There to head the Russian Orthodox Church could pray with his people, and to think about much. Patriarch Cyril also has a desire to meet while traveling with the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich. Rather meeting of Viktor Yanukovych and the Patriarch Cyril held somewhere on Friday June 23.

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October Revolution

December 16th, 2017
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So it turns out the apt definition of advertising announcement of TV-6 Russian television that "you can not engage in politics, policy would still take you. " And when you change one state to another formation (with a socialist to a market), and is changing the political life of the people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. The result of this change is predetermined and himself state system with a particular political form of government at this time. So it was twice in 1917: February, and then followed it, the October Revolution. But, if in 1917 the transition from Tsarist to socialism took eight months (this time enough to prepare a new, more progressive at the time, the system), the destruction of the socialist system requires much more time. But here and there seen a single line: "Victorious infamous critic of the system, just elected to the practical work, he immediately showed insensibility with respect to the Motherland" (quoting Solzhenitsyn AI). In the meantime, life in Russia is becoming more and more ugly face of a "Polity", led by weak and fragmented government, torn by internal divisions, in which so easy to plunder the country and rob people, hiding behind the slogan search "Own way", the definition of a stable political form ("Our Home is Russia", "All Russia", "Fatherland", "Democracy", "Russian Regions", "Young Russia", etc. etc.). But, in my opinion, not be revived Russia, a strong, stable state, if there will be no national unity, based on strict observance of human rights, guided by the state justice and honesty in relation to each of its citizens as enshrined in Articles unequivocal Constitution, which should be an article about the unity of the nation living in Russia and the article defining the location of presidential power at no more than two four-year (in extreme cases – two five-year) time with the right of early ouster from power in case of approval of the issue on the results of nationwide referenduma.A themselves, then we are – what? Or – there is nothing in the mirror blame …

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Soviet Communists

December 6th, 2017
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It is fortunate for our country, that is the deadly part of Russian history it is headed by Stalin. Or someone will call more appropriate to accomplish the historic mission of the family name? War of the characters or ideologies? No word on these holidays has been said about the role of ideology in the Great Patriotic War. Listen to certain politicians, political scientists, historians and other scholars are of people – and get a picture, as in 1812. They say that Russian is not broken, so we are nature. And it's not true. Details can be found by clicking Connecticut Senator or emailing the administrator. The fact that war is coming to the characters in 1812, is not suited to the war of ideologies 1941-1945. In the last war and the spiritual core, and the other characters were not (Characters – this is the second), namely the ideology – fascist and communist. In the words of the song "Holy War", one of them was the ideology of "light and peace", the other – the "kingdom of darkness." Hush ideological component World War II – thus deliberately distort the meaning and essence of this war, as well as the real reasons for our victory.

I refer to the above argument to the authoritative opinion of the late philosopher AA Zinoviev, who wrote: "The war won primarily Soviet Communists headed by Stalin." What we add to this? In addition, for the current entertainers Great Patriotic War was conducted without the instigators, not the organizers, one providence of God only. And in the days of celebration – not a word about the role of the Communist Party and Young Communist League in the victory over fascism. It turns out that the people itself was organized, mobilized and implemented in the fight against fascism? Hush up the role of communists and Komsomol members in the Great Patriotic War, first of all, unconstitutional.

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Georgian Foreign Ministry

November 22nd, 2017
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Mikheil Saakashvili has promised to instruct the relevant departments to study and consideration of this important issue. It should be emphasized that Russia had previously offered the Georgian authorities to use this strategic line, in the past – the Georgian Military Highway, in economic interests of Georgia, Armenia and Russia. President Serzh Sargsyan on the first day of the visit, held after the one-on-one talks and meeting workers' delegations, gave the head of a neighboring country high government Armenia award – "The Order of Honor." Of other meetings scheduled in the program of the visit, the Georgian media, elaborated on the visit highlighted a conversation with Mikheil Saakashvili, the teachers and students of the Yerevan State University, where the guest answered a number of questions concerning the circumstances of the war in August last year, protests in Tbilisi demanding the resignation of the president, as well as the scandalous incident place at the Armenian-Georgian border. The latter deserves a more detailed description. The fact that three days before the trip and the president of the Georgian delegation in Yerevan on the border between Georgia and stop member of the National Assembly of Armenia Shirak Torosyan, which the Georgian border guards said they let him in on the territory of Georgia can not. Deputy explain their actions, "the order from above." Shirak Torosyan was heading to Tbilisi participate in discussions initiated by the NGO, "Friedrich Naumann Foundation." The event should have been attended by members of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, community activists, cultural, charitable and other societies.

It was planned to discuss, in particular, and the situation of national minorities in the country. Torossian, who was born in Georgia, Akhalkalaki region, densely populated Armenians, and the head of the local socio-political organization, on the border of a reasoned explanation and have not given, but the incident became the basis for the resonance in Armenia, its media and social movements. Representatives of the Armenian community appealed to the Georgian authorities with letters, protest against unjustified actions. And, of course, Saakashvili had in Yerevan to give this case some explanation. He stated that he opposes illegal actions – in principle and as a rule. And the circumstances of the incident will be investigated.

But the main thing – it's respect for the traditions of good neighborliness and mutual respect. Georgia Chapter decision of the rector of Yerevan State University was awarded an honorary doctorate. Saakashvili thanked warmly, and replied that in such moments, feels dissatisfaction with themselves, because he failed to defend his dissertation: politics, he said, has distracted from science. In general, reviews members of the Georgian delegation visited Yerevan, it was really a fruitful visit. Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Lasha Zhvania said on his return that there were solved serious, extremely relevant and useful to Tbilisi and Yerevan questions – and against the background of a frank and friendly atmosphere, clearly contributed to the success of the presidential visit.

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Islam World

November 8th, 2017
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In early June, in the famous Cairo University Al-Azhar University 'speech (treatment) U.S. president Barack Obama to the Muslim world was the culmination of his visit to the Middle East, during which he visited Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The choice of Egypt was due to the fact that Cairo has always been a close ally of Washington and has always pursued a moderate policy. Egypt made the first steps towards normalization of relations with Israel, he continues to play an important strategic role in resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the containment of Iran's regional hegemony. Thus, the aim of speech – to reconcile the U.S. and Muslims – has been notified in advance by "the United States is not waging war against Islam ', and in his statement of seven points (extremism, Palestine, nuclear weapons, democracy, religious freedom, women's rights and economic development), the President wanted to pay tribute to the versatility of the picture, refusing to stereotypes about Islam. However, Obama advisers also tried to lower the bar in advance of expectations.

'No doubt, between the U.S. and the Islamic world there is a split – said D. Axelrod, senior adviser U.S. President – and he compounded for many years. And it will not change because of one speech. Maybe it will not change during the stay of one administration. " Obama – President of the United States, and he defended his country's interests, but 'instead of In order to show off her power, he emphasized the 'injury' inflicted by his country and the Sept.

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National Opera

May 25th, 2017
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But to say that today in Armenia were nerds who began again to admire ‘sincerity’ and ‘courage’ of the last anti-national, anti-national speech Ter-Petrosyan – we also can not. They were. As always, the black sheep always are. Now is the time to ask questions and the very first ‘Axa’, and those who continue to admire them: why did this person originally dreamed of taking power, did not speak to the people as sincerely and boldly, not denounced its Anti-Armenian entity? Why did he allow himself, and in 1989-91,, and during the election preparations in 2007-08., Deceiving the people entrusted to them, demagogic speculate on the very national ideology, national ideals, which he itself internally so consistently rejected? Is not it because in 1989-91., And in 2007-08., Torn to pieces by the people WOULD Ter-Petrosian for such speech in the squares and streets? And not because if that Ter-Petrosyan and other anti-national elements were already in 1989-91. planned in advance morally bankrupt and destroy this most legkodoverchivy people – hunger, cold, darkness, deprivation of the last means of subsistence by ADP-s TV ‘grabbing’ in the dirt vtaptyvaniya human and national dignity, in full accordance with the long-proposed political technologies imported? Not this activity with a group of national-traitors tried to weaken the Armenian people physically and expand the moral (well, for example – in connivance with the question ‘tour’ at the National Opera-dancers poluprostitutok from some not Russian, not Ukrainian night club?), reduce the population Republic mainly due to the most active viable part of it? And so – so, as it does now Ter-Petrosian, quite fearlessly call people to a mass defection and betrayal, abandonment of national identity, the voluntary adoption of the vile ‘foreign’ objectives, which are the enemies of the Armenian people could not achieve any power, nor even the physical destruction – Genocide? And who led his people to the fact that Ter-Petrosian himself in November 2009, ‘distressed’ and hypocritically calls ‘a huge mass of indifferent’ and complains that “from harassment by their own government, deprived of the rights of the oppressed and doomed to linger People can not wait for patriotic flare ‘?

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