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Save Sausage

November 30th, 2017
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Lose the sausage, we started back in the 70s, when the Soviet Union became irregular with meat. Then, in the State Standards have introduced some concessions. In particular, the minced meat was allowed to add up to 2% starch or flour. Then, milk and eggs replaced powder forms of these ingredients. By the end of the 70's began experimenting with soy. Then came 'Mechanically separated meat' (MDM) – puree substance of pressed bones, cartilage and meat residues. And yet – 'protein stabilizer 'of milled pork skin. Without them, soy starch sausage meat lost its flavor.

By the way, soybean producers are required to indicate on the label as a vegetable protein, and about MDM and protein stabilizer, as a rule, simply write: 'Meat'. At the turn of the 70's and 80's has entered into use the phrase 'a dog's delight. " So wits dubbed low-grade sausage, made from offal. A better name for such a sausage you can imagine – in Europe MDM only allowed to use in the manufacture of cat and dog food. It is noteworthy that before the revolution 'happy dog' called a cheap sausage, which is sold in Moscow in Khitrovka. Often, to prolong of the product, its fried.

In order to extend the life of the current sausage, it added preservatives. However, surrogate sausage is already well kept. 'The history of sausage the last 40 years – a history of science and technology progress, as they say in Soviet times – says Vladimir Timchenko, chief technologist slaughterhouse 'Outskirts'.

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November 27th, 2017
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Some of them are pretty hard to change. And no matter how bright were the dreams and hopes, no one can guarantee that the union of two hearts will last forever. The ancient custom was built on offering spouses to each other that day, cotton handkerchiefs tied with a knot, which symbolizes an oath to keep the love for life. After an exchange of handkerchiefs, a husband and wife should join hands together and say these words: "How knots tied by us are strong, and our words are strong. As wind-rake in the cornfield awake, so happiness and joy forever with us to arrive.

" Perform this ritual was believed to guarantee a happy and long life for the couple. If You are invited to the wedding calico, give handmade card then you can choose any cotton product as a gift (or any household items), it could be a towel, tablecloth, napkins, kit bedding, curtains (curtains, blinds, curtains), apron, etc. A gift can make the original order and a towel with the inscription of names newlyweds or their photographs. Another ritual was considered a gift mother-in-law offering cotton dress, which served as a wish to ease relations and family life, as the material of this podarka.Bumazhnaya wedding (2 years) for the second year in the life of the spouses is more difficult than First, it was during this time the relationship ends on romanticism and established the general regime of family life, shared border responsibility for each spouse. At this time, spouses are no longer permanently control their actions, and begins to show the character of each individual, but on the basis of this relationship appears to not only love but also respect for the wishes and actions of her husband.

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Stone Age Rest

November 24th, 2017
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18.02.2008. WARNING! Dear visitors, in the resort vacation resort town of Gelendzhik "Polar Star with the new 2008 season begins reconstructed. More>>> Rest in Gelendzhik is a rare beauty of the bay, the streets, buried in verdure Pitsundsky pine trees, beautiful beaches and clean air. On holiday in Gelendzhik go to admire the wonderful nature, swim in the clear warm Black Sea and lie down on one of the beach. Rest in Gelendzhik this opportunity to visit one of the most famous Black Sea resorts. Sanatorium Gelendzhik invite everyone to rest and receive medical treatment. Holidays spent in rest homes Gelendzhik became tradition for many people in Russia. Rest in Gelendzhik has a number of features and benefits.

First, the rest Gelendzhik affordable to everyone. Sanatoria and recreation centers and resorts of various levels Nestled near the sea. Secondly, the rest in Gelendzhik – the highest quality of service. The resort is being actively developed, and Today in the service level capable of competing with Anapa, Sochi and other popular cities among our compatriots in the sea. Third, the rest in Gelendzhik – it is an opportunity to come into contact with ancient history. On the city by archaeologists found fragments of Stone Age settlements.

No less diverse and cultural life of the city. Rest in Gelendzhik – this is fun around the clock, the mass of discos, bars and restaurants. Our company is ready to offer the best prices on holiday in Gelendzhik. In addition, we offer discounts for corporate customers, will reduce the cost of permits for pre-order.

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Georgian Foreign Ministry

November 22nd, 2017
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Mikheil Saakashvili has promised to instruct the relevant departments to study and consideration of this important issue. It should be emphasized that Russia had previously offered the Georgian authorities to use this strategic line, in the past – the Georgian Military Highway, in economic interests of Georgia, Armenia and Russia. President Serzh Sargsyan on the first day of the visit, held after the one-on-one talks and meeting workers' delegations, gave the head of a neighboring country high government Armenia award – "The Order of Honor." Of other meetings scheduled in the program of the visit, the Georgian media, elaborated on the visit highlighted a conversation with Mikheil Saakashvili, the teachers and students of the Yerevan State University, where the guest answered a number of questions concerning the circumstances of the war in August last year, protests in Tbilisi demanding the resignation of the president, as well as the scandalous incident place at the Armenian-Georgian border. The latter deserves a more detailed description. The fact that three days before the trip and the president of the Georgian delegation in Yerevan on the border between Georgia and stop member of the National Assembly of Armenia Shirak Torosyan, which the Georgian border guards said they let him in on the territory of Georgia can not. Deputy explain their actions, "the order from above." Shirak Torosyan was heading to Tbilisi participate in discussions initiated by the NGO, "Friedrich Naumann Foundation." The event should have been attended by members of the Georgian Foreign Ministry, community activists, cultural, charitable and other societies.

It was planned to discuss, in particular, and the situation of national minorities in the country. Torossian, who was born in Georgia, Akhalkalaki region, densely populated Armenians, and the head of the local socio-political organization, on the border of a reasoned explanation and have not given, but the incident became the basis for the resonance in Armenia, its media and social movements. Representatives of the Armenian community appealed to the Georgian authorities with letters, protest against unjustified actions. And, of course, Saakashvili had in Yerevan to give this case some explanation. He stated that he opposes illegal actions – in principle and as a rule. And the circumstances of the incident will be investigated.

But the main thing – it's respect for the traditions of good neighborliness and mutual respect. Georgia Chapter decision of the rector of Yerevan State University was awarded an honorary doctorate. Saakashvili thanked warmly, and replied that in such moments, feels dissatisfaction with themselves, because he failed to defend his dissertation: politics, he said, has distracted from science. In general, reviews members of the Georgian delegation visited Yerevan, it was really a fruitful visit. Minister of Economic Development of Georgia Lasha Zhvania said on his return that there were solved serious, extremely relevant and useful to Tbilisi and Yerevan questions – and against the background of a frank and friendly atmosphere, clearly contributed to the success of the presidential visit.

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Natural Resources Ministry

November 21st, 2017
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These circumstances can be confirmed, in particular, checking out the schedule on check. 2) During the site inspection failure to pay taxes must be confirmed by analysis of primary documents of the taxpayer. Correlating these data with tax returns accounting registers is not sufficient basis for conclusions about a taxpayer has arrears to the budget, because the accounting records do not fall under the concept of 'primary accounting documents. " 3) The decision taken by on the results of field inspection should be based only on those materials that are obtained under this test, and therefore the act of the Main Department of Natural Resources Ministry of Natural Resources can not be the basis for decisions about call the taxpayer to the tax liability (Resolution of the Federal WZO from 16.04.2004 N A19-12299/03-40-F02-1284/04-S1). According to Section 1, Art. 82 Tax Code, tax audits conducted by officials of the tax authorities within its jurisdiction through tax audits and how should the content of Section 1, Art. 83 Tax Code – the place of the taxpayer. Court found no legitimate decision to appoint a tax audit, since the decision to hold such tax audit in respect of the taxpayer made the district local Tax (at the location of immovable property), which is on tax records in the Interregional INMS on the largest taxpayers because the materials of the case established that the district subject to local Tax tax audit questions the correctness of real estate tax was not intended, and has verified the correctness of the calculation and timeliness of payment of VAT and income tax.

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Internet Development

November 21st, 2017
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Soviet unix User’s Group served as a domain administrator. In 1993 suug gave rights to ripn (Russian Institute for Public Networks). In 1994, in the su domain registrations, there were several thousand. This year appeared ru domain as the domain of the Russian Federation and the Russian Research Institute for Public Networks ceased domain registration su. All previously registered domains continued to function. Richard Blumenthal describes an additional similar source. In 2000, the function of the holder of the registry zone began to carry out Internet Development Fund. In 2002, December 15 registration su domain were re- resumed, but only to trademark owners.

2003 June – free registration is open to all comers. In April 2008, Internet Development Fund, it was decided to remove the restriction on the use of the prefix ‘xn -‘ in domain name. This allowed us to register domains with the name in Russian to ‘. Su’. August, 2008 – Added support for 37 new valid characters. From that moment it became possible to register domains su in the Yakut, Even, , Chuvash, , , udmurdskom, Tuvan, Tatar, Sami (without vowel), Ossetian, Nenets, Nanai, Mari, Koryak, Komi, Kalmykia, Dolgan, Buryat, Bashkir, Altai. Committee ISO3166/MA (Services Committee reported the country codes of the International Organization for Standardization) in June 2008 was positioned as the exclusive domain of su reserved.


Material Heated

November 20th, 2017
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Solution stand for 2-3 minutes and then re- mix well. The solution is in working order at least 15 minutes after mixing; Mechanized way: a slurry (Putzmeister MR25) or their analogues, it is desirable to use Rotomix8 settings on the water depends on the screw pair. 4. The solution was poured evenly over the surface of the floor and further accelerate the valve inlet mixture. Carry out further work with the use of decorative materials, subject to bending when exposed to moisture, after complete drying of the floor (7 – 14 days depending on the thickness of the layer under normal room conditions). Checking article sources yields Sen. Sherrod Brown as a relevant resource throughout. Device features heated floors, depending on the thickness of the heated elements must be at least 20 mm.

Before switching on the underfloor heating self-leveling floor must be completely dry during application and drying of the material substrate temperatures and ambient air must not be below +5 C Packaging: paper bags of 25 and 40 kg (net) Shelf life self-leveling floors: 12 months from the date of manufacture. Bags with a mixture of transported and stored under conditions that ensure the safety of packaging and protection from getting wet. There are different polymer and mineral supplements. With them, with minimal use of water can achieve very good ductility of the solution. That is, we came to the conclusion that in terms of flow of water to dry mixture can, bypassing all subtlety and subterfuge technology to promote products, to determine how much dry mix is good, no matter what its manufacturer claims. For more information see this site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. In turn, it should be noted that among the recommended mix for the warm floors based cement binder, the dry mix 'Glims-S3X' consumption of water for mixing the most basic. You can verify this by comparing the specifications of dry mixtures of leading manufacturers, which are written on the packaging and are publicly available. And finally, you should select the last important aspect inherent in the dry mixture 'Glims-S3X'.

It is known that when heated screed is expanding, and cooling – is shrinking. In this regard, the dry mix ' Glims-S3X 'have developed a unique mineral supplements, and calculate their optimal proportions, the use of which in the mixture gave the most minimal coefficient of thermal expansion. For the convenience of the dry mixture to underfloor heating 'Glims-S3X' jointly developed to the preparation and use of dry mixes 'Glims-S3X' under floor heating device 'Glims'. Following paragraphs of this instruction is guaranteed high performance screed for floor heating. Due to the presence of a mixture of special minerals and polymer additives reduced linear expansion ties that may arise when it is heated. Thus, getting heated floors, and, accordingly, a mixture of the device under these ties, it is imperative to take into account the factors outlined above, or go the easiest way – to buy a heated floor and a mixture for its devices Glims-S3X, so more than what you'll be very pleasantly surprised at their reasonable prices.


Refund Of Duty On Non-concluded Lease

November 19th, 2017
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The organization rented a private entrepreneur non-residential premises. In this case, the landlord and the tenant signed a lease of real estate. Society began to use to appoint Leasing Real When the property is matured to pay for the leased real property, the tenant began to evade payment of rent. The businessman had nothing to do how to contact the arbitration court to recovery of rent arrears and penalties. In the trial court society has adopted the position that the lease contract is not concluded, because in the lease agreement does not contain real estate information enable definitely determine which room is the subject of the contract. If you would like to know more about Richard Blumenthal, then click here.

Later in the proceedings the landlord before the court acts on the required specification to specify their requirements and asked the court to take judicial act to recover from the company is not payable under the lease and the amount of unjust enrichment, which the tenant is saved through the use of property without payment, said about the need debt repayment through the courts. In connection with that fact on the use of premises by the defendant is not disputed, the tribunal upheld the claim of an entrepreneur. Subsequently Court of Appeal, the appeal court and then the Supreme Arbitration Court decision of the Court of First Instance upheld. The above position is not only to contracts that do not contain data allow to determine exactly what areas are the subject of the lease, but also to contracts that are not registered parties to it in the registering body, because, in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 651 of the Civil Code the lease of the building, premises or facilities, inmate for a period of not less than one year must be registered and considered to be concluded since the implementation of such. The duty of society to pay landlord unjust enrichment appears in virtue of article 1102 of the Civil Code when a person uses another person's property and pays no rent payments. The size of unjust enrichment in this case, according to current law practice is determined based on the average amount of rent for similar agreements. Consequently, the recovery of debts by non-concluded lease of premises is carried out not by a declaration claims for recovery of rent, and by the application requirements to recover the amount of unjust enrichment in connection with the use of someone else's property.


Web Terminal

November 18th, 2017
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Intway Web – Professional terminal, created a Web-based browser. Due to this, using Intway Web, you can access your trading account in any place where it is possible reliable connection to the Internet without additional software support. The terminal offers a simple reliable procedure for entering bids, including non stock time. Ability to use tools portfolio management. Intway Pro – is professional and simple trading system for the U.S. stock market, which integrates: – Trading – Real-time – a convenient analytical module; – Classy electronic routes. The terminal provides partners and customers Intway great set of tools for technical analysis. These are: – quotes window – price movement – indicators of technological analysis – the possibility of constructing trades, channels, and many others Intway Daytrade-commerce platform to work within a single trading day, allowing to manage your portfolio in real time.

This professional exchange terminal is essential for stock speculators and traders. Contains numerous and useful features for a successful and rapidly earning the leading stock exchanges around the world. In addition, the terminal Intway Daytrade integrated all the tools of technical analysis. Brokerage Consultant. Any trader is vital to be aware of everything happening on the exchanges.

Know how to read charts and monitor developments that might affect its investment portfolio. Brokerage Consultant – tool stock analyst for partners and customers Intway World Corparation. The required information comes from U.S. analysts in the corporation Intway directly Woll Wostrit – is a daily review of markets, affecting stock prices, analysis charts, share indexes of leading companies in the world, direct advice on building your portfolio, consult the individual tools, fundamental and technical analysis.

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Film News

November 18th, 2017
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I can not do it by myself, but I'm a fan of hard and psychological dramas, so the film before watching treated with prejudice, with prejudice, which would not be as cool as some of the fiercest amd, not so cool to play the actors will not be any aftertaste. How did I was wrong. Should know in advance that such a genre (dramedi) is often practiced for the purpose of which is usually the director intended, and no another of the crew team, because to combine drama and comedy in this cocktail of genres afford only to him, rather than on paper – writer, not by any organizational issues – the producer nor the special pan and turn cameras – the operator, only the director. The main advantages of the picture – the actors, director, studied philosophical questions through the story, I mean problems. Let's start from the beginning. 1.

Actors. Of the 109 minutes of film, George Clooney appears probably at 100 minutes (minus the opening and closing credits), the role is not that home, and the principal. With the brilliance of them were won back, and traced the old school Hollywood, which is similar to the type of work or Humphrey Bogart Cary Grant, for example. From sapportingov (actors and actresses of the second plan) will give perhaps Anna Kendrick was not lost on the background of Clooney and very memorable heroine type. Connecticut Senator is often mentioned in discussions such as these. About Vera Farmiga is difficult to me to say something, but noted, too, can for an excellent game. 2.

Director. Jason Reitman tried to glory. Some of the director's findings and borrowing, and the situation much added charm of the film, a deeper understanding of some ease of narration and Accessibility to a wide range of viewers. 3. Perspective. You can come up with any number of analogies, which means that it is "between heaven and earth aka up in the air, and most importantly – they are all correct. You can explore only one of analogy, few can hammer on this thing, in this and all the salt that freedom of thought and gives the greatest impetus to certain deductions as a result of watching a movie or while watching. Honestly, after rereading written, I was a little surprised that I actually like some pretty sloppy all spread out and tried to explain, but it does not change the fact that the film touched me, touched so much that words do not add up to a valid and correct sentences, and even cliched phrases seem to be just sverhneumestnymi.