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Tropical Treasures

June 22nd, 2016
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The mangostino the king of the fruits of south-east of Asia the mangostino, natural of the south-east of Asia, has been called the king of the fruits and food of the Gods. Much people, including queen Victoria have acclaimed, it like most delicious of all the fruits. Several that has proven it have described it to taste bittersweet, similar to the peach, pineapple, the strawberry, the grape and the apple. Traditional applications of the mangostino the Chinese traditional medicine and ayurveda have used the mangostino by thousands of years in topical or ingested form, to support to the systems immunological, digestive and structural, besides supporting to the brain and the skin. The scientific study of the mangostino the investigation more exciting than has been conducted with the mangostino has been realised with the discovery of xantones. Xantones compounds are chemical agents of structure of polifenoles, similars to the flavonoides. Until now, chemically diverse the 200 scientists have isolated xantones.

Of those, more than 40 they are in the mangostino, including three xantones that is shortage that has benefits quimo-protectors. These xantones were isolated recently by a team of scientists, among them the Vice-president of Sciences of the Health and Educative Services of NSP, Dr. William J. Keller. No other fruit can be compared to him, especially when you consider that in the nature it often does not happen the formation of xantones. Numerous studies have supported the many benefits derived from xantones against the diseases, including their uses for the respiratory, circulatory and immunological health.

The Dr. James Duke, a etnobotnico very known that worked for the USDA by 35 years, has given multiple properties of compounds found in the mangostino, including their advantages for the care of the skin, its cardiovascular support and to maintain the sanguineous glucose normal energy levels. Tropical Noni Tonic of Polynesia the fruit, the leaves and the root of noni was used in the Polynesia long before which the written history of the region began.


Exporting Petroleum Countries

March 23rd, 2014
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Since reference became, an important aspect within the analysis of the subjects boarded by the group of the 8 is the related one to the present effects of the prices of petroleum (that already we have commented in other publications) On the matter, it is of public knowledge, that the ministers of Finances of the G8 remain divided envelope where to look for the causes of the ascent of the prices of petroleum. The United States and the United Kingdom attribute the increase of the prices to the growth of the global demand, whereas France, Germany and Italy blame to the speculation. Nevertheless as relates, the experts notice that the weak dollar is partly responsible for the scaling of prices of the crude one, since the investors hurry in buying raw materials like petroleum to protect themselves against the inflation and to take safe values before the struck stock market. The president of the Organization of Exporting Petroleum Countries (OPEC), Chakib Khelil, commented. that besides the devaluation of dollar the USA and the inflation, the geopolitical context, with the existing tension between Iran and the West, and the impact of bioetanol, able to reduce the diesel engine production, also has contributed to the ascent of prices. In its annual report on the market of medium term petroleum, the Agency the International of the Energy indicated that the markets of crude will stay tense in the mid term although the prices in ascent and the slow economic growth debilitate the increase of the demand. Since world-wide the economic growth trusts much a cheap energy, the increase of the prices of fuels and foods has darkened the sustainable growth. In agreement with a report of the International Monetary Fund (the IMF), the impact felt more in dependent the poor countries and of average rent of the petroleum import, which are to confront problems like a high inflation and a made worse poverty.


Venezuelan Management

March 3rd, 2014
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Generar one better external image, thanks to the relations based on the confidence in the long term Facilitar the transition between control generations because ways share to act and to progress. ethical Aumentar in all the levels of the company falling the done losses dishonest, robberies or frauds. Facilitar the selection of personnel, thanks to profiles previously defined. Desarrollar a chain of reliable leadership and jeopardizes with the philosophy of the company Conclusiones Venezuela our interest, it struggles in the present in a turbulent scene thanks to the political instability and to many effects that the present revolutionary government has generated bolivariano, who is pawned on instituting a new socialism according to the characteristics of the modern times. All this has originated that the Venezuelan enterprise sector at the moment confronts a serious crisis in its operativity, productivity, until the end, of that many companies are retired officer, closed.

All this has brought consequently also that they indicate serious changes in the management of the ones in charge of his operativity and a new leadership is pronounced that knows to develop within a management of values that allows, of adopting a philosophy of management, enterprise moral and in agreement with some line of thought clearly defined. Present Tngase, that the management looks for, that the members of the enterprise organization are committed and acted of way coordinated and coherent with respect to the enterprise philosophy. It remembers what it contributes to us, that a management based on the value, constitutes the tool more powerful than it owns a company to measure and to identify the sources of his generation within the company, because it allows to the union between the financial decisions and the strategies of long term of the company..


The Practically

December 2nd, 2013
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Their costs vary considerably to new 100% of agency and some even the majority present/display faults or some type of deterioration. Nevertheless, in a moment you will be able to enjoy besides a guaranteed consultant’s office, of good vehicles of second hand, because the damages that presented/displayed already previously have been repaired and upgraded in power reason why some prices they are subject to these changes and that it is worth the pain llevrselos in comparison to the practically unattainable supplies that presents/displays the rest of the Spanish market. So so that your purchase is not a total fraud and you end up losing the money that with so many efforts you have managed to reunite we recommended to you that at the time of buying the car or motorcycle of second hand you ask for information on the original papers of the same. The kilometrage, the number of frame which will indicate the original matriculation to you, marks and even model of the car that you are on the verge of buying and this way you will not have problem or you will anticipate at least, any disadvantage after the route and the use that this one has had in the past with its old proprietor. And between the aspects that also go beyond the revision of the vehicle we recommended that the transaction I took place in writing by means of a contract because is the unique endorsement which you have on an acquisition of second hand of the motorcycle, todoterreno, the convertible, the van or any other model that you have chosen.


Navarrete Gorjn

December 16th, 2012
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These two firings are translated in a truly showy event that causes that the police, with powerful firearms, compulsive and indiscriminately begin to shoot against the occupants of the second truck. The dead fire is so devastating that it produces a crazy number of and wounded, and a thing is well clear and is of manifesto: two police are hurt of smaller gravity by cutting weapons that are identified like machetes, whereas all the hurt deads and were fleeting and were touched by firearms. All the witnesses who entrevistamos agree in indicating that the police acted compulsively, fry prepotently and by irritation, without responding to moderately logical schemes, since she does not consist that they responded to an attack with firearm, against they. () It is the red truck (which was not baleado) in that the greater number of members of the OCSS travels. One does not notice that they offer resistance. The blue truck () however, must like travelers to a majority number of settlers who go of purchases or to take care of subjects personal in Coyuca de Bentez. Two supposed member ones of the OCSS that travels in the canvas that was in the ceiling, is those that they descend machete in hand, and apparently throws blows against the police.

The others do not take part and some from which they descend defend hiding itself underneath the transport. A firing or explosion, and practically all the police in unison begins to shoot. One affirms that in past days the police had been attacked and thinking that the same would return to happen they use its arms against disarmed people, since does not consist convincingly that the occupants of the truck carried firearms, especially who no of the police was wounded from bullet. () the high authorities of the government of the state of Guerrero, at the end of the month of June of 1995, before the obvious gravity of the masacramiento (sic) of disarmed civilians, and only two hours of the event, they began to create an artificial version of the facts (). Hilda Navarrete Gorjn, president of the Center of Human rights the Voice of without Voice, mentioned that the slaughter ” it is a case that stays in impunity.

We agree that the violation of the human rights, economic and social remains; the poverty circumstances have not improved for the community, as numeral 14 entrusts the CNDH in recommendation 104. ” There has been indemnification no due to the victims, the State has preferred to be put under the blackmail of dishonest leaders who really do not make justice in this caso” , it expressed. After 14 years of abuse, impunity, illegality and reprimand, Mexico continue living these acts, that not only let see the injustice in the country, but delay the democratic progress for a right, equitable and impartial country where all we see beneficiaries and not only those in the power, but what we must to do? against that they do not take care of the interest of the town, those that they only look for to be well among them, between compadres.



November 15th, 2012
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The name of Apocalypses not only must be related to a moment determined within zuliana Literature, but it must be seen in addition like an expression to a little while very intense within the Venezuelan letters. So intense that national Literature did not return to be the same, especially, in the wonderful world of the poetry. The decade of years 50 they are determining so it would come to weave itself soon in the art of the words. One decade intimately related to the true one to feel of the surrealistic vanguard and its libertario meaning. A meaning that did not know to handle nor to evaluate the members of Friday, but that if the young poets would explode who will take the word in the middle of century XX. Brave poets who take like departure point their experiences in the outside, particularly in Santiago of Chile where they will make contact with enemy with a universe of images that, together with its previous surrealistic and futurist readings of the European, will inside forge a symbolic bridge towards other catched worlds they themselves.

The contact with founded Mandrgora in 1939, the poetic work of Pablo Neruda, Rosamel of the Valley, Pablo de Rokha and Vicente Huidobro de Ciudadano of the Forgetfulness, will make possible that the surrealismo enters the country with the vigor and brings back to consciousness necessary definitively abrir the floodgates of national poetic modernity. Between those young people they are Adriano Gonzlez Leon, Juan Sanchez Pelez, Salvador Garmendia and Hesnor Creek. All of them tried to form in Caracas a literary grouping whose name would be Equinox. Adriano Gonzlez Leon and Hesnor Creek sat down to define a manifesto with which to burst in into the Venezuelan letters. Nevertheless, they did not run with much luck. Diverse reasons forced these young people to take different courses.


Bolivariano Government

September 25th, 2012
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It denominated to this work: Ten theses for a letter of the boy. That is to say: 1) For his complete and harmonic personal development, the boy needs love and protection; 2) With particular energy the protection of the boy must be promoted against I mistreat corporal and psychic, against the cruelty, the exploration and the crimes morals 3) From his birth the boy needs a careful and loving individual care, that only the mother can provide it in an optimal form. 4) During all their childhood the boy needs attendance and concientious medical protection. 5) For the development of its personality, the continuous boy stimuli and spiritual promotion, beginning in his earlier age; 6) The game is indispensable for the development of the boy; 7) The exigency of more space for the children does not have to be limited the game places; 8) The understanding of the infantile peculiarity is due to wake up and to develop; 9) All boy has right to the consideration of his person; 10) All boy has right to a happy youth, without fear, necessity, operation nor oppression. We do not forget the thoughts the great poet of India, Tagore, when it says to us: Each boy when being born it brings the message to us of which God is lost even no the hope in the men the children of any part of this world and of any race, they must in all the circumstances appear between first that they receive protection and aid, of here, that the Bolivariano Government, must punish without exceptions with those who mancillan to these innocent beings. We offer them love and education in order that tomorrow they judge to us positively. Venezuela deposits the hope in that new generation in order to guarantee a country developed in all aspects, that it shelters his children offering that quality to them of life that as much has been expected and is the one they have right. Original author and source of the article.

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Argentine Congress

June 23rd, 2012
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Weekend, I found with my friendly (it is that Sunday in Argentina celebrated day of friend) and economy not could to be absent between subjects of conversation One of my friendly asked me about inflation in Brazil since not understood how it continued increasing, if I said that Another one of my friendly was applying the correct policies to contain the rise of prices, with certain formation in economy said: Hay countries like Argentina that are delivering really very few attacks to contain the inflationary pressures. Notwithstanding, their inflationary indices stay in a digit although the inflationary pressures stable are increased anywhere in the world Strange, no? first that I hit upon to say for the case of Argentina was something thus: This phenomenon that happens in Argentina explains of a unique way that is through his suspected indices prices that they are generating more than a visual distortion since in addition, it produces underestimation of the poverty levels and poverty while it overestimates the growth of the economy. As with the famous hand of Diego Maradona against the English, it seems that there is another hand (not so famous), doing of his in the indices of the Indec. Thus, it makes believe the Argentineans who in the economy all march on wheels when for short while the economy has been derailing. On the future, I tried not to be pessimistic: Until the moment, the Argentine economy march as if the autopilot had position since he does not show much reaction against the different disadvantages that have been appearing. But the approval on the part of the Argentine Congress of the movable retentions has not generated a flexion point in the Argentine government who must decide which is the way to follow. A necessity exists to generate changes and to seriously face the problems that afflict to the Argentine economy According to describes site Argentine Total News, after the misfortune which it caused the Argentine president to him, Cristina Fernandez of Kirchner the rejection in the Congress of the movable retentions, called it to Lula to support it and to offer its prescription to him anticrisis (nevertheless, the news soon was denied).


United Nations

June 19th, 2012
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It without including the enormous sums injected to the banks in the USA. You calculate, nothing else with the first 700,000 million dollars approved by the Congress of the USA to rescue to the bank (without including the used later 500,000 and the thousands in Europe for the same aims): divdalos between the 6,700 million Earth inhabitants and you to each member of the human race with 104 million dollars will obtain! All rich, if the wealth consists of having money, which is a subject of coqueteo in the present reflection. the USA only, with 4% of world-wide population, generates 25% of the planetary contamination due to the industrial gas emission with greenhouse effect The amoral vision of the humanity gets worse when it has the certainty that the aforesaid one to be able at any cost economic, Zionist, capitalist, right angle of the policy, is realising businesses with the crisis, same generated by him. Like saying, rottenly, assassin and soon I take advantage the raw material of corpses to commercialize. So she is what it has happened with the crisis, the bank, the behavior of the great capitalists, with the model in himself during all their life, with the meeting of the G-8 in London, the one of the G-20 in Pittsburgh and as it seems finishes happening in the recent Conference of the United Nations on Climatic Change, Copenhagen (in present course), where the rich countries (according to it is accused) subscribed a secret agreement to only realise industrial emissions they, excluding the developing countries, to those who want to them to deny any possibility of operation of its resources for its advantage. Because thus it is the system of the capital: omnipresent, opresor, individualistic, segregacionista, splitter of classes. It has presence and until purchase with its money and political power the decisions of summits in environmental matter, since they are the main people in charge of the polluting emissions of the world and, as we said, do not seem to have another cultural option of development that is not the one of the operation energetics and the natural resources, incompatible consumer vision with their saving and the same preservation of the species of the human species, not to speak already of other species, that disappear by piles.


Santander Banking

June 16th, 2012
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The American banking sector is in a fragility situation that abre opportunities of growth for foreign organizations, such as Santander. Although the main financial organizations of the USA already are enough restored, not yet they have managed to standardize its capacity of intermediation generation, which makes them lose part of the market. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Integrated Capital Solutions. In the American banking sector, the risk persists between the smallest organizations whose weakness can make them imprisoned of foreign organizations. The commission of the Congress that supervises to the program of financial rescue by US$ 700,000 million of the Treasure of the United States, recognized yesterday that the small organizations (with assets between the US$ 600 million and US$ 1,000 million), will need between US$ 12,000 million and US$ 14,000 million to do against their weak loans. According to the report of the commission, directed by Elizabeth Warren: Necesitarn to reunite much more capital, since the calculated losses will exceed the predicted benefits and reserves. This situation will take to a fall in the total of banking organizations and an increase of the participation of the foreign bank. In Spain, according to Latin Press, the banking sector aims at the efficiency and is for that reason that the five main banks of the country (Bank Santander, BBVA, the Caixa, Caja Madrid and Popular Bank) have reduced to their personnel and number of branches.

The greater efficiency and the increase of the activity produced that Santander and the BBVA are the first and third organization of majors benefits during first half of 2009 in Europe. Santander has obtained a gain of 4,500 million Euros in first half of year, having been second a world-wide level behind the Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) that has obtained benefits by 5,263 million Euros. BBVA (IBEX35: BBVA) obtained the third place in Europe with a benefit of 2,799 million Euros.