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Protest Rally In Berlin – 07.12.2009

August 20th, 2015
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Against the massive violations of human rights in Iran – the students in the Iran of 07.12.2009 considered date in the Iran since decades of students. Students of this country of their rights, in particular for freedom, equality and democracy protest each year on this day. The massive human rights violations have increased again massively in the Iran after the presidential election, which obviously have been tampered with. Many people have been persecuted, arrested, tortured, raped, and murdered. The young student “NEDA Agha-Soltan” was shot on the street. The young “Taraneh Mousavi” was arrested at a demonstration, raped and killed. Many opposition figures and others also are students still in prisons. The regime in the Iran bypasses with full force against any criticism.

Many newspapers have been closed. Many journalists are in detention. Foreign media should not report of the events in the Iran. Many were expelled from the country. At least 200 young people have been executed since the beginning of the year 2009. The human rights situation in the Iran is getting worse every day. For several months, people demand the abolition of death penalty, torture, release of all political prisoners, freedom and democracy. The Government in the Iran with violence, torture, rape, death penalties and deterrent meets these demands.

We as a human rights organization in Berlin support the democratic movement in the Iran and condemn the Vorgegen of the Iranian regime. We condemn the massive human rights violations in Iran and request the international community to put an end to the misery. Support us. Participate in the Proetstkundgebung in Berlin and say no to violence, terror and torture in the Iran. On Monday, Dec 7, 2009 from 18:00 until 20:00 at the Wittenbergplatz/Tauentzienstrasse (apart from KDeWe) more information on Please to questions protest rally in Berlin.

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Wretched Living Conditions

August 11th, 2015
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This deplorable living conditions have sometimes dramatic effects on stove remains cold. Actually the kids had wanted pasta, but the budget is empty. The mother will send their offspring to a facility providing poor children with a hot lunch time. Then, she will perceive offering the Panel so that hunger is not too bad. If she’s lucky, fresh fruits and vegetables with it will be this time. But usually she get only expired food and hard baked goods. About every sixth child in Germany lives in a family that has not even enough money available to enable their children to a warm lunch time. In times of Hartz IV has the situation in many German households dramatically deteriorated.

At the end of the month, when the money is slowly being depleted, must be calculated strictly, so that at least the kids can be supplied with food. This deplorable living conditions have sometimes dramatic effects on children. Both the body, but also the psyche suffer noticeably. So, poor children develop much more stomach and headache than their more affluent classmates. Also depression and suicidal thoughts are to meet much more frequently among disadvantaged children. Already the living environment a large part helps diseases to educate. Poor hygienic conditions, poor furniture and sometimes even life-threatening conditions make for more frequent visits to the doctor. Fungal infection, diarrhea or respiratory diseases are among the most commonly diagnosed diseases. At birth children of financially ill-posed parents are already at the mercy of their fate. You later begin crawling, running, and Srechen. The cognitive development does not with the peers step.

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Engagement Against Bullying

August 6th, 2015
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Ilia Faye German commitment Award nominated for 2011 the Essenerin Ilia Faye is nominated for the German commitment award. “This was the Ruhr-author by letter of the German project office commitment Award” in Berlin. Ilia Faye was proposed due to its now years of intense struggle against bullying for the German commitment award. Their awareness about bullying and its commitment to improving the rights and the protection of countless victims of bullying is a special recognition by this nomination. This is not only Ilia Faye, but also shows that the topic of bullying is publicly perceived and deemed worthy. Hardly shows the theme of bullying often in the media, still white not interested parties details about.

“, so Faye. Hasty judgments of supposedly innocent bystander explain the victims for at least partly to blame and push them in a sheer unbearable isolation. I try through my Web, my autobiography and to enlighten public information events about causes and processes of this perfidious form of violence and about the situation of the victims. In addition, I call criminally relevant to define bullying. Bullying exists everywhere and it can affect anyone.” The German commitment award honors voluntarily committed organizations, companies and individuals. The award is a merger of large associations and independent organizations of the third sector, as well as by experts and scientists from the Alliance for charitable status. Sponsors of the prize are the Federal Ministry of family, senior citizens, women and youth (BMFSFJ) and the Fund for the future of the Germany of the generali Holding AG. The German commitment award is awarded in the categories of non-profit third-party engagement of older persons sector, individual, economic, policy & management as well as this year’s focus category. While an expert jury determines the winners of the individual categories can also the citizens even in the selection of the winner participate: in autumn, choose the winner of the audience prize worth 10,000 euros via online voting procedure on the website of a preselection of 20 projects.

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Civil Drama

August 2nd, 2015
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To the location of the bourgeois camp if Frank Schirrmacher of the Frankfurt General CDU and CSU blames the loss of bourgeois values and previously happens Erwin Teufel in the same Horn, something must have happened in the “centrist” camp of the German party landscape. That the political right wing–in spite of our new Interior Minister – CDU and CSU is no longer feel, can not disturb. But now, the conservative establishment in journalism and politics denying the citizenship of the Union, one must look out yet once more. And you will witness a civic drama. To the location of the bourgeois camp: first to the bourgeois source a look on the Web site of the CDU in white and orange provides us currently a fiery of the Secretary General, Hermann Grohe (please hand high, who would have associated the name correctly) against one – as usual in this topic – bizarre article in the “Junge Welt” on the occasion of the Berlin wall anniversary. The province Posse looking vice versa in the German media after headlines to the CDU found to Christian von Botticher. The Guttenberg who held northern CDU in stunning political naivete – from other points to silent at this point be – an affair with a 16 (!)–Year olds for a good idea. This is small teams and large stupidity – now middle-class, or like the CDU now says the Middle”? Insolvency administrator Merkel at least not exclusively.

But what is then born in the policy of the Federal Government? A meaningless value added tax reforms for the hoteliers in the FDP? A planloses reaction in the financial and euro crisis? A rejection of the financial transaction tax? A silent President? A vote in the UN Security Council alongside China and Russia against the use of Libya? A Finance Minister who negotiates a tax amnesty with the Switzerland? If this is civil politics, Angela Merkel is its insolvency administrator. Policy for major banks, defense companies and tax evaders reminds now eagerly in ancient times, is given by Bonn felt and CDU donations affair is strangely oblivious to, but also resolute opponents had to leave the bourgeois camp of the past but one thing: we usually somehow knew what you got. Such knowledge has become an elitist issue, because only big banks, defense companies and tax evaders can rely also on bourgeois politics. That this clientele wins elections, CDU and CSU only for a reason not to fully learn: it lacks the strong opponents. The soft course, the SPD sold since the last Bundestag election as opposition policy, only the conclusion, that one already longs for the next big coalition in the Willy Brandt House. The next civic drama is already in sight.

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