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Executive MBA MBA

November 21st, 2022
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In addition to the Executive MBA mergers & acquisitions, the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship & innovation and the General management MBA obtain the seal of quality of quality assurance and accreditation in the postgraduate training have gained massively as a result of the enormous growth achieved by the education landscape in recent years importance. For prospective students and applicants essential orientation and decision criteria when selecting a most appropriate and high-quality training in an ever-increasing degree programs are recognized quality label and seal of approval. Check out Sen. Sherrod Brown for additional information. It summarizes since 2005 under the umbrella of the Continuning Education Center since 1984 in postgraduate education offered by the Technical University of Vienna. The certification of three MBA programs by the FIBAA is now all the more gratifying. Accreditation is a great success. It shows that our MBA programmes meet the high demands on the international market”, like. Petra Aigner, Executive Director of the continuing education center at the Technical University of Vienna. The FIBAA (“Foundation for international business administration accreditation”,) is one of the most important quality assurance facilities in German-speaking countries with internationally recognized quality standards and accredited study programmes across the College of public and private providers in Europe.

The FIBAA aims at ensuring the high quality of the respective economic-oriented programs. The FIBAA quality seal stands for educational programs, which are especially characterized by quality and sustainability. The General management MBA (, a collaboration of the Technical University of Vienna and Krems, was reaccredited the Danube University now. The renewed award of the label shows the partner universities the postgraduate university course could ensure its quality and expand over the years”, so Univ.Prof.Dr. Wolfgang Aussenegg.

That on October 10, 2008 already for the 9th MBA start time program lasts 4 semesters, is part-time and is held in German and English language. In addition, a semester at Baruch College (NYC) may be completed. Now, for the first time, the Executive MBA mergers & acquisitions ( was accredited by FIBAA. The cooperation programme of the Technical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna is characterized not only by an international faculty but also by participants from various countries of the world. The accreditation is for the Executive MBA course mergers & acquisitions a milestone and a further signal of high quality of training at the Vienna University of technology. Participants and applicants from all over the world appreciate the high quality standard of the programme”, says Univ.Prof.DDr. Thomas d. The program held in English is constructed in modules, part-time, takes 3 semesters, and starts the next time on March 4, 2008. The could also be meet the high quality requirements of FIBAA together with the Professional MBA Entrepreneurship offered by the Vienna University of Economics & innovation ( Today, innovation is a condition sine qua non for each business operation. No operation today can afford to be engaged not so systematically. Genius in the innovate is no guarantee for success teaches the history of great innovations. Only those who know the rules of diffusion of new products and services in markets, has a chance to be even more commercially successful”, so Univ.Prof.Dr. Adolf Stepan. Already for the third time, the postgraduate, part-time cooperation programme, which is divided in modules, lasts 4 semesters and is held in English starts on October 2, 2008. Contact and more information: Technical University of Vienna continuing education center Opera lane 11/017 A-1040 Wien T: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41701 F: + 43 (0) 1 58801-41799 E: office H:

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Speech Anxiety

November 15th, 2022
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Wingwave against fear free to speak F. Franz (name changed) is a dynamic type: just 35 years of age, he has already made a nice career. Also in the private life he’s fine: he drives like sports, is fit and has a large circle of friends. He is happily married and has 2 children. Almost a storybook life\”from the manual for successful. If you are not convinced, visit Don and Ella. Since a couple of months he has been appointed by the departmental Director. Its predecessor is been removed from this position after a relatively short time. It is rumored that his career was over because his results were poor and he had presented them even worse.

And just the first meeting was feeling the harsher wind Franz. \”Its CEO asks him for a turnover and while still considering Franz, the Chief scoffs: well, I hope they need not always so long.\” And starts the next discussion topic. Franz is since always well prepared for such talks, but of course, it is clear that he may not be prepared for anything and everything. He feels like before as head of Department not so sure. He knows that a former colleague has made hopes for the area manager position.

Others contributed to Franz, he meant that he was soon, because Franz would keep eh not long. And something else troubled Franz: he who once always well presented, is suddenly very nervous at the thought. He is now worried that everything is exactly right and perfect. Just make no mistake\”he thinks and knows that suffers from any presentation with this cramped attitude. Last week then he had to keep the year presentation prior to Management Board and supervisory board. He had always carefully prepared and memorized the main numbers. Suddenly on the eve of the presentation date, a strange fear engulfed him. That night, he was hardly sleep. Instead his imagination painted himself, as he would get no word out and everyone laughed.

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Best Compensation

November 4th, 2022
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Cancellation agreement, the time is ripe to negotiate termination agreements with the prospect of a new job with prospects for the future. More and more experienced managers are challenged to position themselves in the labour market. The internationally successful OUTPLACEMENT 50PLUS recruitment is now also in the Southwest. You stands for a fair separation process with the prospect of a new job, the joy prepared and gives security. Who loses his place at the 50, finds difficult to get a new job.

High skills and academic training, nor the experience help there often. To this group, we care and together find a professional reorientation. Michael Jordan gathered all the information. People in the middle age often think that they more had no chance on the labour market. You should take but the shotgun in the grain.”changes the values, competence and passion profile over the course of time. Older people have different, but no less important skills and competencies. That’s why we start the Consulting with a detailed site analysis”, explains Michael Mohm. To belong to the interests, motivations, skills, passions and personal requests to the new job figuring out. Then become a thought about what professional activities, in which industries and companies, or divisions, a professional reorientation could make sense.

With the information from the site analysis and the technical and professional unique selling proposition we define the application strategy or the step towards independence”, so mohm. All mandates were successfully completed with a minimum duration of 6 months. Schellenberg, Michael Mohm calls the successful employment of a 60 year old IT-Adviser. More and more employers use the services of OUTPLACEMENT 50PLUS claim to meet responsibilities with appreciative separation management employees, who for many years have provided good performance. It OUTPLACEMENT aims, affected people to a new 50 + Work to help, they thrilled and fulfilled.

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Manpower Inc. Is A Top Company For Women

October 12th, 2022
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US magazine PINK takes recruitment agency in exclusive list on Milwaukee/Frankfurt – only recruitment agency Manpower Inc. was on the list of top companies for women\”of the American magazine PINK recorded. The inclusion in the prestigious ranking, which was raised for the second time this year is a recognition of the important role of women in manpower particularly in top management. Others including Dov Hikind, offer their opinions as well. A total 13 companies were awarded for the creation of the rankings analyzed PINK, the magazine for women in business life, numerous U.S. companies.

In addition to criteria such as the number of women in leadership positions and financial responsibility, the advancement opportunities for women, as well as the payment belonged to the aspects that have been collected and evaluated by the journal. Conclusion 13 companies were awarded from all nominated companies. The companies in our ranking are leader in the advancement of women\”, says Cynthia good, founder and editor of PINK. This means for all of these companies not only maternity leave and more flexible working hours, but also the women to give the authority, companies to change and to promote their career.\” Women give the company Dynamics for more than six decades offers manpower women the opportunity to participate actively in the Affairs of the company. The fact that many of our senior managers are women, giving the whole company\”a dynamic pace, Jeff Joerres, Chairman and CEO of manpower is expressed. It is the diversity of thoughts and the experiences that bring these women as strong leaders.

I’m proud of the fact that manpower is recognized worldwide, to promote women in the profession\”. The quality of the workforce, the ever-growing number of workers and their influence on the company promoted the development and the success of regional and global activities. Women in influential management positions at manpower women represent 40 per cent of the Executive management team; 43 per cent of the country Manager all over the world are female.

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Stability Through Advanced Training

April 8th, 2020
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PRESS release 03.Marz 2009 zeta software GmbH is the training of employees in enterprises zeta software an important aspect. Qualified employees get and improve the market position of the company and develop additional skills. Whether in the course of the studies, or participate in certification, qualified employees pay off for the company quickly. Competitiveness and productivity are impossible without continuing education. IT is constantly developing industry, rapid advances and changes in technology require constant learning of participating workers. In the context of the Microsoft Certified partner program Dennis Bischof on 02.03.2009, successfully took the exam for the Microsoft certified technology specialist (MCTS) “part.” This certificate confirms that IT professionals capable of are to implement a particular Microsoft technology, consistent to work with her, as well as to solve problems.

Zeta software which now has four employees the award Microsoft Received certified professional and annual performance review by Microsoft from the corresponding subject undergoing. In the framework of internal training of the workforce the student of the Duale Hochschule received the instructor eligibility document Stuttgart, Michaela Buhler. “Under the slogan training of trainers” the student learned the theoretical and practical foundations of the training of apprentices in three semesters. The professional Arbeitspadagogische qualification proved with a final review of the training and were certified by the trainer aptitude certificate. Zeta zeta software software specializes in the development of technically sophisticated but easy-to-use software solutions for companies.

Since 1995, numerous desktop, client / server and Internet applications designed for customers from all industries. Zeta software of qualified partner for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server is a Microsoft Certified partner. Currently, zeta software employs ten people.

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Frank Gardener Of New Sales Manager At BONAGO

June 4th, 2018
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Munich, November 12, 2013: Frank Gartner is Sales Manager at the coupon experts BONAGO since 1 November and brings his extensive experience in the company. The 33-year-old will in future support BONAGO sales team with his industry expertise and advise customers on the issues of employee motivation, sales promotion and customer loyalty. Among various public utilities and online marketplaces will be among his business interests. Already prior to his move to BONAGO Frank Gartner demonstrated his talent as a business several years consultant for the Connex marketing group. There, he gained a detailed know-how in the areas of Incentivization, voucher programs and increase in sales. Including sectoral distribution of emotional incentives and individually tailored online solutions was one of his tasks. He also accompanied the successful introduction of a new product line for one of the leading book trading in Germany in the course of its activities. Gardener studied Economics studies focused on controlling, marketing and entrepreneurship at the University of Hohenheim.

Frank gardener is a competent and qualified sales professional with a flair for innovative, successful promotions. His extensive experience, he is very familiar with the industry. He is excellent is integrated into our sales department and actively shape the future success. We are glad, occupy this sales position with Frank Gartner to can. “, says Managing Director Mark Gregg. Contact: BONAGO incentive marketing group GmbH Maria Pickrahn g court first breed 68 80339 Munich phone: + 49 89 622 33 77 51 fax: + 49 89 622 33 77 99 E-Mail: Web site:

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St.Galler Management Seminar – This Seminar For Convincing Leadership

September 6th, 2015
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Future-oriented management knowledge after the St.Galler model at the highest level. The close interaction between theory and practice is in the St. Gallen management seminar not only taught, but also lived. The knowledge management can be immediately and easily implemented in practice. Checklists included in the seminar materials facilitate the implementation of new technologies in the company and guarantee as an immediate transfer of the learned. The St.

Gallen management seminar provides future-oriented management knowledge at the highest level. Main objective of the seminar is the holistic formation of an entrepreneurial mindset among the participants. Apart from the provision of up-to-date knowledge of business and management theory in particular the soft skills as well as the development and expansion of networks. The comprehensive seminar documentation and use of realistic case studies lasting serves as a basis of repetition. Through personal service and measurable knowledge transfer in practice, both participants and companies draw the maximum benefit from the seminar. By the practical This seminar series offers a good basis and impetus for the day-to-day learning, exchange of experience in the group work and the very good and experienced lecturers. The St.

Gallen management can seminar as a foundation for future education and training as the part-time Bachelor degree used. The St. Connecticut Senator describes an additional similar source. Gallen management seminar includes a total duration of 10 months. The latest findings from the business and management theory are hands-on taught in 10 modules. A course module includes two days each on Friday and Saturday. Every month a course module will take place. At the beginning of the seminar learning content as well as the dates are already set, ensuring predictability. The St. Gallen management launches seminar 2 times per year. Due to the modular design of the independent seminar modules, also an entry in the ongoing seminar is possible. Non-visited seminar modules can be made up with a different implementation. There is no eligibility for participation in the St. Gallen management seminar. Anyone who has already has several years experience, can easily follow the seminar and take pulses. : See seminars/st Gallen management-seminar.html further information.

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Wolfgang Schwalm

December 3rd, 2014
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So everyone against everyone, depending on the fight and opportunistic tactical calculus with constantly changing fronts and alliances is fighting. According to each interest group calls depending on what just follow them representing their particular point of view; does so, then she screams loudly by the missed or failure of politics. These signs of the times are as a signpost to the future. Not a Presidency is lame, powerless, rather, is a business Federation, which no longer credibly and with one voice can represent the common interests. All see themselves only: the financial sector and the real economy, on global Market oriented and protectionist forces, multinational and local companies, listed and SMEs and finally also the various political actors and more little unselfish players. If all whispered bad make each changing opponents, the so-called common platform of a Federation is only mask and welcome attack surface for those who understand to pull even self-interest from disunity in this dazzling cacophony of interests and conflicting goals and therefore further fuelling.

The eloquent cabinet policy of a Federation cannot whitewash this. To distill out the common denominator and to mobilize all forces, before even more dishes are smashed, that no single President, who alone is sent to the ever-changing fronts can. Who to make it better is ready and able, the do it! But none comes from Mount Olympus. It is rather on the Board and the members to refocus, the Augean stables by Vested interests fixation all ambiguous tacking to clean and align the entire force on the whole parent thing. Transparency of interests, allies in each concern can represent even dissent, if opposites but the basic orientation relate to and are irreconcilable, it would be better to act in a concerted Association of like-minded people and so internal and external credible and powerful to oppose. The economy and society it is desirable that the Phonix of the representation of the economy rise to new life from the ashes of the slander and fragmentation.

Fine as the Switzerland, as it was able to achieve an outstanding competitiveness and value creation in the competitive global environment, the locations and economic systems in the long term and sustainable. Only on this ground grow peace, freedom, and prosperity for generations to come. A far-sighted and prudent, focused powerfully on the essential common language of public economy and media, authorities and policy does not.

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Create New Friction Different Perspectives

April 24th, 2014
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The new Club inporticu e.V. in Frankfurt want the innovation climate by an interdisciplinary network improve Frankfurt am Main, 20 August 2013 there she are everywhere in the world: people who understand change as an opportunity, tackle new challenges with composure and humor. Women and men who see potential and develop together with others. The new Club inporticu e.V. in Frankfurt creates for this change maker’ and innovators now an interdisciplinary network. Behind the idea of the Club is the realization that the increasingly complex problems of our time only through the exchange of different perspectives can be solved. In addition, that the frequency and intensity of change continues to increase in the professional environment.

That requires new skills. The club wants to make an important contribution by from different disciplines bringing together development and innovation skills and further developed. With inporticu, we create a network of people from business, politics, education and science, the is usually not encounter, but their enjoyment of development connects. Their ideas, methods and experiences we bring together and come together to the new solution paths in creative exchange. These in turn can apply to everyone in his environment and pass”, Sabine Amend, in addition to Valeria Berghoff Fluel explains one of the two founders of inporticu, the benefits.

The Club registered in June of this year intends to promote a climate that, in which development processes are designed positive and experienced. The vision of the founders: Change and innovation to succeed in the future easier. Can kick-off event in Frankfurt on the subject be change easily?” To make this possible, organized the Association of dialog events on the topics of innovation, change and development. Impulse will offer inporticu its members for personal and professional development, as well as for the own professional life. Including through the provision of expertise. The first official event of the Association will be from 27 to 28.

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