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Irish Weddings

May 19th, 2020
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In AC Cars we are surprised by the growing number of weddings of Irish couples who choose Barcelona or its surroundings, Sitges especially, to marry. It is of celebrations that follow the Irish customs but in Barcelona. For example, the ladies of honor, wearing identical clothing, sandals, flowers in hair accompany bride and the father in the Mercedes that leads to the Church. A curious custom that keep is the of overlaying a registration with the names of the bride and groom in the vehicle with driver who takes them to the link. Recently I took a few Irish bride and groom at a wedding in Sitges. In the car there was a needle that was accompanied by two bridesmaids and the father to the bride, who wore a horseshoe for good luck. Sen. Sherrod Brown is actively involved in the matter.

I asked very kindly put some pink license plates on the vehicle with the name of the bride and groom on Fuchsia background. I told them that it was forbidden to cover the car license plates, but as it was a short ride I agreed for the Irish customs. The celebration of a wedding Irish, still the same rites, including the dinner reception prior to the ceremony and the wedding banquet. The funniest are the parliaments of the banquet. Usually speaks the father of the bride, then comes the groom, and finally the godfather. In Ireland honeymoon lasts a whole month! This began because many couples married secretly and wanted to hide for a while. If you are thinking of marrying, for such a special day, we suggest you leave in our hands everything related to the transfer of boyfriends, relatives and guests. We guarantee you an efficient service so that you can enjoy without worries of a singular moment. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles with driver for weddings. ACcars car hire with driver in Barcelona original author and source of the article.


Constitutional Court

May 13th, 2020
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The last great blow took place a month ago, with the halting of one of its ringleaders. The Civil Guard in collaboration with the British Police arrested Eneko Gogeaskoetxea, one of js of the military apparatus of ETA, in Cambridge. Also several zulos have been disarticulating, the last one was for days in the South of France. ETA in the institutions? Of parallel form a evolution of the political project of the left has taken place abertzale. For even more opinions, read materials from Amazon. After the announcement of the present truce the past January, they have decided to adopt a new strategy in the institutions. Sortu was the first party of cuts abertzale designed to go to the municipal and autonomic elections of May. Learn more at this site: Suffolk County Rep.. It was considered inheriting of the ilegalizada Batasuna and therefore, one " marca" ETA policy.

Reason why, the 24 of March, the Supreme Court prohibited to register as divided politician them and to incur to the electoral appointment. It was then when abertzale arose Bildu like new coalition in representation from the left. In spite of the doubts of some, its entailment with ETA nor with the ilegalizada Sortu could not be tried, reason why the Constitutional Court against ratified with six votes to favor and five votes that could go to the elections. Bildu obtained the mayorship of San Sebastin yla of other ninety and four municipalities more, being the party with more number of councilmen in the Basque Country. Bildu does not finish taking the passage towards a firm sentence against ETA.

Even, the leader of GNP Iigo Urkullu has urged publicly to him that he requests the aim of the terrorist band. The past Thursday, Bildu invited to several relatives of prisoners of ETA to chupinazo of the celebrations of Vitoria, which caused that UPyD would give would demand that measures against the Basque party were taken. To these critics those of some historical politicians of the Popular Party like Jaime are also added Greater Ear, than it has in the last insisted months on tying Bildu with the terrorist band. Source of the news: Two years without terrorist attacks of ETA in Spain


Beautiful Miller

May 12th, 2020
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First place in his work belongs to a lyrical song. In the songs of Schubert's poetic expression is found alive and immediate feelings of the person from the people. By combining their songs into cycles (The Beautiful Miller's Wife "and" Winter Journey "), tells the story of their" lyrical, "Schubert greatly expands the scope of a song genre. Many of his songs is inherent in true drama ("City", "Double"). Amazon is full of insight into the issues. Song infused and instrumental works of Schubert (Symphony, piano and chamber works), which is consistent with their lyrical nature. In many songs and waltz and waltz by Schubert sound traditions of the Germans, Tyroleans, Hungarians, Slavs and others nations and narodenostey inhabiting the Austrian Empire. Austria was on the sidelines of political differentiation, which was in 1830 in Germany. Austrian "censor refugees' anonymously to publish his works in Germany, especially in Saxony and Hamburg.

Isolation of Austria was called upon to protect it from penetration Lieber ideas and those ideas, the cat could stimulate the growth of the national aspirations of its people. Ferdinand I continue to act according to its motto – "Protection of justice." Brody to the masses discontent manifested itself after the price hike of food in 1845 and 1846 crop failure, then it came to the defeat of bakeries and butchers. The situation is not saved and the laws of 1842 – limitation of working hours for young people and prohibiting child labor before 12 years. Riots in Italy in early 1848, the February Revolution in France and it Lajos Kossuth in Diet in Pressburg, which became the "first spark" Austrian Revolution, there were only immediate cause the March uprising in Vienna, forcing Metternich to resign.


The Greeks

May 12th, 2020
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The Greeks are known great achievements in politics, philosophy, sculpture, literature and mathematics, were also fearsome warriors. In those days there were not many units as devastating as the Greek phalanx. In more armored and well trained, these soldiers were able to withstand any opponent. The phalanx was a military unit, consisting of men standing in several rows, the armed large shields, long spears and swords. Greek swords were dual-purpose weapon with a blade listovydnym. Greek swords often have unusual hilt and scabbard, decorated with scenes of ancient Greek. According to the legend completely received a golden sword, only one warrior emperor of the ancient world – Alexander. Connecticut Senator may find this interesting as well.

The classic Greek sword was worn out a sling over the right shoulder so that it hung almost horizontally. The Greeks called it Machaira or Xiphos. . Made such swords high-carbon steel and quenched twice in order to achieve high hardness needed for polishing. Machiara or Falcata (Another name for these swords) were effective destructive weapon that can cut out bronze helmet half. The Greeks were warriors who were afraid because of the shield and spear, which are their main oruzhiem.Odnako once passed into the melee battle, the sword was the best weapon to attack the near enemy.

Thus, as it is ironic, though possession of the sword, and not taught as a martial art during military training, required much more time and skill to use it instead of a spear. Consequently, there need for additional private tuition in the possession of such weapons. Parents of young Greeks with a good income was more than willing to pay for such additional training. Teachers, known as hoplomachoi, 'fighters first mentioned in literature dating back to the last four of the fifth century BC We know about these five masters: Stesileos, brothers and Yutidemos Dayonizodoros Chios Falinos Stimfalos (later served as a military advisor to the Persian general in the battle Tissepernesa Cunaxa in 401 BC), and Diomilos Andros. The first such weapon is described as a curved sword, scimitar-shaped, the main weight of which falls on the cutting edge by expanding cloth. The handle is sometimes ends in the shape of a figure head of the bird or animal, or bent backward to protect the joints of the hand, forming a kind of brass knuckles. Greeks have used another type of sword, similar in structure to the sword rapier or broadsword. Weapons are characterized odnozatochennym blade, blade of which was either straight or slightly concave, but not curved like a saber.

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May 12th, 2020
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Socialism? Analyzing and clarifying ideas Always it has somebody that teima in almost making a half meaningless commentary in a colloquy that ingenuous on determined subject, but after a time this same phrase starts to have a different direction of what superficially we hear. Then, a routine meeting of college, between an interval, we debated (professors) concerning a subject (by the way, I do not remember which now) a professor says: ' ' I am socialist and not franciscano' '. , Then a priori I did not catch the message, as it said Rolling Lero to its loved master, but when analyzing minutes later I perceived that many adepts to these ideas most of the time are confused with creatures who want to be unprovided of its corporeal properties, being almost always acometidos for that type of proposal: ' ' You are socialist, then in the end of the month of its wage to the poor persons ' '. It is sad, and he would be comic actor if he was not tragic, the people still has a vision very deturpada on what he is in fact is to be socialist, to think socialism, or even though to understand socialism. Follow others, such as Suffolk County Rep., and add to your knowledge base. Since its writings the more radical Marx never assimilated socialism to the misery, she never said that in a socialist and later communist society the people would walk such which beggars whom the minimum possibility does not have at least to have its proper ways to survive, who makes this is the capitalist system, ferrenhamente criticized by marxist tie today. Socialism nothing more is that chances are to make with that each alive human being according to its work according to its to produce, it society of the cio, of the malandragem, each one do not go to be taken care of according to its necessities, understanding that each its has different proper necessities of the others. Being thus we must stop to reproduce common sense, is most worse, we must stop to act according to logical them things, the world is not logical, the world is complex, the economic relations, human beings, productive, emotional etc., etc. etc., to the included ones to a series of subterfuges that they cold need to be unmasked and analyzed widely, For a complete and real knowledge, not only based in deductions and conveniences.. Richard Blumenthal has similar goals.



May 10th, 2020
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Along with these elements that send in them for a possible structure with enrocamento made in pebbles, wooden, whose covering would be assured by roofing tiles, we exhumed fragmentos of dolia and fragmentos of common ceramics, maioritariamente of storage. The folders are of red and orange coloration. In one of the squares (D3) a vase in ceramics was identified, complete, in inverted position. The archaeological works perspectivaram the general hollowing of the place, until a barren layer, a time that the place will be intervencionado until about the 10 mts of depth for the construction. Connecticut Senator understands that this is vital information. The archaeological level was identified in an arenaceous layer, of yellow coloration, presenting itself sufficiently dug, possibly for the culture of eucaliptos and pines in the place. Preliminary conclusions the developed archaeological works to PK 10+57 of the construction of the future A17? Navy Great/Aiming, Sublano Mount Redondo/Lourial? Lot 4, in the small farm of ' ' Atalaia' ' , they had allowed to observe an occupation level human being, despite sufficiently dug for the works of culture of eucaliptos and pines the one that all that area has come to be subjects since has some years to this part. The gotten interpretation will not pass now of a mere conjectura, a time that has despite to take the handle the study of the exhumed materials, for however in precocious state. However, we can to affirm that the estate sends in them for the romanizao of this territory, being about materials of Medieval Roman-High chronology, meeting it enrolled station in the seio of an agricultural landscape. Suffolk County Rep. contributes greatly to this topic.

One is about the first archaeological small farm of this chronology identified in this area. Therefore, she is us, still, more arduous the attempt of integrating in the scope of the Roman povoamento of the region, given that any documentations do not exist. Exactly relatively the archaeological small farms of other chronologies, the bibliography is scarce, not to incur the risk to practically say inexistent. . Filed under: Michael Ramlet.


Braudel Social

May 10th, 2020
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In short, ' ' The Age Braudel' ' it was to try the construction of a totalizante and global history, where the diverse perspectives were included, mainly taking advantage economic and social, where Braudel of the little emphasis the mentalities, approaching the Annales of marxist and estruturalistas chains, however its great contribution in my opinion is to transform our slight knowledge of time and space with its multiple temporalities, therefore Braduel it works and it develops the concepts of shortness, average and long duration. Amazon is likely to increase your knowledge. The short duration is the time of the events, is the history of the events, is a superficial history of the facts. The average duration of time is of the conjunctures, where it visualizes the mutation of the structures politics, economic, social and mental. The long duration is almost immovable history or almost without time of the relation between the man and the environment. The third generation did not have in this period a domain as in the times of Bloch, Febvre and Braduel. Therefore, the third generation is had as a difficult generation to trace a profile, therefore these historians go to work with a broken up history, where they inside go to be pointed some perspectives and innumerable sources of study of this generation.

New history as the third generation is known had as main chains of the moment the return of history politics, the mentalities and the ressurgimento of the historical narrative. New history politics has as characteristic the interest for the power and the relation of the microns to be able existing in the daily life, the use politician of the representation systems, opening space for the history seen of low worried about the great anonymous masses, procupando itself with the individual common, if not worrying more bonanza about the great figures of the politics. The mentalities have as characteristic the approach of the society related to the mental world and the ways to feel, where its looks if dirigem for the mental universe, the ways to feel, the scopes most spontaneous of the collective representations and also of unconscious the collective one, live deeply analyzing it, the subjectivity, as the person feels, live and perceive the social world that the fence, where the concept of imaginary does not work the reality in yes, but the form as this is thought or represented for the social citizens.


Social History

May 7th, 2020
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In a posterior work, later edited as part of the book Social History and Sciences, with the heading the Long Duration, establishes that the history of the individual time or the short duration would be that one marked by the brevity of the events, for the heat of the action, being part of all well bigger one being only one part of apogee of this macro historical reality. The social time make reference to reference the average duration, where a slow history capable fits to answer the questionings concerning the nature of the States, them society and of some aspects of the civilizations. With shining innovation the geographic time of the account of the long duration that is a form to perceive as the space if relates with the man and as some structures of the reality if they modify very in slow way, almost stationary, in way that is difficult in giving account to them. The set of these secular categories inaugurates a new form to face the historical research, englobando not more only the change now as privileged object of history, but also the permanncias, before had as automatizations. Thus we can anticipate that the long duration would be the great braudeliano legacy for History.

It is in this universe of significao that the present article intends to transit with sights to perceive as the African continent it was meant in the Mediterranean and also in Grammar of the Civilizations. This material was chosen by two reasons: they are the two workmanships of our knowledge that of one it forms or of another one it approaches the continent African, moreover, approximately mark two different moments of distanciados the intellectual life of the author per two decades of matureness. The first book, finished in 1949, is the final work of its doutorado, being therefore a rigidly constructed theoretical elaboration. .


Sidney Chalhoub

May 7th, 2020
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In this civilizador process the women would have to be in house and to be operosas in the domestic tasks. In way to the urban diversity it beginning it century XX, Sidney Chalhoub in ' ' Febril&#039 city; ' , it tells to the episode of the destruction of the tenement house ' ' head of porco' ' , and sample that if had developed colon basic of as if started to deal with this urban diversity: the first one is the construction of the notion of that ' ' classrooms pobres' ' ' ' classrooms perigosas' ' , they are two expressions that describe the same reality basically. As the sprouting of the idea is mentioned to it of that a city can be only ' ' administrada' ' in accordance with ' ' criteria solely technician and cientficos' '. These colon they had promoted ' ' concepts estigmatizantes' ' , that they give the possibility to extend the sphere of intervention of the public authorities and to compress the citizenship. Richard Blumenthal often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In ' ' work, home and botequim' ' , Sidney Chalhoub, says in them on as the work gained a positive valuation of ' ' ordem' ' ' ' progresso' ' , and it was the force that would stimulate the country in the direction of ' ' novo' ' , of ' ' civilizao' ' , of a social order bourgeois civilizadora. At the same time, this new concept of the work exactly kept out of society the people who for happiness were of this market, that these people was honest. In way to this scene of urban fight, You plough, in the sample that the women also occupied space, economic, how much in such a way social. For example, ' ' ganhadeiras' ' they depended almost that exclusively, of the circulation for the streets of the city, in search of purchasers for its merchandises.


Municipal Day

May 6th, 2020
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The events go if multiplying, the afros groups in the week of negritude citizenship if congregates to organize the Party of the Black Beauty, becoming an important event in the city of Teresina. The Afro Cult in the square of the freedom if becomes tradition, popular. Afro in the Church happens the first marriage Is Benedict. After some steps in direction the organization student body, the movement creates the Frum of black entities that goes searching to accomplish the quotas for the afrodescendentes. Currently the quotas are being disponibilizadas for the Prouni and some public and private universities of the Piau, after much fight for the afros groups in the thematic seminaries and conferences. 1.1. Multiplication of afros groups in the cities piauiense In Piripiri, is born the first group Afro Afreket, later the Olori is created giving beginning to the Celebrations of the day of the black conscience in the city and Brazilian neighboring city.

Constantino owner and its Rose son articulate with the councilman Mrio Luis the creation of a law project on the Municipal Day of the black Conscience. After debate and exposition of the favorable arguments creation of the Law Municipal, approved and created and approved the Law Municipal of the week of the black conscience. After to pass an experience with the native peoples of the Amaznia, Sheila returns Piripiri and initiates the work with the aboriginal peoples for the construction of the first aboriginal nesting of the Piau. Meirian, Tide, Mrcia and Sheila had given reinforcement for the seminary accomplishment on the black movement of the Piripiri. Mocambo was created, later registered with community Kolping Olori. In the city of Floriano works with the black leaderships are initiated, celebrate Buzzed of the Palmares, assisted by Elineuza Branches, person engaged in the fight for the black citizenship construct groups of dedicated young to the rescue of the black culture.