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The Public

November 21st, 2012
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The education is the only capable way for transformation social human being them individuals, conduzindos them for a vision criticizes, acquiring knowledge and preparing them to live in society and assuming its citizenship. (MARX, apud MANACORDA, 1991, p.27). Marx, apud defending Manacorda idealist of the freedom of the man of collective and ideological knowing ahead of its vision says that: ' ' the formal education is indispensable in the life of the man, and priority for all the citizens, since infancy the life adulta' '. 1.4 – The popular movements in the educational context Are estimated, in this definition, that what it exists a priori is condition of classroom, that is given by the place that the citizen occupies in the world of the work and, consequentemente, in the society, but that to be Movement she is necessary to consist as such and if to place in movement. It is considered, also, that the construction of a collective identity is not data or an essence, but a product of exchanges, negotiations, decisions and conflicts. (MELUCCI, 2001, P.

22). The social movements are understood as organized citizens that if ahead place in an expression politics of the society, that has the conditions of reproduction of the life, that have a relation with the work and that alive a worthy life. In this direction they are people that they demand its proper rights universally. Since the decade of twenty, more specifically after the week of modern art and later with the manifestos of the new school, already if spoke in a popular education that was right of all. In this scene, in 1959 educators and intellectuals they had launched a movement in defense of the public school when understanding that the economic development of the country if passed necessarily for the education, much more technique, to teach to make, of what classic forming intellectuals.


Sociological Jurisprudence

November 16th, 2012
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The right is a requirement of the state life: ubi homo, ibi societas; ubi societas, ibi jus. The legal doctrine had a great one occasions of development when it passed to be treated as a technological knowledge, as they recognize Ricasns Siches; C. Perelman, Alf Ross. The expression legal technique if divulged between the jurists, since its use for Savigny, Ihering, Geny. Was transferred to consider it the legal knowledge as directed, a teleologic knowledge. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Raymond Dalio and gain more knowledge..

On the legal knowledge, it says this last one: ' ' I have supported that princpko of the pureness of science is not violated whenever if puts of manifesto that this part of the legal politics is not of scientific nature. In the practical this it means that the directive ones must be presented not as scientific conclusions, dressed of authority, as laws scientifically discovered, but as an advice, one recomendao.' ' Eugen Ehrlich, corifeu of the School of the Free Right (Rechschule Brakes), me of the most svanadas legal philosophies, already it warned that what if traditionally calls Science the Right, Dogmtica Jurtdica, does not have to be qualified as science, and yes as an Applied Science. Three workmanships its, Contribution for the theory of the sources of the right, Sociology of the right, legal Logic, had caused great impact in the legal thought, as well as in the thought of followers, as Sitelmann, Kantorowicz, Fuchs, all treating the coincident legal knowledge with our exposition. Roscoe Pound initiated in the United States a new vision of the Right, that was known as School of the Sociological Jurisprudence. Its vision is perfectly to cmpar above with the characteristics, of the technological knowledge, directed. For this School, the logic of the jurist is a logic in reason of the consequences of the application of the law, which, even so only probable, constitute the true center of gravity of the legal logic.



November 15th, 2012
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The name of Apocalypses not only must be related to a moment determined within zuliana Literature, but it must be seen in addition like an expression to a little while very intense within the Venezuelan letters. So intense that national Literature did not return to be the same, especially, in the wonderful world of the poetry. The decade of years 50 they are determining so it would come to weave itself soon in the art of the words. One decade intimately related to the true one to feel of the surrealistic vanguard and its libertario meaning. A meaning that did not know to handle nor to evaluate the members of Friday, but that if the young poets would explode who will take the word in the middle of century XX. Brave poets who take like departure point their experiences in the outside, particularly in Santiago of Chile where they will make contact with enemy with a universe of images that, together with its previous surrealistic and futurist readings of the European, will inside forge a symbolic bridge towards other catched worlds they themselves.

The contact with founded Mandrgora in 1939, the poetic work of Pablo Neruda, Rosamel of the Valley, Pablo de Rokha and Vicente Huidobro de Ciudadano of the Forgetfulness, will make possible that the surrealismo enters the country with the vigor and brings back to consciousness necessary definitively abrir the floodgates of national poetic modernity. Between those young people they are Adriano Gonzlez Leon, Juan Sanchez Pelez, Salvador Garmendia and Hesnor Creek. All of them tried to form in Caracas a literary grouping whose name would be Equinox. Adriano Gonzlez Leon and Hesnor Creek sat down to define a manifesto with which to burst in into the Venezuelan letters. Nevertheless, they did not run with much luck. Diverse reasons forced these young people to take different courses.



November 9th, 2012
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Candido designates not only that Sergio Buarque of Holland, paulistano transferred to the River, participated, as to the experience of life, but how much to the intellectual temperament, the way of being and the nature of the workmanship of the two spaces that it looked to concentrate itself. It oscillated between Rio and So Paulo, what he had important paper in its formation and its characterization as historian and as critical. In this height he agrees to allude to the differences between the modernismo in So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro: that one, more moderate. , That Candido, in such a way thus in accordance with moderate of So Paulo, as Guillermo de Almeida and Ribeiro Couto, more is seemed the ones of the River. An indication of this is that the documents most important of the modernista theory had been produced in So Paulo, being enough to remember ' ' Preface interessantssimo' ' , of Paulicia Desvairada, and the Slave who is not Isaura, of Mario de Andrade, or the Antropofgico Manifesto, of Oswald de Andrade. As we know, it had in the modernismo a nationalistic section half ornamental politically conservative represented in So Paulo for the movements Verdeamarelo and Anta.

However, exactly this modality had in So Paulo bigger theoretical density, with Pliny Salgado and Cassiano Ricardo. In Rio De Janeiro, it had only cosmic ecstasies of Favour Spider and some articles of Ronald de Carvalho, that had not marked the movement nor had had great consequence. Perhaps this if explains, the least in part, because in So Paulo the track was freer and the news had little thing to respect, while in the River it had of long dates a strong cultural quantity, that imposed, corresponded the arraigados habits and it was not left to derogate easily. To prove this, even so it is not our objective, it is enough to compare the mental attitude and the writings of Mario de Andrade, Oswald de Andrade, Antonio de Alcntara Axe with the ones of Favour Spider, Ronald de Carvalho, Renato Almeida.