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Reference Time

March 30th, 2018
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Today, when analyzing some factors, this is perceived that the diligent ones are each time next to the people, becomes the factor ‘ ‘ democracia’ ‘ how much in such a way susceptible one to the public. The politician tries to more express each time from the voice of the people, that is, of the other. The dependence is total and the proeminence in guaranteeing a future and still better ampler to the society if of the one for a rhetoric of sinestsica form and that, in some way, the fiance’ is fulfilled. It is marked in certain aspect, a persuasion speech where who leads to believe, also it is compelled to adentrar in the inverse social canal, in the case, the politician to be basic part of a quarter, a city, a State and finally, of a country, where most important it is to have a representative who surprises and means the people. Brazil presented it very the technology in little time behind. That is fact.

Ahead of this situation, has been determined misunderstanding in some still unknown ways? mainly in the low classrooms? for the country. The current moment is of tension, of silence and expectation. to cite one has left of the manifesto of Marx and Engels: Religious, moral, philosophical ideas, politics, legal etc., will say, had been modified throughout history, however, the religion, the moral, the philosophy, the politics, the right had always survived to these transformations. (2008. P.

42). In conclusion, the way as Dilma if relates is not aggressive and nor bastard, has in this factor, in twitter, an exploitation of the media its favor. It is disrespected therefore, all misunderstanding that if it causes in contradiction to its gamma of followers, therefore of another side, its opponents also use same current tools for its favors. Nothing worthier of what a knight who feeds its horse. The cruelty if dresses of language figure, and each word is travestida in distinct or worse, contradictory significaes. When analyzing the speech current politician in twitter, observes an imaginary power, a democratic power where the time and the voice that reign a law are imaginable reproductions, that is, the universe on-line is transparent the point of not being certain of who really is in the other side of the line. If it has trot, is not known. Much of the opposite, is this factor, the omission of a enunciador that makes with that the media if fortifies and grows each time more. Therefore, the more to grow the easy access to these resources, greater will be the easiness (or difficulty) to express opinions politics in these ways. The conscience is social, then the citizen if individualiza and individualiza its speech, not for update of a grammatical system, but of the alive interaction with the social voices. For this factor it is that Dilma, through twitter is oriented under the look of an atmospheric perspective and inside takes a position strategical of the context of the circulation of social voices, finishes for exploring creative and dialgica a tension and works on borders that give to ballast to its campaign, time and voice, one more time, becomes great explanations in very little characters, by the way, 140, in the maximum.


Market Study

March 29th, 2018
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International market research is more extensive and expensive that which can be for the domestic market, however there is a medium that facilitates us all and that is the internet. It is necessary as the first instance that the company has a system of information that identify and calculate the potential purchase of your niche market. It is necessary to consider the cultural variables, the political environment and the legal regulations, since this is vital to the internal market. Finally, the physical, cultural and idomatic distance raises the cost of obtaining information. Today we must use the most powerful tools that facilitate the collection of information.

Here will address important points which should be taken into account, and also the tools that will help you achieve it. Ingredients of a market research in markets both international and national, the variables are the same. These affect the four components of marketing my (product, price, distribution and promotion) and also: demand (consumers / users), supply (internal competition and promotion), the form of presence on the market and the business strategy that enables to achieve the planned objectives. Here are the elements that are part of a market study: 1. demand: has to be a detailed, quantitative and qualitative analysis of real potential market demand.

Google helps us to have an estimate of how many potential readers/customers exists in the market. By entering keywords in the search engine one can see on the upper right side of the toolbar that you see the number of results that exists with the keywords. 2 Typology of consumers or users. Typology of the buyer: purchase motivations; habits and rhythms of consumption, preferences in quality or price. Customer reactions to the different options that are offered market segmentation. Target audience. Identify both the purchased as a product with a country of origin 3. The offer: Today we are in a competitive market where it will be necessary to know in depth our competition, and this will help us discover segments or market niches in which position the product. They must be scanned, basically, the following points: identify the volume and market share that has competitive positioning of the competition. Market segments covered by competitors. Ranking of market shares and areas dominated by each competitor. It is to determine the market niche that has the competitor; elders, youth, women, men, etc. Google offers a tool bar called Google Toolbar, where there is a very good to use, Page Rank indicated. The Alexa tool bar, is a very good option to install in your browser. is a company that is dedicated to assessing the ranking of web pages, you can download the Alexa tool bar this bar on you can view the movement of the web site and its positioning. It is very important to highlight that these tools are indicators, so it is important to use the most important Yahoo Buzz is another tool where we see the flow of traffic for each keyword. Therefore, the foregoing can be verified with these tools to help us to carry out a study of broad and also segmented market. All this takes validity today on this last point, the promotion. I.e. after a consistent evaluation you will know where you could promote your product or service. Please be aware for more information at


Political Parties

March 28th, 2018
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We having one rate that goes up to around 25, are so that the governing organ of the health worries, because the number of injured will have very to be superior. Of being we affirmed as it, the budget of this portfolio will have to be reviewed and to be reframed. However, according to the students based on the experience of the countries advanced in road security, with the improvement of this the application of a better program is also suggested of investment in the country to the benefit of the development of the communities. In everybody, including the Dominican Republic, the affected population sector more is the one of the young people and the middle-aged ones (15-45); a great amount of women leaves his last breath in the pavement monthly; exorbitant the number of dead motorists and the one of pedestrians. Then one is due from trustworthy statistics to realise advertising campaigns to bring back to consciousness defined sectors.

Also, to promote a change of citizen culture, respect to the life and the norms, of valuation of the other users of the routes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Amazon. By the rescue of human values and fear to justice. All this last one is obtained from the home and the schools through a long process, that already is time to begin it through matters of Road Education and Road Formation. The Civil Society would have to assume the commitment to demand to him, as much to the State, the design of suitable policies, like the Political Parties to discuss the subject of Road Security in his structures and to agree it from the Legislative Power, so that as nation project is considered in carrying out the true participating democracy. In short, consequently, the State must have slope the following subjects: – that the Road Security must institutionalize with political will, since the quality of life of the population this in game. ; – that is required of a modification of the present cultural model of the citizen. – and, that the Road Security, is matter of object for the planning of good practices of public policies. Add to your understanding with Jim Donovan Goldman. Mario Holgun/President Dominican FundReD Rep. 31/01/10 original Author and source of the article.


San Francisco

March 28th, 2018
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Families of Pan d Water. She consists that this family got letter of authorization of nesting in one would sesmaria (measured of land equivalent the 36 lguas or 6 kilometers) where that they had to plant, to create cattle and to implant the religion catholic, in the headquarters of farms already existing, originated in the hinterland, for occasion of the captainships and later busy with entrances and flags, approximately of 1790> the town of Belm of the San Francisco appeared from a pertaining farm Antonio de S Arajo, who, in 1830, if established to the edges of the River San Francisco, in lands of the city of Cabrob. (Wikipdia, 2009). It is possible that later, possibly, they have been changed the plans of Portuguese settling (To see biography of the sertanistas in annex). One also attributes to its origin to the Saints Missions of 1839 and 1840, co-ordinated for the priest Francisco Leather strap, when a chapel consecrated to Ours was launched basic rock d Lady of the Sponsorship, fact that motivated> peregrination. In 1830, according to historians the originary facts of Belm, its founder in habitual strolls, a little of its house, finding local of desert, compatible flaring landscape was distanciou until then installing itself there with its farm, passing the winter, constructing to the edge of the river San Francisco a house of taipa, house great to the side of this senzala, residence of the slaves. In the year of 1840, in the Misso Saint, nailed for the Priest Francisco Leather strap, the first rock of the chapel, consecrated was launched Ours Lady of the sponsorship. Learn more about this with Amazon. From there, the constructions had appeared of houses of Joo of S Arajo and Padre Francisco Tavares Arcoverde and others, that constituiram the conglomerate, giving the name of Belm in homage to the venerable padroeira Ours Lady of the Belm, of the extinct chapel of the Arax.


Peloponnesian League

March 27th, 2018
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Two of the three Persian wars between the Greek world and Persia levely, a new order was established in the Western world. Greeks, the loving people of freedom, philosophy, poetry, and art in general, had defeated the tyrannical Eastern people thanks to the faith and union of all peoples that formed it. However, success very soon would envy, resentment and intolerance particularly in its two most important towns: Athens and Sparta. As they showed throughout its history, its inability to proverbial to live in peace (except in cases of common danger) would face them again. The ruin and destruction, perhaps spirits themselves of their civilization, would return to reign. If you would like to know more then you should visit Amazon. Both to heal their wounds would take years.

This almost uninterrupted series of 27 years of wars (431404 BC) has in addition to a visible turn military, the spectrum of the recalcitrant struggle of two very different social classes among themselves. On the one hand Sparta, the stony polis of warriors, of the social militarisation and the toughness of customs; by the other, Athens, democratic society, wide freedom of movement, rights, Assembly and voting citizen. It seems, that also matches the Greek historian Thucydides (460 BC do 396 BC?) in his book history of the Peloponnesian War, the beginning of the war was due to the extreme concern that Athens, its main strategic rival in the peninsula, growing up and earned prestige. In effect, under the splint from the great Pericles (495 a. C. 429 BC) Athens lived a period of prosperity that its own inhabitants did not hesitate to call him the Pentecontaetia or 50 year period of splendour. They had not only won influence military defeating the Persians, but that its absolute control in the waters of the Aegean Sea provided them enormous resources both financial and food; the opposite to Sparta (leader of the Peloponnesian League), almost Mediterranean, had an economy based on Agriculture and the effort of their helot, mass slave comprised of their prisoners of war.


Choice Appropriate

March 25th, 2018
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To be a candidate for a reunification of debts, you must comply with the specific rules defined by financial firms or individual lenders with whom you decide to begin. Each lender has different standards, foulbrood is important to consider the options and the differences that exist between the potential lenders. It is convenient to do specific questions to lenders about those aspects of the contract that you did not understand, so that in this way you know very well what is your part within the contract. Amazon usually is spot on. A requirement is that you must have more than one type of debt or loan to achieve the unification of your debts, this is quite understandable, since there must be 2 or more loans or debts to begin a reunification. Secondly, the person requesting the reunification of debts shall have proof of employment or proof of income monthly in order to demonstrate which are unable to pay their debts. Contact information is here: Richard Blumenthal.

In many cases, the debts will have to be in the same category, such as student loans multiple or credit card debt. Many people believe that reunification is an easy solution to reduce its debt but the truth is that it may be worth, provided that potential lenders can understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. As with many other financial situations, it is important that interested applicants understand the interest associated with the loans and the responsibilities that come with such circumstances. The reunification of debts is effective for amalgamating several payments of different loans into one monthly payment. Although many people believe that they can reduce the amount of time that takes an individual to pay loans, reduce the interest rate or reduce the total amount of money for each month, the truth of the matter is that there are situations in which is very difficult to achieve all these goals. Financial evaluation to which it is subjected who calls the reunification of debts, is done with the intention that these people may be more responsible financially and achieve with just one payment per month, reducing the number of cases of non-payment of loans or payments with delay. In addition, make payments on time can help dramatically increase the credit score of a person, so this is a great benefit of amalgamating the loan payments, even if you can not enjoy lower rates of interest or lower payments. Original author and source of the article.

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Interior Ministry

March 24th, 2018
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atc, with things on the way! Done! Less than a month the entire Russian society is left to suffer, and corruption at the Interior Ministry will disappear. Otherwise, it can not be. Read additional details here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Indeed, on this occasion there was an order of Minister of Internal Affairs, where clearly stated that take bribes must be stopped exactly one month later. How many years have we all thought and argued about how to get rid of this filth, corruption in the police. A stroke of genius was all just like a bicycle.

Merely had to issue an order. and everything! As a result, in the same region of Omsk, naturally disappear almost immediately free trade in drugs. Indeed, to this day all the tales of the head of the local police department about the titanic struggle in this direction aroused knowledgeable area residents only Homeric laughter. The current authorities are generally inclined to publish such delusional decrees, orders for all sorts of social problems. In the Omsk region and nobody will swear in public places.

And how could it be otherwise After all, there is a paper on this subject, signed by the governor of the region where clearly all given to understand that swearing on the street not more. Everything's just wonderful. Wardens old lady by 12 television channel clapped their hands and shed tears of emotion in gratitude for "philoprogenitive father." Indeed, our governor has managed to clear the same spoken language of all citizens of the area. And now we are all naturally speak the language of Pushkin and Esenina. Want to appeal to the leadership of the Omsk region with a proposal to issue an immediate disposal of the head that the outside air temperature in the region during the winter should not fall below plus fifteen degrees Celsius. Who would mind? What energy savings waiting for us! And the whole world marveled. Coconut palms begin to grow. As in the fairy tale "Let the snowdrops in bloom now us. And the central government is good. To get rid of perennial national problem drinking, it turns out you just pouring alcohol into a small container. Brilliant! And alcoholism in Russia will disappear by itself. While the "horse and clear "that those who drink, there is no question about the number of containers, the question arises of how much there is left. But the statement has already been given. And it needs to perform. Government party "United Russia" seems generally agreed to enter into the history of the country one-stage solution to all age-old problems of our society. Real solutions out there, no one offers. And all these decrees, orders, arguments are characteristic for the state of agony. Otherwise it's just crazy nonsense. What As for the order to the Interior Ministry, then in it for all defendants provided a great alternative. Namely, those who can not refuse to take bribes should just quit. And very simply. Although this approach is elementary without Police can not stay. It seems, however, that both we and it was led once again "all the steam will be released in a whistle." We'll all wait for new orders. What else rassmeshat?


Public Safety Division

March 23rd, 2018
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Furthermore, to date, has trained and officially certified as Technical Director and General Instructor numerous guides and / or official Instructors Canine Rescue in Disasters Method Chest, specialists who have witnessed the unique effectiveness of Method Chest, in many institutions selected ( Police, Fire, Army, Civil Defense and Red Cross) from various countries, affected by some level of seismic risk. These certifications operational officers and approval for guides, instructors, or Rescue Dogs are always issued in compliance with official regulations Method Chest, officially credited behind the prerequisites stipulated, exceeded the respective regulatory assessments and relevant courses, and putting into effect officially by relevant government institutions and have been for example: Public Safety Division of the Ministry of Interior of Chile, Ministry of Internal Affairs of El Salvador, Ministry of Government of Ecuador, Ministry of Defense of Colombia, the National Emergency Secretariat of the Presidency the Republic of Paraguay … On May 5, 1998, after obtaining legal status deal, Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain, the method Chest is legally registered, registered and protected as a scientific work, whose author is D. Jaime Parejo Garcia in the General Registry of Intellectual Property No? 23 474. On 13 November 1998, with many authorities cynological policies and national and international, the Royal Canine Society of Spain awarded the First Prize for Research, Jaime Parejo Garcia, for his scientific research method cabinets, Scientific Jury, composed of a set of Doctors of high prestige, unanimously recognized the special novelty, quality and a significant level of contribution to the scientific level of that methodology. .


Obligatory Civil Responsibility

March 21st, 2018
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The moment has arrived for studying the supplies that each insurance for car has and you have not fallen in something very important: what covers to you? What obligatory covers and as optional have? Different supplies for each insurance from car exist, and as it is the economy, often only we paid attention to the price. Speaking candidly Sen. Sherrod Brown told us the story. It is not adapted. Only we realize with which it covers our insurance for the car the day we needed that it. For that reason, next, we offer a small list to you that explains some to you of the essential things that they must cover your insurance for the car: – Obligatory Civil Responsibility and Voluntary Civil Responsibility, damages that you can cause to other people, cars or properties, even the damages that can cause your luggage. – Legal Defense. Perhaps they give the election you to choose the lawyer freely. – Claim of Damages caused to the car and the people – Moons and Solar Ceiling.

The moons usually are including but you have solar ceiling reviews the supply that gives each supply you of insurance for car. – If you travel by your residence country, in this Spain case, and you undergo a mishap, the insurance of the car must cubrirte the expenses of transport, hospitalization, lodging or vehicle of substitution. – If you realise it to the trip by the foreigner, the insurance for car that you contract will have ofrecerte the same attendance that if outside in your country, including pharmaceutical expenses, advance payments of guarantee, expenses of interpreters and even of lawyer. BlogRoll? Convertible my c4! – Forum Citroen C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C8 DS3? The insurance of unemployment and the insurance of the car The news on? The year that Celia Cross made debut with the Matancera Sonant – To travel surely in the car with the mascot Newspaper of Insurances? In renewable defense of the (i): The problem of petroleum


Learn From Mistakes Past

March 19th, 2018
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A couple of years, only specialists had heard of mortgages subprime, they knew a such Bernard Madoff, promoter of the electronic market of shares in United States, or knew that Lehman Brothers was not a set of soul music. Companies continued with their individual careers to reach the Olympus of corporate earnings, investors were more concerned about buying cars and houses, while both asked for credits to make consumption pull and not miss opportunities that were presented as unique and unrepeatable. Rivers of ink ran to find explanation to the current situation. So he resorted to economic history, with the idea of trying to connect the dimension of the current crisis with the which occurred in 1929. They broke out speculative bubbles that affect real estate and financial sectors then and now, in the words of Galbraith exposing the gaps that claimed its foundations. The insatiable greed and politics take more firewood to the fire, or that the same is rubbing the liquidity trap with interest by soil types, today as yesterday, it supports these behaviors. Hence the need for a regulation put coto opaque operations including those in Luxembourg that rampant camped for more than one decade in the roaring twenties and the happy 2000.

Interesting thing about economic history is to learn from the mistakes and, indeed, although there is a certain similarity between the current crisis and that of the 29, there is no comparison in the dimensions, view the gravity of the yesteryear. Dusting off the archives are seen strategies followed in the resolution of the critical situation. In 1929, the developed countries sought the exit from the crisis by the competition. The policies of devaluation of the exchange rate to gain competitiveness applied by United States were replicated by the European countries through the so-called policies of beggar-thy-neighbor, with disastrous in the majority of cases. Against the competition is structured as current formula cooperation. Against the lack of coordination, the coordination.

Resuscitating Keynes to resolve the crisis nearly a century later leads us to understand that the imaginative formulas are few among economists and that, when it comes to the truth, again the battles between classical and Keynesian, as if it were an economic derbi. And the European Union as a playing field. The European Union and its contradictions: between the agricultural policy and the free market, between a Bologna’s excellence and the budgetary constraint, between innovation and environment, between stability and Growth Pact and resource to the deficit to overcome the crisis, between Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. And in the midst of these contradictions, those of the countries themselves. Between the economies of Central and Eastern Europe, countries convinced that quickly that the growth of the European Union model was good, and that even we would give them our currency. Thus grew above the EU average for more than ten years until it touches the finger his equality with the incomes of Western countries. How reminds me your situation the Spanish. But with the crisis they were investors, appropriations, growth, employment and left uncovered structural deficiencies covered with structured benefits. Europe must resolve these contradictions if it wants to move forward with successful and reinforced in the current situation. As he said Rockefeller, great fortunes are always kneaded in times of crisis. Fernando Alonso Profesor of applied economics from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) original author and source of the article.