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European Socialists

May 23rd, 2017
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For the first time 'international' Women's Day was celebrated in 1911 in four countries – Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland – on different days. In 1912, the Women's Day was celebrated all the same 'narrow circle' countries, and again on different days. In 1913, the Women's Day was first recorded in Russia (more precisely – in a single city of St. Petersburg). Jim Donovan Goldman understands that this is vital information. The date of the meeting, as well as the names of the organizers failed to find even in Soviet sources, even though the Soviet ideologues throughout several decades, strongly developed the myth of the 'international' Women's Day.

It was only in 1914 – the first and last time! – Women's Day was celebrated March 8 at the same time in six countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Russia and Switzerland. The outbreak of the First World War made Europe a long time to forget about any holidays. But after coming to power in Russia, the Bolsheviks of the International Women's Day remembered again and gave it official status. On common belief of historians and political scientists, the commissioners used the achievements of European Socialists for the ideological struggle against the Orthodox Church. Eighth March was intended to deter the Soviet people from religious Holidays: Carnival, falling by about the same time, and the Myrrh-Day, celebrated on the third Sunday after Easter and is considered to be an Orthodox Women's Day. In 1975, the Soviet ideology, finally succeeded in his dream: Because this year has been declared by the United Nations' International Women's Year ', then and March 8 with the filing of the Soviet delegation to address the same UN was still the official status of' International Women's day '.

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Historical Materialism

August 5th, 2012
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prohibited of the family or for its maintenance. However, before sairmos defending or fixing the family, is necessary to take well-taken care of with precipitations. Paraphrasing Hacking (2001) we ask: what is the family? According to Basic Diccionario of Anthropology (FIELD, 2008), family is defined as: ‘ ‘ basic social group, that sits down afectivos bonds, of kinship y/o economic. El number of estos miembros puede to vary … y in if encuentran necessarily inhabiting el mismo hogar’ ‘. Being an invention human being, this does not have to be seen as a biological or natural order, as many times are spread erroneamente by the media and other ways.

It is treated, over all, of an organization of the human beings produced partner-historical. Leaving of the consideraes that the Marx and Engels (1980) had made on the German ideology,> when they had criticized hardly the hegelianos for the naivety with that they conceive the reality, we see that same the critical one still can be applied to the ideology and Brazilian psychology. We affirm this for the torrent of expressions and ideological premises that constantly are bequeathed the familiar institution. As resultant, descontextualizadas understandings or sidewalk in the fancy finish for making it difficult the necessary agreement putting more firewood in the ideological fogueira, what it can also retrocede in the evolution of the public politics. In accordance with the materialism-description, the family if originates with the necessity to organize its ways of production.

A summary brief of its main points is followed partner-descriptions. The first form of organization is the tribal one, familiar structure that if confuses with the social one. The hierarchy if establishes with the patriarchs on the members, for later, with the increase of the population, to establish on the slaves (MARX; ENGELS, 1980). The word family originates in such a way from the Latin ' ' famulus' ' that it meant literally enslaved domestic servant.


Wedding Dance

January 24th, 2012
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Let the man lead. In the traditional understanding of the role of leading the dance performed by men. Ladies, take a sympathetic position. Amy says: "A man is difficult in the sense that it needs a lot to remember and do: he listens to music, remembers the sequence of dance, communicating with other people, think about the following movement. " You are required to observe the behavior of men, to anticipate what he's going to make mistakes and allow him to. Find balance.

Old-fashioned tradition of wedding dance can only be prescribed by the dominant position of men, but in reality it is a full-fledged partnership. Both partners should make efforts to control the rhythm. "Dance is the result of the connection of your strengths and weaknesses, dancing skills will not be able to get one lesson" – says Amy. You will need to be patient and begin to engage in advance. Great time – five months before the ceremony. As for the wedding dance performances suggest you contact – the organization of weddings.

Allay fears. "Men, which I teach dance, I suggest the following: from the moment when you hug a girl, have complete control over it. Even in the case of uncertainty in his movements, pretend to know what to do "- says Amy. Your partner will be calm while you hold the initiative. Once your partner begins to be afraid of something, she takes the initiative in their hands. You have to establish their supremacy at the beginning of the dance, or in the process do not work. Set the tone. Generally speaking, dance – a social phenomenon, we can say non-verbal conversation. If development proceeds conversation well, you may wish to join and people around them. While many newlyweds prefer staging a dance, some like improvisation, believing that dance can be fun. Amy said: "The first wedding dance determines the tone of your event. If he is successful, then your guests will dance with you. " Dance! Studying partner dance, you are contributing to its future. This skill will be with you and after the wedding celebrations at the various festivals in your living room, on the anniversary of the wedding.

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