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State System

January 29th, 2014
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In that Act of demagoguery, the oppressor elected under the guise of ensuring welfare for majorities, will only attempt to transform a reality that says that it does not meet the needs of the masses, directing his discourse to the larger population (the poor) by making them believe that they represent a better future and all them will be favored. Where the same people, more hopeless, receive them accordingly knowing that such promises and dreams will be there reflected until the day that close elections. It is unthinkable, at least with this fake democracy model, talk about equalities, power to all, autonomy and participation, when we are playing the same patterns of domination and distinctions of class, but in different ways, thus, we note the imposition of a minority over a majority, since these through the institutionalization of power, have the opportunity to exercise it directly in decision-making in political, economic, social and cultural. This exercise of domination in disguise of democratic, he will seek to form a citizen submissive, devoid of conscience, which will only have voice and vote in the elections, and for their low participation active in political life, will become a subject receiver, minimum and passive system, moulded according to the same interests, becoming a follower of paternalism, which will lead to the emergence of a new flatterer, conformist and slave of the State, a being that it would enhance the same social problems that gave it birth to him. The situation of the democratic system is a problem that social and political of every citizen will directly impact on life. We have a system that although always stresses the values of freedom, autonomy, participation, etc., contradictorily not exalts the values of equality, cooperation, collaboration or prominence. It speaks of a power for all and we observe prevailing inequality and exclusion, is only enough to observe within the masses, great sectorization and minorities than to the system not interested integrate.


New Discovery

January 22nd, 2014
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The majority of these institutions is religious with diverse denominations, between which if it can cite, of the beginning of the stretch studied until its end, Church baptist Missionary in New Discovery Figure. 4; Church Catholic Ours Mrs. of Lourdes, Appears 5; Group woman Figura.6 wonder; Esprita school Cristina Menezes de Albuquerque Appears. 7. Figure 4: Church Baptist Missionary, New Discovered; 25 L 0287745; UTM: 9113180 N. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) Figure 5: Church Catholic Ours Mrs. of Lourdes, in New Discovered; 25 L.0287887; UTM: 9113890. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) Church catholic Ours Mrs.

of Lourdes, (Figure 5), esprita School Heifer of Menezes (Figure 7), among others. Of these institutions people if they had detached just helping the removed people of the recifense center and that they look the mounts to fix housing. Figure 6: Headquarters Group Woman Wonder, in New Discovered; 25 L02877830; UTM: 9113738. Photo: Dario Galdino, (2010) the group Woman Wonder (Figure 6) was born in 1975, New Discovered, periphery of Recife, in the context of the growth and affirmation politics of the social movements, which had had a basic paper in the fight for the reorganization and joint of the communitarian movements and for the democracy, already in years 73 and 74, when the country lived dived in a situation of great repression politics, with persecution and emergency laws to the libertarian movements, Some women of New Discovery, already involved in the social fights for the redemocratizao of the country and social justice, had started if to find and to argue the situation of the woman in the home and the community, the problems of the country and its roots, in search of concrete exits. Beyond these questions the women argued the paper in the society and the discovery of its identity. After that they had created a workshop of artisan clothes that if became mark of the group, until today cultivated by some women who if had dedicated to the artesanato.


Russian Revolution

January 13th, 2014
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This idea quickly was spread for the four cantos of the world. The idea of each country to identify itself with proper symbols that differentiate them of its neighbors or enemies is something that, currently, seems normal and natural. However, this idea is historically a typical movement of modernity. The work of the modern States throughout century XIX and beginning of century XX was to create, to recriar or to invent traditions and symbols to identify and to mark each country and nationality. As already we said, the proposals conservatives of century XIX had been brought up to date to form the ideological and philosophical base of regimes European fascists. Thus, of century XX, still astonished in face of the horrors of the World War I and the serious economic crisis generated in the period postwar period, detached parcels of the population had at the beginning found in this iderio> conservative the alternative explanations and ways to the serious social crisis and politics.

Another factor that placed in alert the forces politics conservatives was the growth of international the communist movement, over all, from the Russian Revolution. The distrust of a World-wide Revolution was another important factor wide used by the parties of the radical right to angariar support of the religious sectors entrepreneurs and for the cause conservative. The ghosts of 1789 and 1917 if had added to build new representatives of the eminent danger of the proletarian revolution. Another important event that would leave deep marks in the European picture of that moment was the Crisis of 1929. The Great allied Economic Depression to the reaction conservative, the new nationalisms and the anti-communist propaganda propitiated the ideal scene for the sprouting of the known parties as fascists, who had as base a strong contrary feeling to the ideas and Liberal and Communist proposals. In some countries, especially in the Europe, the notion appeared of that only regimes that they privileged a system based on military reinforcement and in the centralization of the State and that they were directed by a charismatic leader they would be capable to solve the problems economic and to bar the ascension of the communist propaganda. The iderio conservative arrived its apogee when countries as Germany, Italy, Portugal, Crocia, Hungria and Spain had finished adhering to these proposals.


National Geographic

January 7th, 2014
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about five years ago, approximately, National Geographic was given the task of finding a woman who had been on the cover of its magazine in 1984. Debra Denker and Steve McCurry photographer were covering the war in Afghanistan, who fought against the Soviet Navy. At some point they reached a refugee camp on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. In this very conservative Muslim environment, Steve found extremely difficult to talk or photographing women in the field. However, it was determined to have some image to represent the refugee crisis in Afghanistan, from the female viewpoint. Says Steve: “It was something like walking through the countryside one morning when crossing a field that seemed NCL Holdings to be used as an elementary school where there were between 15 and 20 students. So I went and asked the teacher if he could photograph one of his pupils. She agreed and I noticed a young Afghan girl, age 12 years or so, which had a haunted look that materially. I ask the teacher about it and told me his story: he had walked around two weeks, through the mountains because their people had been attacked by Hamed Wardak helicopters and many members of his family had been killed, so he had to flee in a very insecure traveling in the mountains until I reach the refugee camp . She was really traumatized as you can imagine. One day this in a town and the next day is in another country. ” And photographer continues: “So I thought that this particular image summed up the situation and the trauma of being suddenly in the need to leave home and end up in a refugee camp, hundreds of miles away.” National Geographic’s editor did not want to actually use photograph of Afghan girl, then said it was very disturbing, but ultimately agreed and the girl appeared on the cover of the magazine, which was a great success. Steve recalls that “immediately, I received thousands of letters from people wanting to help the girl, sending money, adopt her, marry her.” Yet I still receive emails from people who want information about the Afghan girl with green eyes. Thus in 2002 the photographer went in search of the Afghan girl. Finally he found it very gringo style, Iris technology used to prove that the woman found was indeed the famous cover girl. His name is Afghan Girl. Born in 1972 in a small village in Afghanistan. Her earliest memories include sounds of war planes overhead and bombs falling. She remembers this as a famine. In the early eighties his village was attacked by Soviet helicopters. Ahi their parents died. His grandmother and nephews went to the mountains to the refugee camp of Nasir Bagh in Pakistan. Sharbat she married Rahmat Gul in the late eighties and returned to Afghanistan in 1992. Eventually settled in Tora Bora, dominated by the Taliban. Gula has three daughters: Robina, Zahida and Alia. A fourth daughter died in infancy. Sharbat has expressed hope that their daughters can receive the education she could never complete. McCurry-since-has created a fund to see the education of daughters and the medical help they may need. Sharbat reminds Steve McCurry and the time that it took the photo. No one had ever photographed. She remembers seeing the photograph that the holes had his red scarf, a product of when the fire burns where he lived. Sharbat had no idea that his face was famous and had never seen the photograph that you took the photographer from National Geographic until the team came upon it in January 2002. At the end of the interview, she indicated she did not want to be part of any show and would not give any other interviews.