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Concrete Business

September 30th, 2011
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Reinforced concrete slabs made of heavy concrete, structural lightweight concrete, dense structure and a dense silicate concrete and intended for use as a carrier of the floor large panel of various buildings with a design load on the floor (without slab's own weight) to 6.0 kPa, inclusive. Slabs are designed for use in the design and construction bearing parts of buildings and structures with a normal temperature and humid regime and non-aggressive media under normal construction conditions. Reinforced concrete slabs are classified according to the following features that characterize their styles according to the scheme bearing plate on the supporting structure of the building or the thickness of the slab. For lifting and mounting plates are used mounting tabs or special grippers that are designed to establish the manufacturer in consultation with the consumer and the project organization – the author of the project building (construction). Location and size of holes in the plates provided for bespetlevogo installation, take on the drawings, forming part of the project documentation gripper for these plates. Description: shape and size of panels shall comply with the working drawings for these plates constructive length and width of reinforced concrete slabs shall be made according to gost 28984 equal respective focal plate size, reduced the gap between adjacent plates; In case of necessity overlap cooker space, exceeding the distance between adjacent focal axes building a constructive plate length (eg, plates, is based on the stairwell walls of buildings with large-cross-bearing walls) take equal to the distance between the axles, zoomed to the desired elichinu A determined in accordance with a constructive solution. Slab, intended for use in areas with an estimated seismicity 7-9 points, can be manufactured with grooves for metallic bonds and the formation clamps.


Wedding Issues

September 19th, 2011
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Wedding – a very exciting and important holiday in the life of each pair. This day should be bright and memorable, so to the wedding should be taken seriously and with great responsibility. Do not trust this thing amateurs, and is better to turn to professionals for whom the organization of holidays is their immediate work. Nowadays there are many different wedding agencies. The main thing is not to be mistaken with a choice, because depends on all of your holiday.

Everything should go smoothly and without incident, so before you decide which of the agency for you most of all, think carefully. First of all, listen to the feedback of people who already used the services of such firms. Then examine the list of services offered by one or another agency. You should also take into account the experience in the market. Do not rush, because of the professionalism of your chosen agency depend on all the impression of such a momentous day. Preparing for a wedding should start as early as possible, because to think a lot of little things, each of which is very important. To start to define the number of invited guests and the budget that you want to spend on organizing such a memorable occasion. Not worth saving at this festival, it's your birthday family memories that will comfort you all your life.

Each pair is currently the wedding as the most romantic and magical day in their lives. There is simply no room for negative emotions, this day is surrounded by only happiness and love. Professionals to translate your dreams into reality. Trusting them, you can relax and enjoy the process of preparing for the wedding, during the holiday did not think that something goes wrong. Once you have selected the agency, you have to decide those will look like your wedding. This may be the classic version, a thematic wedding party in the club, one word, a lot of options, it all depends on your imagination and possibilities. You can also order a laser show. The most popular option among young people is a theme wedding. Here the scope for your imagination is boundless. You can have a party in the style of 80's, Hollywood-style, bring your guests to another country or even on another planet – all you want, it's your day, do not be afraid to experiment and surprise. And on the stag party can be ordered, such as


Room Organization

September 12th, 2011
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When baby equipment should provide the best conditions for sleep, work, leisure and gaming of the child. If several children in the family, and the room alone, it is desirable that each of them was not only his own bed, but his workplace, a place for personal things. Child's play a significant role in the development and formation of personality a little man. And perhaps, a pledge of future willingness to learn, the relationship between him and his parents, the manifestations of interest in life, development skills and talent lies in his first room. Parents in arranging a room for their children impose very specific requirements for a set of furniture and space organization. Some would like to see the baby's room as many built-in furniture that is compact will need to place things. In this case, it may be the height of the entire room with an open bottom space available for the child, and closed shelves, access to which available only for adults. Built-in furniture can be a transforming horizontally in the evening, in the lower level can be arranged beds, desks, komodnye elements and space for toys.

This provides an opportunity during the day as free gaming space. Other parents prefer playing elements, transformers, by which you can from time to time to "build" their own hands a new interior. For example, furnishing rooms, consisting of lockers, bunk beds, where the second level there is a proper bed, and underneath a desk with shelves, may be changed to "grow" with your child.