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The Code Of Professional Procedure: The Role Of Police Research Informatics

August 31st, 2013
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1. a Role of Police Investigation (Art. 67u). National Police in its investigation function should, including its own initiative, take cognizance of crimes and to report immediately to the Prosecutor, without prejudice to carry out urgent and necessary measures to prevent its consequences, identify the perpetrators and participants, collect and secure evidence which may serve for the implementation of the Professional Law. Develop similar function where offenses require a private or private practice subject to prosecution. The Police performing investigative functions are required to support the Public Prosecutor to conduct the preliminary investigation. a 2. a Police Powers (Art.

68u). a T National Police in its investigation, without prejudice to the provisions of the NCPP 67u previous article and the rules research, under the leadership of the Prosecutor, may do the following: 2. a 1a Receive written or verbal complaints. If the affected person attends the police station to report a crime, police personnel on duty have the urgent duty of receiving the complaint may well be written or verbal. The shape depends on the complainant.

If you want to do so verbal, it is not legal or rational demand made in writing it. In this case, the police lifted the minutes. The victim is entitled to it receives your complaint immediately and more importantly, urgent investigations are carried out in order to prevent the traces of the crime go away by the inexorable passage of time. a 2. 2a a statement to take the complainant. Once the police receive written or verbal complaint, you may receive the whistleblower, that in order to obtain more information on the manner and circumstances in which the event occurred that claim and thus determine which actions immediate performed to identify the accused and to clarify the allegations.


Dow Jones Industrials

August 28th, 2013
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Hedge funds that handled approximately some US $1.800 trillion in assets. Galiegue adds: a part of this industry is dying, probably half. They then settled assets in panic, without consideration of the economic news. The reality is that no one wants to be purchased in this market, because no one knows so much more can deepen this low, nor how much can get to suffer the economy. In times like these, it is not taken into account potential future value, but is the only thing that operates panic and uncertainty. The majority of analysts repeated what to enter for the long term, that always wins do but meanwhile what do we do? While both may refer to more than one year even.

Those who purchased Nasdaq or S & P 500 at the start of the year 2000, in full market euphoria, thinking that the party would continue, never could see their investments become positive. The Nasdaq has lost 70 per cent since then and the S & P 500 40%. It took 8 years. The long term may be for the children or grandchildren of the investor and the investor in question will thus lose always. There is one variety of funds to bet on low, if we were waiting for the boom in the market for the long term, sonreiremos from some other side when to who bequeath them our assets sold. There are several alternatives for those who foresee a drop in the markets and do not intend to hold on to their shares for the long term in which everything will tend to rise. The ETFs and bearish investment funds, which sold short (short-sell), that arman options strategies betting on downward, they gain value as the market loses. And there are all kinds: ETFs bears (bearish) to emerging markets like the PT insti MSCI emerging market (AMEX:EEV), the commodities as PF insti basic materials (AMEX:SMN), the financial is PF insti financial (AMEX:SKF), or to take advantage of the PF insti oil low oil & gas (AMEX:DUG). Who could come and see the decline in the Dow Jones Industrials, could have bought the bearish ETF PT insti Dow 30 (AMEX:DXD) and bagging during October more than one 80% rise, while the DJIA lost more than 20 percent in the month.


Latin Americans Victims

August 24th, 2013
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A witness of the accident ensures that the avalanche pushed them. Local policemen and the mossos who attended the train station of Castelldls after the deadly outrage of 12 people last year have ensured this Thursday before the judge that the station lacked the necessary security measures, according to the lawyer of the families of the victims. The holder of the Court of instruction number 1 of Gava has taken this Thursday statement to agents of the local police and the mossos, the driver of the commuter train that had just get off the victims, of the Alaris train that hit them when they crossed the tracks, as well as directors of Renfe and Adif, neighbors in the area and others that injury resulted in the outrage. The accident occurred the night of San Juan in 2010, when a group of people, mostly young Latin Americans, who had just get off at the station of Castelldls for go to a verbena on the beach crossed the tracks without using the existing underpasses and were charged by an Alaris train passing at high speed. After the statements of the morning session, the lawyer of the families of the victims, Andreu Van den Eynde, has told journalists that the policemen who came to the station have assured the judge that the installation did not exist the conditions of safety necessary to cope with a massive influx of people. Policemen, according to counsel, acknowledged to the judge that night they knew that there would be a mass influx situation at the train station.

Despite this, counsel has considered, moreover, that curiously, when more influx of travelers, Renfe – said – it decided that there was no security or staff at the station. For its part, Machinist of the Alaris train which hit the victims has ensured that it triggered alarm mechanisms to highlight the arrival of the train, but he has ensured that it is impossible stop a train, according to Van den Eynde. According to the explanation of the Machinist told by counsel, what must be done is not ever lower the route, because the train can not stop or when there are emergencies like that night. For its part, according to Van den Eynde, representatives of Renfe and Adif also declared before the judge have ensured that the station met the necessary security measures. Not all the blame was ours for his part, one of the witnesses of the accident, who only wanted to be identified as Elisabeth, has opined that the station did not comply with the security measures since there was no vigilantes of informers or safety. Elisabeth has assured: everything was very dark, we try to leave the bridge, which was the output that we knew, but it was closed, and try to leave the station by other means, but the great flood of people who had pushed users to track. The young, 18 years old, has recognized the recklessness of the victims, but consider: not all the blame was ours. Source of the news: police officers ensure that the Castelldls station lacked the necessary security.

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Gonzalez Soldiers

August 17th, 2013
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Also, the Pope saw the possibility of strengthening the authority of the Church in Europe and submit under your yoke to the nobility, whose endless agitation Warrior and feudal ambition went against his power. Finally, get the triumph, could obtain supremacy in distant lands and forge perhaps, rooted it for the installation of a single faith: yours. November 27, 1095, last day of the Council of Clermont, Alvernia (France), urban II proclaims after an exciting speech, the realization of the first crusade. Not only promised forgiveness of sins to the volunteers, it also invited them to take those overflowing with milk and honey domains and save humanity from the infidels. Also said the following: who previously fought in wars private among faithful, who now fight against the infidels and to achieve victory in a war that should already have started; that those who until yesterday were bandits become soldiers; those who fought before his brothers fight the barbarians committed you already now that Warriors already resolved their issues and meet everything that is needed to meet their costs; When you finish the winter and come the spring, put into motion, happily, to take the road under the guidance of the Lord. Recorda ye what Matthew said: whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me the final cry of Deus vult! (God wants it!) He Gonzalez to those present. Immediately, a spectacular wave of religiosity and sense of duty spread for each Castle, Manor or House, noble, plebeian, peasant or priestly.

The explosion of faith motivated that in just weeks, thousands of men, women and children, apersonaran before their masters to participate. Neither the papal recommendation that only warriors to participate could stop the waves of volunteers coming from all over Europe.


The Family

August 10th, 2013
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Later the judge will issue a ruling, which can be an acquittal or conviction. Despite the sentence the judge imposed It shall fix the amounts of civil damages, without prejudice to pay pensions that are owed. 60 days can be extended by 30 days. What is needed to file the complaint? It is a prerequisite to attach certified copies of the demand for food which obliges the defendant default of family support to pay a maintenance allowance and charge of notification of requirement made by the judge under penalty of being denounced. What is the register of debtors defaulting food? It is an electronic book that records the food delinquent, whose information is public and admission is free.

Begins enrollment in the book at the request of the person who is harmed by omission of foods, the request has to go before the family judge who met the demand for food. What are the requirements for initiating a process of extramarital filiation? Demand signed by lawyer. Copy of the ID of the applicant. Child’s birth certificate. Payment of court fees by offering of tests to the Banco de la Nacion (do not have economic resources may be requested judicial assistance for exemption from payment of tariffs).

What effects produces a statement that judicially declared paternity? The statement produces the same effects as the voluntary recognition of a child. Therefore the child will have the surnames of the father and the rights arising out of this. Which cases can I deprive parents of the parental? When children undergo physical and psychological abuse. They are exposed to any situation that threatens their fundamental rights. Try prostituting them or corrupt them. Parents are dependent on alcohol, narcotic substances or are drug-dependent that could compromise the health and safety of the children. When are parents convicted of a crime. What are the requirements to apply for tenure?