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International Day

March 9th, 2024
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There is a journalistic fraternity such a saying: “It’s hard and clumsy life of a simple journalist.” So let us in one of the professional journalists holidays will please their wonderful gifts. But let’s not forget that this is not Only one of the professional events, but also the day when all reporters can feel their unity and solidarity. In the selection of gifts we will consider that! And as we all know that journalists – people inquisitive, active, and Most importantly – creativity, then the choice of gifts will build on proverbs and aphorisms, which of them folded. The main thing in this day (September 8, 2008) to accompany a gift “aforizmatichnoy phrase. For example, there have journalists a saying: “Prepare the material about summer in winter:) So, we can, despite the fact that this holiday falls on September, did not limit themselves to gifts fall orientation. Feel free to Give a beach umbrella or beach slippers, well, and utter the above proverb! Sometimes, journalists say about his mission this way: “In fact in the lake and the pike, so that fish awake.” All that they first learn about all the people tell. And we accompany proverb fishing tackle. Fishing rods, spinning, jig and fishing lines, chaise or inflatable boat – all will be welcome. (As opposed to novelist).

And men – journalists, going on a fishing trip, will be able to exercise full “male solidarity”! 🙂 And here is a poet, educator and critic Matthew Arnold spoke the following aphorism: “Journalism – is literature on the run.” This aphorism is the way, if your boyfriend or girlfriend interested in sports. It only remains to find a shoe size! Besides sneakers, good gift will sport shirt, dress or jacket, all sorts of projectiles for physical training – from the simulator to a rope. A Slovenian aforist Petan Hot graced us with the following dictum: “On a brighter future care policy, of a bright past – historians, of a bright present – journalists. And to your friend easier to take care “of a bright present, give him a desk lamp, lovely sconces or floor lamp. In extreme cases, suit and a flashlight:) If all of these gifts to your friends, is not appropriate, therefore, need such an aphorism that it does not limit your imagination and your opportunities. through. And we have this! As said Dame Rebecca West: “A journalist – a man with a gift every day to fill the void. ” So, can give all-all-all! All that will fill the void, or your friend’s apartment, or have in his closet, or in the fridge go for it! Know and following.

On this day – International Day of Solidarity of journalists – are all kinds of congresses and conferences, which bring together journalists from different countries. At the celebrations, they receive awards for their work. For example, awarding a Pulitzer Prize – the most prestigious journalists in America – almost always happens on September 8. Find out in advance if your not invited to each one of these conferences? Then, in the gift will be very timely to present a road bag, a foreign phrase, or an interesting book that will brighten up the road. This day is not only a professional holiday of workers of mass media. This – a holiday for all of us. Because it is difficult to imagine modern society without information, without the professional look at the facts and events of our lives.


State Duma

February 23rd, 2018
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I think you have such opportunities to create such a forum, create such a view strengthened by information from the science of all that she talks about today's globalization, the need and we humans create it on our own, the societal level. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Richard Blumenthal on most websites. Vladimir : On a personal note, I once again say agree with the wording of the question, and he was ready to do it, but I depend on the voters. And it is very difficult for the campaign, saying those phrases that I said this to you. I'll see 'round tables' in the State Duma monthly. Basically, I invite the youth, as they will for a long, long time then use this knowledge to the entire country. But, unfortunately, they respond better to some tough things. If I tell them that cancels all exams they rejoice, clap their hands.

And to learn more peace and disseminate knowledge – they do not particularly like. If we present one of the tougher critics of the current regime in Russia, they also respond better. I just try, as you say, to mitigate this, explain to them that any military action would not lead to good that we all suffer. No war and revolution, especially today, too, nothing good will. In this sense, if not it was the voters, then I could spend all my strength just to discuss and promote the ideas of which we are discussing today. But there will be no site. Here dependence. I have a site, because I – leader of opposition party.


Youth Parliament

October 17th, 2017
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One tool solution this problem should be the development of youth labor groups as construction, teaching and various other based on the principle of partial employment. And the experience of implementation of this direction in the field available. Should expand the range of youth, which is actively working, including not only students in schools, but also young professionals, people with disabilities and youth "at risk". There is the need to improve mechanisms for interaction between government and the youth community. If you are not convinced, visit Richard Blumenthal. One form of such interaction is to support and develop youth parliamentary movement. In our region, created The Youth Parliament of the Lipetsk region, as an advisory structure in the Lipetsk Oblast Council of Deputies, adopted by the situation and formed the youth parliamentary structures in each municipality formation of the Lipetsk region.

But how to assess how this structure to cope with the tasks? It needs to develop clear criteria for the effectiveness of youth parliaments at various levels, and these criteria to conduct annual monitoring of their activities. It is advisable to make the procedure of forming these structures by direct vote voter groups are gradually getting rid of the principles of delegation representatives of public organizations and municipalities. By the way, in similar ways to go Youth Parliament in Lipetsk, and the results showed the correctness of this approach. Currently, the national Education project in the category "Talented young people annually around 60 young citizens of Lipetsk region receive cash prizes from 30 to 60 thousand rubles.


Religion In Germany

October 5th, 2016
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Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution of Germany as one of the major human rights. According to the Basic Law, any religious minority may establish places of worship and community. In total the country has about 160 different faiths. All of them enjoy the same respect for the local population, however, religious holidays (breaking fast, Passover or Muslim holidays) are in Germany working days. In average about 31% of Germans – are atheists. Major religions, which have the largest number of adherents, are Christian (Protestant: Lutheran, Evangelical and Reformed) and Roman Catholic faith. Traditionally, residents north and east of Germany is often adhere to Protestantism, while the southern regions and the Rhineland – a Roman Catholic. Also in the state peacefully coexist Muslims (more than 3 million people.) Jehovah's Witnesses (164 thousand people.) And Representatives of the Jewish community (about 100 thousand people) As a rule, the Church in Germany is separated from the secular power, and its influence on politics is negligible. However, the government supports the faithful, collecting special voluntary tax on the needs of the clergy.


Crisis And Future Of Policy

November 13th, 2014
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When you talk about a crisis, one thinks immediately of an economic crisis, which relates primarily to the trade and industries, but a crisis goes beyond the monetary problems of a country. It is important to assess a crisis comes from the political system, given that the policy is the one that controls the relationship between society, trade and overseas. Most of the time, when society hears talk of an economic crisis, invades it the fear, especially because both politics and the media try to cover up the fact that this event is happening, this is the case, that we find today in television Televisa artists talking about the economic crisis and which should not to panic. As we can see commercial parties talking about the advances that have been made in Mexico and how it is that this country is going to improve, saying his famous phrase we are going well. The policy must strike a balance between omission and honesty of events happening in the country towards the society, given that it is not everything that happens, since this can unleash one even greater conflict, but nor should lying since the society is not silly and gives account when not told the truth, this ultimately leads to distrust of society towards the rulers and the disinterest towards the policycreating a feeling of apathy. Is why leaders must say events such as they are, but omitting that could trigger even greater problems. In addition to being able to analyze a little better than changes should apply in politics, we will take to Mexico as an example of the problems that have been tabled within the policy and its relationship with the crisis, we must assess that this last is of the utmost importance, since dictates the future policy, given that if the Governors fail to improve conditions, and as it has been mentioned previously, if they fail the trust of their society, the future of the policy looks at risk. .

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Machu Picchu

November 30th, 2013
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On one occasion in the Huayna Picchu, the highest summit of the ruins of Machu Picchu, someone intentionally pushed a Japanese tourist, killing him, a native of the place, who worked as a custodian for Copesco, a Peruvian government tourist office, made a comment on the death of the tourist Japanese: "They have disturbed the mountain, now she is angry." Those who heard him thought it was just a superstition, but actually from that day the weather changed radically, in the words of those who later observed, was "sad" with a persistent fog, and for over a month will not again sunrise. This was a reaction of nature?, Or a casual situation was not anything to do with having done damage to the Japanese tourists?; To a part of nature?, A part of the essence of the planet?. I wish it was just a coincidence, but not, if you hurt one part of the planet, provided that subverts the natural order, or transgresses his laws of nature, the planet responds, defends. (Source: Raymond Dalio). Every action of man, is nature's response, either a positive or negative, so every thought and feeling, have their response nature, without exception. When the Israelites after leaving Egypt, entered the Promised Land, which was the land of the Amorites, offered to Abraham 400 years earlier: "All this land you see I will give you and your posterity forever" (Gen 13-15), and not handed in that then why: "The fourth generation is when they get back here, because this is not yet filled the measure of the wickedness of the Amorites." Upon entering the promised land, after the Amorites during those 400 years had finished pollute their land, their wickedness, the Israelites were ordered to God, to decimate every living creature they found in the land of the Amorites, man and beast. .


Stalin Russia

February 28th, 2012
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We stand for it not be held responsible. " First, responsibility for the fact we do not accept. Secondly, nobody in Russia today, and this is not blamed. If the thinking in Russia is given due attention in terms of research, conservation, etc. etc., would have long since become clear that Stalin had a different nationality.

And every nation has its own mindset, therefore, looks at the problem and solutions will be others. (This was written by vv Putin, shortly before his meeting with N. . See "Letters unanswered," the letter 2). Enough to know the features of human thinking (the people) and any issue can be resolved without incident.

In this case, da Medvedev was enough to rely on the knowledge of types of thinking specifically Stalin and the Polish people, and would not have had so fearfully excuses. It was enough to merit an apology. And an apology would be accepted. Lack of a common fundamental thinking in Russia keep track of all country. And though it seems nonsense, but blows will bear right place, at a weak point. For example, the fundamental thinking of the U.S. aims to dominate over all types of thinking. Moderately aggressive. In 47% of aggression is spontaneous and not always on the merits. The main feature of this thinking is that he is not indifferent attitude towards it "repressed" types of thinking, until they make an attempt to ask for protection from the least powerful status thinking. After which the support of the "defectors" can no longer count on. Thinking itself the United States will maintain friendly relations, according to all rules of decency, but in the most difficult moment for the defector publicly turn his back and refuses to help. In this article I will only say one thing. Policies of the current American president have sufficiently solid basis of political moves, the strategy and the specifics of which will become obvious the world community since April 2011. In the meantime, Russia is experiencing and will fail. Want to or not, the responsibility for what happens rests with each person of the Russian state. Whatever was said, to fix it is not possible, until it has thought in Russia. Gonchar.


History: A Black Man For President

December 30th, 2011
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Consolidated results of the election, Barack Obama overwhelmingly won the presidency of the United States and made history by breaking down racial barriers in the world. Consolidated results of the election this November 4. Barack Obama wins by a majority vote abrumdra the presidency of the United States made history by breaking down racial barriers in the world. Barack Obama is the fulfillment of the dream of Martin Luther King, just 40 years after he delivered the historic speech that dreamed that one day blacks in the United States could have the same opportunities that are afforded to whites. Huseim Barack Obama makes history and pride of black people worldwide.

I know you should not say or "gringo" or "black" are two politically incorrect words. The visceral anti-Americanism one reveals, the other, racism. But the reality is more obstinate than political correctness, and the fact is that barack obama, the next president of the United States, is a gringo, and is a black. Or, if preferred, it is a black, and is a gringo. (Warning: The order of the factors changes the product).

Not to be black that obama will win the presidency (though a bit itself), nor in spite of being black (although a little too). But because of the candidates gringos is undoubtedly the best. Removed his Democratic rivals, and just fits in front until Election Day John McCain (plus two or three tiny minority, the untiring and arduous Ralph Nader, a green woman, a crazy libertarian).