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Cologne Summer

December 24th, 2015
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Finally back Cologne, June 21, 2012. Summer, subway, Sun and the sparkling seduction of fruity-fresh delicacies that provides mood among connoisseurs. Punctually at the beginning of the summer serves subway sandwiches all sun worshippers with the tropical Curry Chicken. For the unique culinary delights, tasty chicken breast marinated unite in Mexican seasoning with fruity tasty curry sauce and fresh pineapple. As always involved also the own favourite ingredients: crisp lettuce, ripened tomatoes, juicy pickles, spicy peppers and aromatic onions – individually and prepared fresh in front of the subway guests round the summer taste perfectly off. A real good luck message for all those who have been in 2009 tested tropical Curry Chicken and for tasty a gourmet palate won’t forget because unique summer enjoyment! For those, the tropical version of the sandwich has remained hitherto hidden, nothing else remains to be done as the next SUBWAY looking restaurant, a tropical to order Curry Chicken and enjoy the summer with every bite. The fruity fresh sandwich consumption of subway is from June 25, 2012, for about two months in all participating subway restaurants available so nothing how to to subway, before the summer is over and the tropical no longer have Curry Chicken… More information under: text and image material for downloading you will find under: subway Press Office c/o Jeschenko MedienAgentur Cologne GmbH Eugen-long Strasse 25 50968 Cologne Tel: 0221-3099-585 fax: 0221-3099-200 E-Mail:

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Windows Belmadur

December 9th, 2015
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Good for the skin, good for the window. Modified timber make durable wooden Windows. The innovative Belmadur process makes window native pine as weatherproof, as it could only tropical Woods. The process itself comes from the textile manufacturing and ensures be non-iron cotton shirts. The principle is based on the networking of the cellulose fibres in the wood. The treated pine is stiffer and harder. The basic food is removed from the fungi and micro-organisms.

The wood must also be impregnated. Only a protection against discolouration by blue stain fungi must be applied. Normal pine reaches about the persistence class 4. Belmadur -Kiefer, however, the persistence class reached 1-2 and teak and bangkirai is thus just as resistant as the tropical Woods. The best: Belmadur -Kiefer visually and with regard to the colour possibilities not differ from the traditional pine. The care effort decreases significantly, the threat posed by wood-damaging Eliminates micro-organisms and increase the life of wooden Windows. Builders or renovators who appreciate the advantages of wooden Windows that want to create a comfortable living environment, but shy away from time spent on maintenance, choose-Kiefer for Windows made of Belmadur from sustainable local forestry. The uncertainty, how it actually behaves with arrival or removal of tropical Woods, creates also a good conscience. The window and door Studio Wintro ( in Ulm offers Windows made of Belmadur -Kiefer and holds for samples and more information, in particular to the colour scheme, interested. Wintro advised the client or renovators and receives also the professional installation in addition to the millimetre measurements.

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