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Placa Catalunya

September 27th, 2013
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EP the Minister of Interior is made available from the mayors of populations where there are still camping. In the event that may be a risk to coincide with the Festival of Sant Joan. It says the peaceful departure of the outraged was performed excellently. The Minister of Interior, Felip Puig, has assured Monday that the occupation of Placa Catalunya has to end sooner or later, although there is no deadline. At a press conference to present the device of traffic for the weekend of Sant Joan, Puig explained that it has been available to all mayors of populations where there are still camping and believe that there may be a risk, especially taking into account the verbena on Thursday. If there is no risk we can not intervene, but it is clear that not can remain indefinitely, so I am available to councils, if they consider that there may be colliding with the verbena, said the Minister, which ensures that the Mayor of Barcelona has not made contact with e. l. Puig He also assured that the peaceful March of the outraged on Sunday overran all expectations, but was in excellent shape. I want to celebrate that he would lead by democratic mechanisms and peaceful that provides for the rule of law, underlined Puig, who has concluded that it made in a democratic way and regretted that it had not been so on other occasions. It has added that MOSS continue working to identify the people who reacted violently against the deputies the day 15 past, but has not provided new data. Source of the news: Puig reiterates that the occupation of plaza Catalunya must end “sooner or later”

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Isaac Newton

September 25th, 2013
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What do you think that you happened? In fact, ten thousand new has cardholders in a day and a loan to build a church. Simple? I rather I would say creative. To my something similar happened to me. The other day looking for some option to generate money extra at this time, decided to try one of those offerings to generate money by internet offering different products. As our page already generated some traffic, I decided to take advantage of it and incredibly, has already begun to generate revenue in dollars and I am currently studying some options offer it and generate revenue extras and who removes, maybe and exceeded my income by this way and not in the traditional way. Creativity has a lot to do with the relaxed States of the brain and the body. Therefore, its natural enemy is stress.

There is a very interesting study which shows how 97% of good ideas occur outside of work. To walk, bathe, sleep and many other activities which have as a common ingredient, be relaxed, mentally and physically. ANOTHER VERY GOOD REASON TO PRACTICE MEDITATION. Of course, creativity also has to do with the intention. Do you remember Isaac Newton and his famous story of the Apple? Do you think that it was the first human being who fell an Apple from a tree? Of course not, but he intended to solve a problem and your mind was working for him, attentive to any response.

And that tell of Archimedes and his famous expression EUREKA! Achieved by solving a problem very serious in a very creative way. From a neural point of view, creativity has to do with the use of the right hemisphere. Remember that this hemisphere is the one dedicated to creativity, intuition, art, etc. The right hemisphere manages much emotions while logic is the Forte of the left. Women use more its emotional part (right lobe) and men their logical part (left lobe). Why women can perform several tasks at the same time, while men focus more on a task in particular. A left-handed will be a more creative person (and they are highly sought after in advertising) and always It will be he who asks the question that is out of the ordinary in a class. A left-handed and an ambidextrous have a markedly different way face the problems and are a very valuable help in decision-making. What can we do then to increase our creativity? Three simple options that are available to everyone: 1. practice brain gym 2. Break schemes, even mentally, and although at the beginning does not take you to the practice. Remember that the brain cannot distinguish between reality and fiction and therefore will act as if you were actually implementing it. 3. Display quiet and new scenes. For example, a stroll through a forest that is located on a beautiful island in the Moon and in which a man and a woman from the future appear and follow displayed and inventing. But not forbid, you are activating your right hemisphere. 4. Practice meditation and relaxation every day (if I know that I said three, but this is so important that I had to put it). Until the next. If you want to read more articles by this author click on the name of the author.



September 18th, 2013
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Muller started this Friday mourning tied his best weapon and serene. It was almost impossible to Nadal to subtract your service. The difficulty of Nadal to find his niche removed, however, the best of this tennis player, who came to lift two balls set in the first partial. Before the powerful pull of his rival, who scored 17 aces, Nadal strategy was expected, resist, until this good. After one set serving brilliantly, Muller faltered in the mental aspect. He committed a total of 22 not forced errors. That was how Nadal took advantage of two failures of Luxembourgish in the tiebreaker to find ways to stay ahead with a first round in their favor. Resumed the match this Saturday in the second set, things began just as it was on Friday.

Muller sought to harm a great favorite with his serve, but Nadal skills elsewhere balanced the scale to the point that both crawled back to a tiebreaker. Represion in this life or death, returned to demonstrate again who was the larger of the two. By your patience, endurance, his ability to intimidate the opponent, by many things, but in reality, by small details bowed balance in favour of the Spanish: 7-6 (5). With two against and sleeves with Nadal on a roll, Muller sank completely in the third set. The pace of the match had changed.

Little by little, the Spanish had done with the meeting. The left-handed Manacor broke the serve of Muller in the first game and let him blank then. In only 31 minutes solved that last set (6-0). It was not a party too showy for the Viewer, with the exception of some uploaded to the network, but it allowed Nadal to continue quite fresh and rested in the box. Ferrer beats Beck the Spanish David Ferrer, seventh seeded in the tournament of Wimbledon, defeated Slovak Karol Beck in three sets (6-4, 6-3 and 6-3) and agreed to the second round of this Grand Slam for the third time in his career. After two hours and three minutes of mourning, Ferrer won a place in the fourth round against French Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, twelfth favorite and runner-up this year at Queen s, who has today removed the Chilean Fernando Gonzalez. Goodbye Nico Almagro the number fifteen in the world, the Spanish Nico Almagro, fell in the third round of the Wimbledon tournament before the Russian Mijail Youzhny, who beat him 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (3), 6-3 in two hours and 43 minutes to stand in the second round to Swiss Roger Federer. Almagro ripped with very good foot that appointment, but deshincho from the second set and lost his chance of accessing the knockout stages for the first time at Wimbledon. Source of the news: Rafa Nadal gets into second round after suffering before the serve of Muller

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Play Against Barcelona

September 7th, 2013
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Real Madrid technician has ensured that low back pain of Ramos has passed and that it will play in the Supercopa of Spain. In addition, he has dedicated praise to Karim Benzema. It has assured that the reduction of the sanction of the UEFA is a victory. Coach Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid coach, confirmed that Sergio Ramos is perfect to play the Supercopa of Spain against Barcelona and dedicated praise to French Karim Benzema, who with his offseason work has earned the ownership to the detriment of Gonzalo Higuain. Sergio Ramos is perfect. You are going to play, he said forcefully Mourinho, making it clear that low back pain that prevented the Andalusian dnsa play with the Spanish national team against Italy will not be an impediment to its alignment before Barca.

After being the top scorer of the preseason, Benzema, who in the previous campaign earned a public rebuke from his coach, received praise. Tomorrow is the owner because he has earned it. Play Benzema and Higuain do not, but then it may be upside down. I have a short template by mia option. With all the positive things that this has and some negative, but all are headlines, he said. In their answers to the questions that made him about many of the players in his squad, Mourinho spoke of Nuri Sahin, said that he did not injured the preseason and said that it will be recovered from his knee injury for the second day of League play. It is improving, the opposite of what some say maliciously who believe that you he injured. It is not true, stressed the Portuguese coach, and pointed out that Turkish midfielder injured herself in the United States during a pre-season tour. Shortly he will train with the team and will be for the second match of the championship if there is no strike (of players), he said.

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