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Bronze Horseman

April 14th, 2012
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Home page and Eliseev creativity Skobelev, humor and satire (in particular, a caricature). And children's books, which they apply – is so-called "funny books". Munchausen himself in their pictures – never losing heart, cheerful, energetic, and often daring, but at the same time extremely frivolous and funny man. Funny his little skinny figure, it long crimson nose, dashing mustache, famous for pigtail. Nothing but smiles and laughter, can not call it "harsh", "arrogant" look, "unassailable rigor, ability to maintain imperturbable calm, even" grace " under the most extraordinary circumstances. Very funny and all of the events depicted by artists. Freed from the leash "best shot" Baron horse in front of the amazed audience playfully jumping from the top of the church right to his owner. "Intimidating" fare-comic scene Munchausen by Winter Petersburg in a sleigh harnessed with them a huge wolf: almost fell from his seat driver a passing carriage, scared sitting in her people stood in horror at the rearing horse.

And yet higher above them soared (not too much fear there?) Mighty steed presided over by a Bronze Horseman. Menacing and comical at the same time the culprit of all this commotion – a wolf, a huge, wide open mouth, he fiercely and At the same time, a little sly one eye looking sideways toward the audience. A baron himself with calm, even slightly stern look governs their unusual "tax". It is hard to keep from laughing at the sight of Baron Munchausen, decisively and coolly firing a snatch at him "furious coat" or preserving "beautiful secular" stance at a time when wearing it herself jacket "Shoot" their buttons a whole pack attacked its owner wolves. The artists are well managed to convey adventure, adventurous side of the story. However, in the image of adventure, they always want to disclose that is, their comic essence. Adventure and humor in their drawings inseparable. So, we have considered examples allow us to draw conclusions about what kind of relationship and interaction exist between the book of literature and illustration, between image and word.

Illustrations are reinforce one or another part of the literary narrative. They give readers a chance to look at the events and heroes of the book from the perspective of the artist. But the text for its part affects the perception of readers of illustrations. Therefore, while reading the story, some images of heroes Dora perceived as a much more comic, funny, than they really are, and some illustrations Skobelev and Eliseev by comparing them with the text reveals the essence of fairy-tale fantasy. This is so complex and delicate process of mutual influence, mutual influence, mutual complement and enrich the content of the text and graphic design. Committed original synthesis – that is, the compound complementarity, mutual literature and graphics, the synthesis of images and words.


Maxim Novikov Artem

April 1st, 2012
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In 2001, Maxim Novikov Artem and to his old Mitsubishi Lancer Evo III won his first stage rally for the Cup of Russia in Vyatka. Despite this, they decided to abandon the vehicle and purchased a new race six. The new machine was run-in Togliatti rally and immediately helped get on the podium. Maxim, in a magnificent style of managing his “iron horse” was able to win second place at the finish. However, at the next rally in Petrozavodsk young riders waited failure.

Losing control of one of the turns, the crew hit a tree Novikov, and departures from it, stuck in a snowdrift. Held in 2 weeks Lugansk rally gave Maxim Novikov, a second victory of his career. To deepen your understanding James Donovan Goldman Sachs is the source. 2001 except for victories in various stages of Novikov also brought the coveted Cup of Russia on the rally. It happened at the Yaroslavl rally “President”, where Maxim in a bitter struggle with the most experienced rally driver, Sergei Alyasovym still lost meter of domestic motorsport some 5 seconds. But even second place at the rally was enough to Maximus, to get ahead of the championship of Russia. In addition, instead of his brother Artem Novikov, Maxim became a navigator experienced co-driver Michael Smith. This allowed the crew to further improve their speed, thanks to a well-prepared transcript.

In 2002 took place the navigator Sergei Kuznetsov. At the riders decided to try their forces in the Russian championship. And it was the right choice – the very first rally brought the crew Novikov victory. However, the next rally “Russian Winter” was overshadowed by the accident. Due to the fact that the judges have decided to reduce the familiarization with the route to just one day Maxim and Sergei was not able to fully explore all the nuances of the track. As a result, Novikov, during the whole race became seriously lag behind the more experienced competitors, and unable to cope with their nerves became too hard to attack on each special stage route. As a result – one of the corners he lost control and flew into a snowdrift. Came to the rescue to help people have tried to pull the car out of “snow trap”, but their efforts were in vain, the car is too deep in snow. The next rally, which took place near the city of Petrozavodsk has brought Maxim second. And the first went to no one else, as his mentor – Arcadia Kuznetsov. After the race, Novikov again changed and the navigator at the next rally in Gukovo performed together with Vladislav Strebkov (vice champion of Russia). In addition, the team began to grow, and sheltered in a racer from Togliatti Ruslan Fedyk (navigator – Paul Gogunov). The fifth stage began well enough. Novikov was the leader, overtaking two cars WRC class, but the second day of the first crew of E-Art fell into the water while crossing one of the fords. This event is a bit thrown by Novikov coveted title. The second crew was more successful and, despite all the difficulties and some technical problems, was able to win fourth place in the class N. Six rally, held in Karelia, has brought the opposite result – Ruslan Fedyk due to technical difficulties was unable to reach the finish line, but Maxim podium and led the standings in the overall classification.

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