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Brazilian Politics

December 31st, 2017
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The last one of the firmed agreements was in the year of 1976. more, in this context, ' ' aid externa' ' for the education it had for objective to supply to the lines of direction politics and techniques a reorientation of the Brazilian educational system, to the light of the necessities of international the capitalist development. The technician North American that had disembarked here of what not worried about the Brazilian education, was busy in guaranteeing the adequacy of such system of education to the designs of the international economy, over all to the interests of the great North American corporations. (SAINTS, 1981). Still in accordance with the author above the PABAEE looked for to make of the school agnciaformadora of the necessary human resources to the development of the country.

To fulfill this paper, the school would have to print greater rationality to its work, using for this subsidies of the economy and administrative sciences, beyond a psychological approach more I practise. The PABAEE initiates a process of overcoming of the escolanovista iderio, that marked the formation of the educators in the State and introduces the first actions aiming at to print tecnicista orientation to the work developed in the schools. Paiva (2008) detaches that the tecnicista orientation does not assume discontinuity of the field of the thought and the practical one in the primary school of years 1950, being able itself to admit that the PABAEE brought more modern metodolgicas proposals, more systemize in a set of action that had the system of education as objective. It is important to detach in 5692/71 LDB the inclusion, through the article 7, of the Moral Education and Civic, in the first degree and of it disciplines Social Organization and Brazilian Politics (OSPB) in as the degree. As You mark (2008) the creation of such you discipline if it must to the fact of Geography not collaborate for the accomplishment of the objectives politicians ideological of that moment, intended and ratified in the LBD of 1971.



December 31st, 2017
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Geopolitics of the Oil Summary: After the Industrial Revolution the oil started to print its marks and importance in the geographic space, and as primary fuel source it is of extreme importance for the petrochemical industries. In middle of 30 years this industry if became the biggest source of in production of products with substance cousin derived from the oil with diverse commercialized products already in the world that went since tires to the caladista industrial, diverse fuels, plastics. Words Key: Oil; Geopolitics; sea Cspio; Russia; China; Europe However the Geopolitics of the Oil if materialized through five phases in which the first one started in 1956 later that the president of Egypt in this year nationalized the Suez Canal of property of a company Anglian-Frenchman. The canal era/ an important ticket for exportation of products of the region for occidental countries, and this nationalization of the canal generated the interrompimento consequentemente of ticket of the exportation what it raised the price of the oil, the second phase if characterized when U.S.A. had given to support Israel, third it occurred when during the crisis politics in the Anger and the consequent deposition of X Pahlevi Prayer what it all disorganized the sector of production in the Anger, the fourth phase if gave when Gulf War in 1991, later that the Iraq governed for Saddam Hussein it invaded the neighboring country Kuwait, one of the producing greaters of oil of the world fifth and most recent one was in 2008 when the prices had gone up more than 100% between January and July, in virtue of speculative movements in global level, in elapsing of all this process specialists says that the demand for oil can grow 50% up to 2030, and this goes to happen in result of the growth of the indian and also of China, since countries of ocidente had still continued very fosseis fuel dependents, currently in the Middle East the existence of a great reserve of oil in the sea Cspio and this region was discovered who dispute route of it has carried the exploration from oil and gas to the Ocidente and too much regions it is Turkey and Russia, since the sea Cspio does not have exit for the open sea; a geopolitics of the oil in the world indicates that the dependence of the countries is increasing even so either doubtful to have suppliers as Russia, and in the Europe great part of the oil and consumed gas is of Russian origin, what it generates problems therefore the politics of the authoritarian government of Russia nationalized you vary company of the petroliferous sector, thus cancelling projects of companies multinationals and showed in some places that would not hesitate in closing gas-lines for reasons politicians, such situations generates a great nervousness concerning the dependence of the European countries with the oil Russian, thus resulting in uncertainties and great concerns in countries as Germany that almost all gas and consumed oil comes of Russia and for some European countries the only exit would be the exploration of the existing reserves in the sea Cspio, but in what geopolitics says respect the access to these reserves more is complicated of what of any the other existing one in the world, since the sea Cspio if points out in a region between countries as Azerbaidjo; Cazaquisto; Uzbequisto; Quirguisto; Turquemenisto; Gergia and finally the Romnia all former republics of the Soviet Union what it would make it difficult and entrance of any another country for the exploration of its reserves that as studies more than has reserves esteem in 110 billion barrels or the double, a reserve with this petroliferous platform is very coveted by companies of the sector as Exxon Mobil; Chevron; BP among others, and had been these companies whom they had more invested in this region of the Cspio and many of the governments of the countries above are being cortejados for countries of the entire world to open ways for exploration of the possible reserves, to put exists some countries giving palpite as it would leave the products removed of the sea Cspio Russia intervines in the way that can through its area of it influences, there China with its hunger of oil for its turbinada economy tries of all the forms to narrow the relations to these countries to be able to usufruct of this oil the Japan of its palpites and obvious U.S.A. .


European Royalty

December 31st, 2017
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It starts ISLAND Ward – Aland archipelago in the main. Today the Royal Route for the most part hidden asphalt, but something where you can see the ancient stones and milestones with a monogram of Queen Christina of Sweden. On the eastern tip of the island (and the King's Road) are its main historic sights – well-preserved castle Kastelholm Swedish and Russian fortress Bomarsund. Many military fortification built in the first half of XIX century by order of Nicholas I, was destroyed during the Crimean War in 1854, when the Court of England and France almost destroyed the western outpost of the Russian army. Now on the left Bomarsund Only ruins.

History Espoo – second biggest city in Finland – at least paradoxical. So at the end of the XVI century it was he, not Helsinki, could become a successful contender for the title of the capital of Finland – although at the time officially the city was not. Espoo has become so only in early 1972. And this despite the fact that the first settlements appeared on its territory shortly after the last glacial period, about nine thousand years ago! Stone hearths and tools that can be seen in the local museum, show a fairly high level of young people is infinitely old Espoo. Antique Porvoo (founded in 1346) has always been inextricably linked with Royal Mail expensive and famous for its developed – by the standards of XVI-XVIII centuries – infrastructure and communications. Perhaps it is for this reason that Alexander I, after the accession of Finland to Russia is called the Parliament (1809). Then Russian emperor confirmed the privileged position of citizens Duchy of Finland – its own constitution, religion and the rights of estates of the country. In Porvoo preserved the house where the Emperor stayed – in beginning of the XIX century it was the largest and most comfortable building.

One of the most unusual cities in Finland, Hamina, notable for strong device and in terms of an octagonal web. Since the tabs to this day is a city of war. It is believed that its architecture can be traced Russian influence, but, as you know, at the beginning of the XVIII century all Europe was keen on the ideas of building an ideal city. In Hamina the summer of 1783, in a building that is now City Museum is located, were personal – and therefore not included in the official biographies of rulers – the negotiation of Catherine II and the Swedish king Gustav III, devoted to the scheduled last war with Denmark. The meeting lasted three day, desired outcome has not brought the Swedes, but created a lot of stories and legends that can be heard in Hamina today.


Construction License

December 29th, 2017
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As a consequence, since the point Netherlands – Holland, it is important to check what type of activities allowed under the zoning plan. This also applies to firms located in private homes, rental properties or buildings in which this type of company was located previously. Because the municipalities in the Netherlands – Holland regularly make changes to zoning plans, it is important to consider the new plan. It is also recommended to monitor the expected changes, so both in terms of these zoning changes could affect the rights that everyone has under the current plan. On the basis of the Law on spatial planning (Wet op de ruimtelijke ordening; WRO), the release of a zoning plan can be granted if the business plan or building plan meets the future policy planning. If the building plan meets the zoning plan, or if granted privileges, the next step is requesting a obtaining the necessary permits. Permits in the Netherlands – Holland To legally conduct business or to start construction in the Netherlands – the Netherlands will require specific permissions. To expand the business or grow a business, such as in a private home, you must have permission of the municipal bodies.

Businessman who wants to sell drinks or food must have at least a license system catering. The following will be considered the most important and complex permits – building permit and environmental permits. Construction License To build extend or make a reconstruction of the premises is usually needed a building permit in the Netherlands – Holland. There are three types of construction: construction, requiring constant building permit; minor construction work, requiring a simplified version of a permanent building permit, free construction work not requiring a building permit or permission of the local government body (for example – regular maintenance). In many countries, a building permit issuing authority of the central government.


Czech Republic

December 28th, 2017
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In addition, beer mugs longer loses its freshness and preserves the natural taste. How to choose They are made from glass and metal, clay and wood. Which one is better – a question personal preference. The main thing is that the material from which made the circle, was natural, without chemical additives. And if we talk about folk traditions, the preferred beer in Russia poured into a wooden bowl, in the Czech Republic and Germany – in the ceramic, but in France – in a glass. A little about the form of As to the form circles, then experts say it's best if it is a little narrower at the top. Then drink more slowly loses flavor.

An interesting feature – ceramic mugs are often cap. It is also a tradition that is associated with the Law of Purity, published in 1516 by Duke Wilhelm IV of Bavaria. At the end of the XV century by this scourge of Europe began to hundreds of millions of flies pounded dysentery and other diseases. As a result, and there was a law imposing an obligation on people to comply with sanitation make beer mugs with lids. Souvenir ceramic mugs Most Beautiful souvenir beer circles – this is probably the ceramic. They are glazed and painted by hand. Made by these masters of love and their work, and in the process of drinking, these circles carry the positive energy that drinking beers are always fun. Universal Beer Mug gift today – it's not just a container for beer, it is also an original souvenir, so it can be a wonderful gift for the present connoisseur.

Considering that the love of beer typical of most different types of people regardless of gender, income levels and areas of interest, a beer mug – an almost universal gift that can be presented and the relative, and friend and colleague and boss, and loved or loved one. Exclusivity will add such a gift inscription to order – it could be any suggestions, or just initials bestows. This gift makes drinking beer in a real ritual. Whether it's a pleasant evening with friends, or watching a football match alone – personal beer mug will help create a comfortable environment for the most varied pastime, accompanied by the use of your favorite beer.

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Golden Rule Society

December 28th, 2017
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If you decide that you love and want to be with her, not enough that you say to yourself: "I get my ex girlfriend." Surely she will be waiting like nothing and you have to put a lot of you to start over. If you decide that you love and want to be with her, not enough that you say to yourself: "I get my ex girlfriend." Surely she will be waiting like nothing and you have to put a lot of you to start over. Then I'll give you a golden rule: Never underestimate a woman injured. At this point is not to see who is right or discover whether there was any offense. We are not in a court of law and the laws of logic do not serve to defend your case. If she says she is offended is because they feel, and you must be as flexible as possible to understand what this offense. For a woman's feelings are very important and you will do better if you look. In fact, women's offense is nothing more than an attitude of defending themselves feelings when the woman is offended, loving what is said is that there have been feelings through that you have not understood.

Is expected of you, first of all, you accept that you could not understand it and second you show available for her to explain what happened. You can not say: "I get my ex-girlfriend" if you're not willing to listen. For a woman is extremely important to be heard, you're aware of it and force yourself to understand it. And she thinks that if you're not interested then the relationship is meaningless. If you were to tell me things like, "is that women are very complicated" or "who understands" to justify not even trying to make an effort you are making a mistake. I will not say that it is easy but just try it mean that much to women. And remember one last thing, the most important is a balanced and reciprocal exchange. On the next page to learn some tricks. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to win back your ex quickly


Registry Office

December 27th, 2017
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– If you play a wedding just before the May holidays, the problem with the release on the honeymoon you have partially solved: in the country for ten days and so no one will not work. Thus, you will rest in his pleasure with her beloved man and the difficulties of the work will not. And when you come back tanned, rested and happy with the Cote d'Azur, you can safely begin to work, knowing that in a stock you still "unused" legal holiday. – Spring – flowering; a new life and finding hope. Spring – the perfect time to create another happy family.

"-" But there is, of course, negative points, as in other, anywhere. – The beginning of spring falls on the Great post. You can not get married, and even if some of your guests are Orthodox believers, it's ugly to put them at the table, knowing that they do not eat or drink, except skoromnoy food. – Usually March assortment of dresses in stores – the "poor" because last year's dress is already sold out, and a new collection has not yet delivered. Hear other arguments on the topic with Richard Blumenthal. – Again, please note that by May grow rapidly turn to file an application. In addition, you are unlikely to have their own way discretion to appoint a convenient time of registration: the choice at that time would not be great.

– Gradually, with the approach of summer, requiring services Registry Office to get more, so the crowds can not avoid that, of course, a little irritates both young and invited guests. – With the departure of winter and the anticipation of the Red slides must begin to increase prices slowly but inevitably, like a bridal salons, and in all areas of pre-wedding preparations (Increases the price per person banquet halls, hairdressers raise prices for its services, etc.). – The price of flowers will also present their own surprises. Will be high in the days before March 8 and the Red hill, and in May, slightly subsides, which is most likely due to the appearance of early domestic flowers, ie, "Is not imported (from Holland). Breathe the freshness of love, you – the couple of spring.


Petitions Committee

December 27th, 2017
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It is no longer news that a day like this give me a surprise that there is a committee established by the laws of a regional parliament, which … Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. is to have commissions up to 26 committees appointed. But this commission! is a bit special, yes! is special because it is dedicated to handle requests that people make the parliament of the region and say that based on the exercise of a right of individual or collective petition of the citizenry. The photo! not be missed, leaving eleven representatives smiling = "server? of citizens where no shortage of three skirts, two ties, a sweater, jacket, the shirtless, and three button jackets with shirt collar unbuttoned. As usual, nor our representatives meet the "progressive law" of what has been called "parity", ie that 40% or 60% depending on sex, not between members of the committee. Doing a bit of history, this committee during its first year of operation have been "forced" to these eleven representatives inter alia, to attend five meetings which have tried writing 70 ("each more important?), ie 14 points per meeting. But! Why tell you this?, As to justify the salaries look like our representatives agree that once the commission can be given in writing parliamentary channel to change any article of any law, that proposal is included in the agenda regional parliament and …

In its plenary session to show some profit this case example of "parliamentarism useful" and another one if repeating also the story of why this initiative has come to parliament, but then leave a voice to denounce the loss of time in repetition of that history by well known and there were other possible solutions and faster to solve the initial written … But that hardly matters, committees have been formed to collect, to justify the alleged dedication to the citizens and … I'm embarrassed to get fore few people have that region, for just over a year have come to treat 70 written in the Petitions Committee of the parliament that supposedly represents, but the problem is perhaps that people do not know how to write and have not received the level "C" that are required for … and why many have more than 15 years, or perhaps be as well to "pass" for those who can make their representatives, or perhaps are so worried about his future, the last thing they would do, is to feel the need to write for example the Petitions Committee of the regional parliament. But no, our representatives will cease to set up committees to collect and continue to charge the cost of our taxes. Anecdotally, one of the latest proposals that were made to the regional parliament before the end of the year and was supported by a group of citizens, many of our regional representatives of parliament rose from their seats for not listening to what they wanted to expose. "That is! that can be called parliamentary useful?.


Civil Code

December 26th, 2017
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Private buildings take-up inspection state architectural-building control on their location, which provides for a fee a certificate of conformity of these buildings the state building codes, standards and regulations. Fee for issuance of a certificate of 0.1 minimum wages. More info: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Also, based on inspection of the documents takes the decision to bring the developer to administrative responsibility for the construction of private buildings without a permit for the construction work and to impose a fine in the manner prescribed in Art. 97 of the Code of Administrative Offences, the maximum size is 170 UAH. Date issuance of the certificate is the date of adoption of the house in operation. Consequently, the issuance of a certificate of conformity will testify under private buildings state building codes, standards and rules, as well as taking it into operation. In addition, the certificate of conformity is the basis for contracts on the supply of building required for the operation of their resources – water, gas, heat, electricity, etc., the inclusion of this location in the state statistical reporting and registration of property rights.

Third stage. For the full harmonization with the requirements of Art. 376 of the Civil Code of Ukraine on appropriate recognition of property rights by the court, after making changes to the act of state, obtain a certificate of conformity and registration of ownership of the buildings in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, you sue for confirmation (recognition) of property rights. Information provided by the lawyer and the lawyer.

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October Revolution

December 16th, 2017
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So it turns out the apt definition of advertising announcement of TV-6 Russian television that "you can not engage in politics, policy would still take you. " And when you change one state to another formation (with a socialist to a market), and is changing the political life of the people. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ohio Senator. The result of this change is predetermined and himself state system with a particular political form of government at this time. So it was twice in 1917: February, and then followed it, the October Revolution. But, if in 1917 the transition from Tsarist to socialism took eight months (this time enough to prepare a new, more progressive at the time, the system), the destruction of the socialist system requires much more time. But here and there seen a single line: "Victorious infamous critic of the system, just elected to the practical work, he immediately showed insensibility with respect to the Motherland" (quoting Solzhenitsyn AI). In the meantime, life in Russia is becoming more and more ugly face of a "Polity", led by weak and fragmented government, torn by internal divisions, in which so easy to plunder the country and rob people, hiding behind the slogan search "Own way", the definition of a stable political form ("Our Home is Russia", "All Russia", "Fatherland", "Democracy", "Russian Regions", "Young Russia", etc. etc.). But, in my opinion, not be revived Russia, a strong, stable state, if there will be no national unity, based on strict observance of human rights, guided by the state justice and honesty in relation to each of its citizens as enshrined in Articles unequivocal Constitution, which should be an article about the unity of the nation living in Russia and the article defining the location of presidential power at no more than two four-year (in extreme cases – two five-year) time with the right of early ouster from power in case of approval of the issue on the results of nationwide referenduma.A themselves, then we are – what? Or – there is nothing in the mirror blame …

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