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Soviet Ambassador

October 26th, 2011
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The U.S. ambassador has angered Tbilisi and left the president Mikhail Saakashvili, had parted with the U.S. ambassador in Georgia is not without apparent regret. John Tefft held in this country about four years, always maintaining a protege Washington and its political environment. It is easy to understand, thus manifested concern for the protection and preservation of Western ideological interests, characteristic of American diplomats in the former Soviet space. Tefft awarded, noting his achievements in the development of Georgian democracy and the convergence of strategic interests of both countries. Receiving the Order, the diplomat could not help but note to self, that to prevent the war in August 2008, his country failed.

Tbilisi will soon be in the new U.S. ambassador, and, of course, many people want to believe that he is to objectively evaluate the validity of those claims that are made in Georgia to the authorities. Wadak can provide more clarity in the matter. Opposition groups by the news of the rotation and translation of John Tefft to another post without any regret. In recent months, the ambassador continued criticism aroused opposition parties who have not met with the White House nor sympathy for his problems, no real understanding of the reasons for inadmissibility to the community of style and methods of government of Saakashvili.

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Russia Nonprofit

October 25th, 2011
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After all, business, in this case, will not be one on one with authority, and with most of society to defend its interests, both economically and in social sphere. This model of close cooperation exists in many countries with a developed culture of democracy, social and economic spheres. Civil society, where art thou? Now let’s see what we mean by society and how it interact with business and government. Go to Michele Mansilla for more information. This stereotype, today, the notion of “interaction of government and society” are increasingly coming from the lips of those in power. However, where the basics? Who connects the bridges in this interaction? The initial interaction should take place through civil society institutions, such as nonprofit organizations. Perhaps this is the most effective and accepted way of dialogue.

Nonprofit organizations – formal structure, the staff consisting of professionals with wide experience in various fields. Staff, as well as the organization itself does not pose his ultimate goal of making a profit or gain. Such organizations are also called social organizations. Their number in Russia amounts to 500 thousand, if we take the average number of employees of one organization to 5 people, we get 2.5 million people working in the nonprofit sector in Russia. And these organizations are scattered throughout the country, in fact, having no problems, they often find holes in the fabric of their region and try to patch up. Can this condition in the nonprofit sector to be attractive to businesses considering how to support non-profit organizations on behalf of the community?

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Development Corporation

October 24th, 2011
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The State called them bandits others – insurgents. Only the end of the 40s. finally managed to stabilize the situation. So there is nothing new under the sun. About the idea of the investment corporation for the South of Russia.

There is also a certain experience has been gained. There is also successfully functioning of the NGO “Investment Development Corporation of the Penza region.” In Yakutia, created in the form of an investment corporation for the development of the country. A new project in Kamala is the creation of the corporation, that would work in the South of Russia in general, not only in the republics of the UK. I see here is the rationale: such an approach would substantially reduce the intensity of ethnic passions in the South of Russia, to use entrepreneurial energy and acumen throughout superregionu. Still, the territory of Southern federal district – a huge human resources, when compared with other federal districts, plus a favorable geo-economic and geopolitical position, as well as natural resources. But “Salt” project is “technically” bypass bureaucratic and slingshots to accelerate the process of making investment decisions. Probably, Kamal tells us more about that. EH: I think it makes sense tezisno to repeat it.

It’s better to make a kind inventory of problems and then start looking for clues to their solution. MK: Let’s do a comparative analysis. On its territory to the SFD is larger than any country in Western Europe, and the population density inferior to most countries across Europe. On economic indicators, some countries in Europe and Asia with the same number of population and smaller area show rapid growth and have huge economic indicators that are comparable to figures of the Russian Federation. But the indicators of economic development SFD worsen, mainly the North Caucasus republics. The situation in the south Russia is complicated due to natural population growth, lack of employment opportunities for people in the North Caucasus republics. The figures are well known. Federal Center is making great efforts to changing situation in the region. There were a lot of federal programs and national development of these territories, but not the desired effect is obtained, the funds for these programs, gradually “melt” is not showing concrete results. This explains the need for a national investment corporation “Area Development SFD”. Such a corporation organized and the subjects of the SFD by the Russian government could have branches in 46 districts of conventional defined the corporation and ensure the development of these conditioned areas. Branches of the corporation could take equity participation in the development of new companies with local entrepreneurs of the conditional area to assist in solving problems and ensure the preservation of invested funds to complete exit from the corporation to the company. At the initial stage of development corporation could assist in organizing and supporting companies for the production of import-substituting products. This will create the necessary conditions and the company will be able to improve production and Prepare for the foreign market. The main and essential condition for the establishment of the investment corporation is a corporation is not subject to the heads of subjects of the SFD-officials, all financial transactions made with the consent of corporate management and the projects financed by its own program. This takes into account the local conditions of the area on a return basis, and the heads of corporations are accountable only to Government of the Russian Federation.

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The War Is Over, Time To Build !

October 18th, 2011
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Sergey Bagapsh: "Russia was and remains our strategic partner …" The other day the President of the Republic of Abkhazia Sergei Bagapsh met with the leadership of the newspaper "North Caucasus". The meeting was held on meaningful conversation situation in the country and its development prospects: – Sergey, for four years you have guided Abkhazia. Positive processes in the country, see what is called the naked eye. What of the progress over the years do you consider most important for the country? – Home – this is certainly something that has come true age-old dream of our people – an independent Abkhazian state received international recognition. August 26, 2008 – the day recognition of independence of Abkhazia, was one of the most important days in modern history of our country. An important event for the people of Abkhazia was also a bloodless liberation of the Georgian armed force the upper Kodori Gorge.

Restored country's territorial integrity. Entering into Abkhazia at the request of the republic's leadership, the Russian troops secured the necessary security conditions. Russian and Abkhazian border co-guarding our borders. The danger of renewed war against Abkhazia, has significantly decreased. We were able to move towards work. We need to lift the economy, develop the social sphere. There have been positive developments in the economy. We managed to stay in power for our team to increase the state budget by 4 times, significantly increased the wages of public sector employees, increased pensions for all categories of pensioners. The government of the republic was to pay benefits families of those killed in Abkhazia volunteers.

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Heating Oil

October 14th, 2011
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Fuel oil is a fuel in liquid form. It is made from heavy flammable parts of the petroleum, Schiffer oil, coal or Braunkohlenteerolen. Heating oil has a very high calorific value of 10 kWh / l. Then, against for example, has only one LNG Heizwet of 6.8 kWh / l and even haul only 4.1 kWh / kg. Fuel oil is a commodity and energy is the second of Raffinierieerzeugnisse.

Fuel oil, a distinction for the viscosity in the following grades: EL = extra light liquids (especially suitable for small, mobile heating, L =, M = mittelflussig, S = heavy liquid (often used by large consumers, such as in power plants). The erxtra liquid version is mixed from gas oil fractions of petroleum distillation and provided with additives. The heavy liquid version is usually made from waste products of oil distillation The versions easily and mittelflussig are products of brown and Steinkohlenschwelung. Fuel oil is usually stored in szieziellen tanks, they can unteirdisch or be located above ground. The heating oil prices are subject to constant fluctuation, it is always calculated in current prices. On daily price take as well as short-term and long-term factors influence. CURRENT factors may be, for example Impending loss of production due to weather influences, such as hurricanes or tidal waves, his fear of terrorist attacks or high global demand. Long-term factors such as finite resources and influence of OPEC (English Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, in German: Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries). Always used to say that would be best if you always summer, fuel oil purchases, because it is cheaper there. But if you think about what factors influence on this, one should rather observe the daily price and then strike when he is cheap.


Turkish Fittings

October 13th, 2011
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Manufacturers of furniture offers a wide selection of loops, designed to fold different weight: 50 kg, 80 kg, 100 kg, 130 kg, etc. In addition to standard parts, accessories window into modern designs can contain minor who invented to extend the terms of the functionality of window systems. Here are just some of the them. Rotation limiter. objective of this element – a reliable fixation sash in the extreme open position. Stability in any open position in the sector from 65 to 150 degrees wing attaches special brake.

Latch. This element will prevent the plowing fitting windows or doors slamming gust of wind. Blocking rotation. Fold equipped with this device, can only lean, self-plowing impossible. Blocking rotation is recommended for preventing children's access to his open window. Laths and caps.

These items can be worn on all exposed elements of hardware for windows, giving clearance windows stylistic individuality. These items are available in rich colors. Folding scissors, or a lifter. This hardware box is necessary to prevent sagging folds over time. Option according to the direction of opening by turning the handle. Folding scissors set in the bottom of the sash. This allows the device to operate in the position as the rotation and tilt thus the duration of the term of the hardware many times increases. Slit ventilator. Expands the range of features swing-out fittings, ensuring the possibility besskvoznyakovogo ventilation during long time. Possible to use the details to allow the window to seal failure due to squeezing by 1,5-2 mm in the upper part of leaf, which makes more efficient natural ventilation in the room. Children's Castle, or stick with the key. Prevents the access of children to the window. Allows you to tilt the screen, limiting the opportunities open them in turn. Elements which were completed window fittings of plastic and wooden, almost no different, except maybe the hinges used in designs. The difference here is primarily due to the fact that the ways of fastening loops to wood and pvc are different. Window fittings for plastic and wooden windows are made of standard steel. To prevent corrosion on steel surfaces cause the protective zinc coating, and then chrome plated products. Accessories for aluminum windows are made from aluminum alloys. And accessories in aluminum windows installed in a different way than in the windows of pvc or wood. If the plastic and wooden windows impose its top and fastened with screws, then in the windows of aluminum profile Accessories rarely screwed, and moves into a groove, where it is fixed using a clamping pins. However, in most modern pvc windows and in the presence of fitting groove to the details of fittings (pull) were approximately the same level with the profile. In our market accessories for windows is presented in a wide range. The manufacturer offers accessories are the organizations from Western and Eastern European States South-East Asia. Not so long ago, we enjoyed the most popular high-quality window fittings from the German and Austrian companies, manufacturers, however, in recent years, more and more Prevalence gets inexpensive, but does not have high quality characteristics of Turkish and Chinese furniture.



October 13th, 2011
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These cases are: 1. In publications, television and video recordings of educational We may use published picture. 2. Photo may be reproduced in a review of current events on television. 3.

Photo placed in a newspaper or magazine may be reproduced Library or repository upon request of individuals or research purposes. 4. Educational institution for classroom teaching can reproduce photographs included in the book or periodical. In all other cases the use of photos is allowed only with the consent of the photographer and payment of interest. The term of copyright The copyright for the photo appears with the inception of photography and is valid for author's lifetime and 50 years after his death. However, the previous legislation establishes a shorter term of protection. Therefore, pictures of authors who died in 1968 or earlier are no longer protected. Photos foreign authors, first published abroad, are not protected at all times.

They receive protection only on the basis of international treaties of Russia (and former USSR). photos created in the performance of their task if Photographer located in labor relations with any organization, employer, and creates a picture in the performance of official duties, then such a picture is called "service" and falls into a special legal regime (Article 14 of the Act). Individual rights photographer on a photo of a fully reserved by the author, but all property rights (the right to use) are passed to the employer, and wholly and for the duration of Copyright. In this case, the employer is not obliged to pay the photographer to any additional compensation (except for wages). Of course, the "office" are only those images that are created by the service assignment. If an organization has established "rules mining, then all photographs made in excess of these standards are not considered official. However, the law allows for the conclusion between the photographer and the employer, the special contract The maintenance of the photographer of the copyright on official photographs. The contents of this treaty law is not regulated, but it can be easily imagined. Such an agreement may include, for example, that on neposhedshie official photos of all copyrights are reserved by the photographer, the photographer gets the right to use the official photos a few years after their first publication, or that he receive certain compensation for any use of official photographs. Similar conditions can be set not in the individual contract with the photographer, and in the collective agreement in the charter or the organization's instructions. But if no such agreement, the photographer can not be used without the consent of their official pictures and get paid for their reward.


Migracon In Mexico

October 7th, 2011
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Overview Mexico Migration Migration can be defined as the transfer of population from one place of origin or departure to another receptor called or destination. Such movements are much in countries like Mexico. There are two types of migration, internal and external. Internal migration is one in which people change their organization, but always within the same country. In the outer, migrants traveling abroad. Mexico suffers from both types of migration. Often low-income people seeking to seek better fortune in other places where the dream seems a little closer to reality, either coming or not the country.

Since 1940, Mexico began to become more industrialized. It makes for being a country where rural populations predominated, change to a country where those urban populations prevail. When this process began, more than 70% of the population lived on small towns, less than 15 000 inhabitants. Mexico City had only 10% of the population of the country and followed the fourteen largest cities retained the same amount of people. Suddenly, in the 40s, Mexico City grew to 3 million inhabitants, although Guadalajara and Monterrey did not exceed half a million. These three cities have demonstrated high growth in its population. The country has a large urban structure, many cities are colloquial and Pachuca, Zacatecas, Queretaro and Oaxaca were displaced by cities with large industrial infrastructure (and most border) and Mexicali, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo. In 1950 the population of Mexico City and was equivalent to that of the 19 cities that followed him in size.