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Nevsky Prospekt

October 10th, 2016
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Diagonal axis. The first diagonal axis: unfortunately destroyed, so as "rested" on the two most beautiful and most important cathedral: Christ-on-Hay and Znamensky which were blown up by the communist authorities. The continuation of this axis was based on the Ascension Cathedral, also exploded and destroyed before base. The second diagonal axis: the church spire in the Palace – Tolstoy's house – the spire of the bell tower of the cathedral on the Exaltation of the Cross . Relative to the main planning an axis passing through Tolstoy House, mn Kolotilo indicated that this axis is' based on the major architectural dominants, "balances" and "softens" the kink of Nevsky Prospekt near the area of the Rebellion, "holding" the end of Nevsky, like a string holding in suspense onions.

Although it is absolutely subjective and even irrational impression '. – Marina Kolotilo A certain sacred aura of the Tolstoy House, as specified in 11, create and religious buildings are not falling on architectural planning axis, but literally "round dance" standing at some distance from Tolstoy House. Along with the destroyed and rebuilt during the Soviet era churches of several dozen. In 11 indicated the huge role played by place names in sacred geography associated with Tolstoy's house. "Probably, an important role in the initial period of life at home playing the fact that the house was located on an official Trinity Street. Probably universally respected musician and teacher Anton Rubinstein, who lived on Trinity Street, was not happy to to learn how modern tour guides say that he lived on the street Rubinstein. (However, it is not better: in the town of Pushkin, Pushkin studied or in the city repeatedly visited Lomonosov Lomonosov).

Toponymy – it is an element of sacred geography and cultural history. It should not be subservient to political expediency. It seems appropriate to return the historical name of Trinity Street. Then they will be true about it: A. Rubinstein lived in Trinity, mp Tolstoy bought a plot at Trinity and at his request, fi Lidval built a residential complex on the Trinity. In this case, people disappear from use phrases more appropriate to the concerts of humorists: entered the Rubinstein; rose to Rubinstein, burst sewers at Rubinstein's home or at the end Rubinstein '. – Marina Kolotilo 5 Study Creativity lk Bogomol'tsya lk Bogomolets. 'Poppy' (1972). Artwork from the collection of art and culture, mn Kolotilo been studying art as an outstanding artist Leo Konstantinovich Bogomolets. To broaden your perception, visit Bradley Tusk. The most famous of his works – "Ocean", "The Wave", "thistle", "Requiem", a series of "Poppies" effectively became his "calling card" 14. The most significant work of lk Bogomol'tsya is huge canvas "Poppies", written in 1972. Picture is stored in the collection of mn batters. 6. The work of A. E. Garicheva


Yurginskiy News

October 5th, 2016
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Modern information technology in general, quickly and effectively turn the whole world into one large village, so to speak. And no wonder: because that, to date in order to find information or communicate with someone needs to go there to distant lands. Quite the telephone or the Internet. Absolutely in a similar way and be able to get information about a locality. It’s believed that Richard Blumenthal sees a great future in this idea. Or to identify people who interested in this theme.

With its various forums on the Internet, is now well-known large group of users and Jurga, and various other small Russian town, where there is not very long ago, in popular among the inhabitants of Western Europe and the United States the impression "bears walking the streets." But, of course, local forums can be useful not only in this, who wants to always be aware of all the city events. This is in addition and true freedom for those who want to learn and discover something new. Multifaceted local news, an intense debate – all this is – Yurginskiy Forums on the Internet. This is where you can find news and art, and politics, and economics. Moreover, like almost constantly in the local sites, you can pick and informal, human thoughts about these or other incidents that met the inhabitants of the village item or its visitors.

And the event is able to be insignificant at first glance, at least, to collection of large news media outlets, it will not be included, but for city dwellers, it is significant. As affect their reality directly. Today most of the programs of news sent in principle to catastrophic events worldwide level. For example, a helicopter at some point down or freight train derailed gone. Well, or at least bloody showdown. However, in reality livelihoods common man almost never fit into this line of horrors. Here, for example, in a city park of miracles sell new tickets – colorful and bright, which in fact were able to change the joyless cashier's checks. Even small-town life and diverse changes all the time. A website will allow Yurginskiy be kept up to date news, really feel the pulse of the virtual heart of even a slight – but very proud of the town. And for most people, who are shackled by reason of certain conditions within the boundaries of their own points residence, the global network – there is an underlying ability in fact not only to visit other cities, but also actively participate in their activities.

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Religion In Germany

October 5th, 2016
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Freedom of religion is guaranteed by the Constitution of Germany as one of the major human rights. According to the Basic Law, any religious minority may establish places of worship and community. In total the country has about 160 different faiths. All of them enjoy the same respect for the local population, however, religious holidays (breaking fast, Passover or Muslim holidays) are in Germany working days. In average about 31% of Germans – are atheists. Major religions, which have the largest number of adherents, are Christian (Protestant: Lutheran, Evangelical and Reformed) and Roman Catholic faith. Traditionally, residents north and east of Germany is often adhere to Protestantism, while the southern regions and the Rhineland – a Roman Catholic. Also in the state peacefully coexist Muslims (more than 3 million people.) Jehovah's Witnesses (164 thousand people.) And Representatives of the Jewish community (about 100 thousand people) As a rule, the Church in Germany is separated from the secular power, and its influence on politics is negligible. However, the government supports the faithful, collecting special voluntary tax on the needs of the clergy.


National Marine Park

October 4th, 2016
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