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Ghazi Jabali

October 24th, 2013
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30. As did the Wye fiasco?: in September, 1998, just before the election of the Congress, President Clinton (who at that time It was involved in accusations) consult the Prime Minister Israel Binyamin Netanyahu meet next to the Palestinians a Summit of three parts in Wye River, Maryland. Clinton knew that a successful Summit in Wye before congressional elections, would be good not only for its image, but it also would big political benefits for Democrats in their vote to regain control of Congress. As an inducement to Netanyahu, Clinton promised release Jonathan Pollard during the context of the Summit. Understanding the value of Jonathan Pollard for his own re-election campaign, and a sweetener to need to sell this agreement of peace to Israelis, Netanyahu I ignore you pleas them as Newt Gingrich Republican friends and I agree to participate in the Summit.

(Gingrich then you devolveria Netanyahu leading the charge of slander and lies against Jonathan Pollard.) 31. Once the Wye Summit took place, Clinton forgot his promise of freeing Jonathan Pollard and was little that Netanyahu could do. 32. The Wye talks collapsed on the release of Palestinian murderers with blood Jewish in his hands and asked Israel to extradite Ghazi Jabali, the Chief of police of Police in Gaza who was wanted for his role in planning and executing terrorist attacks in Israel. 33. To break the stalemate, the Palestinians suggested Jonathan Pollard as the solution. They proposed that Pollard be sold to Netanyahu once more: the United States entregarian to Jonathan to Israel to change that Israel release hundreds of Palestinian terrorists and immunity to Ghazi Jabali.

34. The United States and Israel accepted the Palestinian plan of exchanging Pollard for terrorists and murderers. President Clinton personally work on the details of a settlement at a private meeting of last minute with israeli and the Palestinian representative.


Headman Festival

October 9th, 2013
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More information: official website of the festival. Share car to go to Arenal Sound! Festival Euroyeye the lifestyle of 1960s return from Thursday and until August 7 day Gijon. The sample account not only with musical performances (touched the British Nasser Bouzzidda, Juli and The Higher State, the American Maxime Brown, The Peper Pots and The Faithkeepers Spaniards and Germans King khan & The Shrines). In addition there will be fashion shows and flea market, rides motorcycles, scooters and Lambretta and projection of feature films. Productions that can be seen are The party s over, starring Oliver Reed and Loiuse Sorelmbra, Banda aparte, in French Jean Luc Godard and Aoom, Gonzalo Suarez Spanish.

Entries for every day cost 20 euros. More information: official website of the festival. Busker Festival the Busker Festival s s celebrates this year its seventh edition. It is a Festival of street, which takes place in twelve corners of the Barcelona neighbourhood of Barceloneta. It is organized by an NGO, the Yellow House, and one of its objectives is to show the cultural diversity of Barcelona through the music. As in the street performances, groups do not charge for entry, but the hat is passed so that the audience can decide how much money give to artists depending on their possibilities and their musical tastes. The festival runs until Sunday and will host the performance of two groups that will be alternating from 19.00 to 23.00 daily hours. In addition, in the square of the sea will be held a special show of the Group invited from 23.00 hours until midnight.

These last include bands such as Dinatatak, Buritaca, Funkallisto, Skarallaos and Baciamolemani, which are collaborating on the last disc of the sticker, which is sponsoring the event. More information: official website of the festival. Aquasella. between 5 and 6 August, and leveraging the massive celebration of the descent of the River Sella, Arriondas offers this festival dominated by electronics. The highlights of this edition will be 2Many Dj, Logo, Headman, Groove Armada, Mathias Kaden, Dj Hell or Darkrow. The celebration will continue all the night and until well into the morning. At 8.00 in the morning, for example, plays Oscar Mulero and will have to wait until 8: 30 to see artists like The Zombie Kids. The fertilizer for the two days of festival costs 150 euros. More information: official website. Share car to go to the Aquasella! You don’t have to go to these festivals? Car share. Source of the news: Arenal Sound, Euroyeye, Aquasella, Buskers big weekend festivals

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October 3rd, 2013
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Another afternoon in which the master was resting his feet on a jar with salt water and Sergei was preparing to give a massage with balsam, the Siberian Hare said to him: the truth, teacher, and without wanting to get into this bustle that you bring in the evenings, on the other side of the River, is that it would be better that you compartierais with the community so that they enslaved in this way. Because look how you bring your feet and how you have hands! In addition, you’re slimming the two worrying way. Ay Sergei, Sergei. According to the Saints books of the West, all misfortune ensued to men when they claimed to know the secrets of the sky without being properly prepared. And who were responsible for that were not prepared and, what is worse, that they knew that there were other dimensions that could make them happier? Therefore the gods! Do not trust appearances, young Sergei. Apart from that it’s literary genres so that we can understand it, the men had, in its origin, everything you need to be happy if they lived according to his nature. Then, why not could they eating of that tree of wisdom which would make them as gods? That was cheating. It had everything, but his huge mistake was not recognizing it.

They believed that they could be as gods when they were already so, Sergei, I were! And now? We can not be, Sergei. It’s fall in the account by detaching us from so many scabs that they obscure our mind. Watch the bamboos that we have planted a few years ago. Do you see them? Yes, master. No two are alike, some are taller than others, some more weak, other greener, some carry water and others are dry, some are inclined to step of the wind and others resist because they believe older. And they are all bamboos, Sergei!