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Montserrat Caballe

February 9th, 2011
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But she is:) probably expected next fall. Q: Do you often perform live, they give you emotionally? A: Energy Hall – A great thing. General audience and performer – communicating vessels, if the audience is set up friendly, the mood of the room immediately transferred and lights so that I want to give all-all-all. If you do not feel the hall, or emotional mood of the audience is not the one it immediately creates a feeling of complete vacuum, as if you sing under water somewhere in solitude. Q: Your vocals and music – have you ever studied it professionally? A: Nope. Q: At what instrument do you play besides guitar, or would like to teach? A: More on anything I do not play. Very much like to learn to play the violin.

Q: How fast do you work? A: The music – I write quickly, and texts – do not. Sometimes I write a piece of song and postpone for six months and then come back and finishing. Q: Do you dream of your future songs, music? A: Yes, stories and music, sometimes – a line of text. Q: Were there any lessons that in addition to music, and games that have influenced what you are you? A: Well, probably, yes. All my life somehow affects the way that I – that's me. Experience, the son of hard errors, and all that. People, books, business. Q: What do you think you've found your career and would still like to realize their talents in other areas? A: I I think that people should be fully developed.

Now, for example, I was fascinated by painting. But in general, of course, music – this is important. Q: Had a chance to sing with any celebrity, who would you choose? A: Of course, Montserrat Caballe! She's so cool! Q: What if invited to visit any place in any period of history, what would you choose? A: Age of Discovery, and some of the most famous maritime expeditions. Q: Well, quite so fabulous 🙂 Would you feel helpless, being a desert island? A: Nope. There is only one place where I feel helpless – it is government agencies such as housing department. Q: Who do you sign? A: Gemini, birthday May 31. A year on, I Cat or rabbit. Q: What is annoying to people? A: Aggression, liberty, depression, jealousy, and punctuality. Q: Your most effective way to get rid of the blues? A: Revise anything from . Q: What is the antidote star disease hast thou? When your fame, it helps to be herself? A: Somehow I have not thought of. Stellar's disease – a patient lot of pride, but I generally involve other landmarks in his life.