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Brazilian Constitution

January 13th, 2018
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For this, the proposal was to substitute the manicomial model for the creation of an ample net of services of psicossocial attention to the familiar users and who of some form suffer with the problem. The project of Law of the member of the house of representatives Thin Pablo served of impulse for the social movements for people with mental upheavals they obtain the approval of the first Laws that determine the gradual substitution of the psychiatric stream beds for a net of Attention the mental health. From this project many experiences of transformation are reviewed or initiates, and the public politics in mental health start to be of the knowledge of considerable members of the Brazilian society or to be part of its concerns. (AMARANTE, 1995, P.90). Between 1989 and 1990 it was reorganized the activities of attention to the health but in the period of 1992 the 1995 it is only that we had significant changes in the politics of health in Brazil, also mental health, in this period it also had reduction in the number stream beds in psychiatric hospitals and the increase of the number of professionals acting in mental health of social assistants. The redefinition of the net of services of psicossocial attention also (CAPS), and nuclei of psicossocial attention (NAPS), had served as alternative substitution of based psychiatric assistance in the internment for the opened services, substituting the farmacolgicos treatments for social integration, as he is ocaso of the occupational therapy, and the work with the families. In this picture, two projects coexist in tension: the project of sanitary reform, constructed in the decade of 1980 and enrolled one in the Brazilian Constitution of 1988, and the project of health articulated to the market or privatista, hegemonic in the second half of the decade of 1990 (BRAVE, 1999). Without a doubt the mental health improved sufficiently, more enough it is not necessary to create others politics of viabilizao of the service of mental health, many patients does not obtain to arrive at the units of treatment due to strategies for the shelter of the same ones. .



October 22nd, 2012
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Giving to origin thus the proletarian classroom of the manufacter one, having in its formation the former craftsman, as well as you number people without work. Another one thus, as for the work conditions, these were precarious, with low wages, extreme hours of working, exploration of children with age between 06 and 10 years, the women developing not compatible activities with its especificidade, unhealthy work. The most faithful translation of the expression ' ' CAPITALISM SELVAGEM' '. However, the reaction lode of operating form where the workers had launched fights for improvements, organizing itself in is of corporative and thus transforming into manufacter labor unions. Being thus, in century XVIII, recreativas societies intervined next to the parliament through crafts, in favor of the proletariat in the attempt to hinder that it had reduction and wages or to demand its rise when necessary they had been called of Combinations.

Being that when this occurred the reached capitalists they complained next to the parliament and readily they were taken care of in its claims, what in the end of the century already forty prohibitive laws in vigor exist more than. The purpose of this law was to outlaw place the laboring organizations, being disabled workers to demand for its rights, while the employers had full freedom to combine against any movement of its employees. However to contest against all this repression alone they had two exits. Being the first one with the use of the violence against the masters and to another age to provoke the reform politics of the state, salient that both had been attemped but without much success. The first one was celebrates with the called movement Luditas or breakers of machines and to another one saw were led by Jonh Wilkes, that with its manifestos dared to interrupt and to attack says of the King George to it III, the Wilkitas had demanded among others for mandates parliamentary shorter among others.