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Regional Council for Gender Violence

March 8th, 2012
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He has been appointed Chairman of the Regional Council for Gender Violence, by Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Community of Madrid, and becomes one to ask if the teacher Neira is ready or is best suited to preside over the 'Regional Council' or, if on the contrary, we are not another case of alleged political opportunism Esperanza Aguirre. "The days pass, the months are coming, and my black tears and mourn so much, I recommend that I leave my house and leave my two young children of the soul still – alone. My husband beats me everyday . … it seems that the habit and the desire to abuse by mistreating and the desire for superiority, brute force, of which I have faith that the …-, and am threatened with death "and prayed a letter I received from a good friend of my youth, studies courses together.

Her name is Star: delicate, beautiful, intelligent and suffering where is … He is living history, now and not before, their history of fear of women to men, and his heart into the darkness, bleeding, pain at the lack of protection that is … many stars in the sky, how many 'Stars' are being battered today … Too many would say one. Both people-the father of Mari Luz (sadly killed in 2008) and Mr. Neira – were, in principle, reasonably well in defending positions: the apparent murder of a less-than be in heaven, "and the alleged gender violence exerted by Ramon Antonio Puerta in the person of his girlfriend.