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Motivation Russians

January 13th, 2018
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Improving the feeling collective, the individual attains the status of the leader, and then his actions are transformed into standards and patterns of behavior to other members. Such a person becomes a "trendsetter", of course, as long as the feeling the team he will not change. Motivation Russians built on emotional formula "in the name of …", the motivation of the individual as the western – in goal-setting and rational calculation. Amazon contributes greatly to this topic. Principles of interaction between the West and in Russia are different: for West – "be different, but follow the rules established by the unequivocal", and for Russia – "be like everyone else and follow the leader." We emphasize once again unlike Maslow concepts and Orthodoxy: according to Maslow, a gradual meet all the needs of self-preservation can come to self-actualization, and if a violation was one of the requirements for self-actualization that is not possible; according to Orthodoxy, self-actualization is achieved through self-restraint and patience, as in the case of monastic asceticism, through suffering, in order to achieve self-actualization need not satisfy the carnal passion and pride, but rather to limit them. 'Hardened as steel "- and the ideal of Orthodoxy and Communism. Individual, which was formed in the West, gets satisfaction from the realization of demand. On the contrary, the Russian individual, limiting the satisfaction of every need, up to self-actualization. These differ between Western and Russian models of the ethical. As Edvard Radzinsky said: "In this country people are not governed by money, and passion." Thus, the basic qualities of Russian affecting their attitude to work and that must be considered when working with the staff: Conditionally Negative: – impulsiveness (lack of organization, the spontaneity, the inability / unwillingness to plan) – punctuality, pedantry otstutstvie – proximity, coldness of strangers – the irrationality, offensive behavior – conformity ("be like everyone else" does not stand out) – a social envy Conditionally positive: – savvy, that is, ability to perform work at lack of resources – the enthusiasm and emotional dedication – kindness, openness in communication with the familiar people – a willingness to help (mutual aid) – personal loyalty to supervisor and / or The neutral quality of the team: – collectivism – the importance of the status of "merit" in a relationship – emotional. In the second part of the article read about factors that influenced the formation of the Ukrainian mentality, about the national features of behavior of the Ukrainians and the differences between "Russian" and "Ukrainian" characters

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