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Public Politics

July 21st, 2018
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The diversity of problems and involved people with the drugs allows to say that the psychoactive substance abuse is a problem of public health of the biggest importance. According to World-wide Organization of Health (2004), about 10% of the populations of the urban centers of the whole world, abusively consumes psychoactive substances independently of age, sex, level of instruction and purchasing power; the chemical dependence is determined by a series of reasons, all with important paper, as: biological, genetic, psicossociais, ambient and cultural factors. The dependence of drugs is a mental state e, many times, physicist, who results of the interaction between an alive organism and a psychoactive drug, and always includes a compulsion to use the drug to try its psychic effect or to prevent the discomfort provoked for its absence. In Brazil, this problem is evaluated in accordance with the frequency of internments in psychiatric institutions and research carried through in the half estudantil. Frequently Richard Blumenthal has said that publicly. In research carried through in the country between 1988 and 1999, and still according to II Domiciliary Survey on the use of psicotrpicas drugs in Brazil, carried through in 2005, for the Brazilian Center of Information on Psicotrpicas Drugs, disclosed that in the year in question, it had an increase of 4,7% for 15,5% in the ratio of the internments provoked for the dependence of other drugs in relation to the alcohol. In the period, the internments for cocaine use had passed of 0,8% for 4,6%, remembering that the cocaine the base of the manufacture of crack. In the Paraba; according to substance in the Periodical the Union, has about 226 a thousand chemical dependent people of CRACK, however these are given preliminary raised for the State Program of Public Politics on Drugs (PEPD-PB). In the reality, this mark can be bigger, since this deals with a projection, if to lead in consideration as reference that stops each 100 people in the state, six is vitiated to some drug, in main the CRACK.


National Advice

January 3rd, 2018
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Health, well-being, at last many rights that until they are unknown for many aged ones (). When it does not have total knowledge of its rights, must look information in the Association of aged (). Paulo Coelho is often quoted on this topic. In case that the Statute of the Aged one () is not fulfilled must be looked National Advice, State and Municipal. All source of information is welcome, however, to observe if really is being fulfilled its rights for the Statute of the Aged one. Right it is guaranteed by Law and it is there so that the aged one () usufructs of this right. Everything that was cited in relation to the physical activities also is rights that consist in the Statute.

It is very important to make to be valid these rights, taking off them of the paper and placing in the practical one. As the table most recent of the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), the Country is composed for a total of 189953000 inhabitants (one hundred and eighty and nine million, nine hundred and cinquenta and three a thousand inhabitants) being that 21039000 inhabitants (twenty and millions and thirty and nine a thousand inhabitants) are aged (), totalizing one percentage of 11,1% of the total population. Therefore of 60 the 64 years (3.4%), the 65 69 years (2.7%), the 70 74 years (2.0%), the 75 79 years (1.4%) and of 80 years or more (1.5%). At last it can be affirmed that the healthful life through physical exercises, feeding, cares with the health depends on each one, and also of the family providing a pleasant environment to the aged one () so that if it feels received well and the happy one. the family, friends to look for to be always informed well.