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Germany Terminology

October 27th, 2017
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Each historical discipline develops its terminology, in which it is based. These well-established terms, concepts allow any researcher to immediately understand what is at stake. For example, in Bonistics concepts 'Banknote' and 'boom' open legal circulation of paper money. The first term itself explains that it is money the national, mandatory and issued by the central government, the second – we clearly said that it the optional issuance of local or private (domestic) money. And those terms, the concept a lot and they help researchers, Bonisteel easy to understand the issue or problem. But sometimes, some researchers do not pay attention on the established terminology and explain the study subject as they see it or how they understand it, which leads to many misunderstandings. Experienced Bonisteel clear that it is a private (internal) issues of Bon-tokens, but as known, coupons can not be any 'credit' money or 'credit stamps', as we have in the domestic financial and Bonisteel-crystal literature 'credit' money are the issue of central banks and central governments. The author took this name from the very token, many of which have such an inscription (in Polish). In Poland itself, this term means exactly as it describes his distinguished Alexander Petrovich (whom I support collector connection for more than thirty years and really respect him) and Polish Bonisteel know and understand this term. But it should not be uses for us, as incompatible for bonisticheskoy terminology for the private Bon-tokens. Exactly the same way in other work-known researcher of tokens Vladimir Maximov it comes bonah-tokens, but the author has translated from German and called his work 'ersatz coins of East Prussia', although it is clear that during the period of unprecedented inflation and economic collapse in Germany, early 20's were tokens in denominations of hundreds and thousands of brands, so the coins could not call them, the more so because they were produced, local and private issuers.