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Gonzalez Soldiers

August 17th, 2013
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Also, the Pope saw the possibility of strengthening the authority of the Church in Europe and submit under your yoke to the nobility, whose endless agitation Warrior and feudal ambition went against his power. Finally, get the triumph, could obtain supremacy in distant lands and forge perhaps, rooted it for the installation of a single faith: yours. November 27, 1095, last day of the Council of Clermont, Alvernia (France), urban II proclaims after an exciting speech, the realization of the first crusade. Not only promised forgiveness of sins to the volunteers, it also invited them to take those overflowing with milk and honey domains and save humanity from the infidels. Also said the following: who previously fought in wars private among faithful, who now fight against the infidels and to achieve victory in a war that should already have started; that those who until yesterday were bandits become soldiers; those who fought before his brothers fight the barbarians committed you already now that Warriors already resolved their issues and meet everything that is needed to meet their costs; When you finish the winter and come the spring, put into motion, happily, to take the road under the guidance of the Lord. Recorda ye what Matthew said: whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me the final cry of Deus vult! (God wants it!) He Gonzalez to those present. Immediately, a spectacular wave of religiosity and sense of duty spread for each Castle, Manor or House, noble, plebeian, peasant or priestly.

The explosion of faith motivated that in just weeks, thousands of men, women and children, apersonaran before their masters to participate. Neither the papal recommendation that only warriors to participate could stop the waves of volunteers coming from all over Europe.