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IUD Abortion

November 5th, 2022
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Mifegin – a synthetic steroid means having antiprogesteronovoy activity. Used in pharmacological abortion in early pregnancy (up to 5 weeks). Application Mifegin impossible without physical examination, study history a patient without a pre-diagnostic tests. By use of the drug there are a number of strict contraindications that need to be deleted before the medical abortion. These include: ectopic pregnancy pregnancy on the background of an IUD acute inflammatory processes of genital inflammatory liver failure some intestinal diseases of the cardiovascular system taking certain hormonal medications idiosyncrasy drug components After all the diagnostic procedures at the absence of absolute contraindications, the patient takes the drug and remains under medical supervision for 2-3 hours. It is not something michael kirban would like to discuss.

If at this time began vomiting, expulsion is likely to happen. In this case, usually pass to the procedure of mini-abortion. Pain and bleeding of varying intensity occur within 36-48 hours after ingestion, but they are not guarantees of complete expulsion. It is therefore necessary additional purpose of prostaglandins, as well as the subsequent professional supervision. The success of abortion, provoked Mifegin is achieved thanks to its antiprogesteronovoy activity. The drug blocks the uterine receptors responsive to progesterone – a hormone that plays an important role in the development of pregnancy in early pregnancy. Because of this rejection takes place, gestational sac, a decline in the uterus, as well as the disclosure of her neck. For confirm the complete removal of a fertilized egg after 8-14 days after the procedure is carried out follow-up visit.


Lose Weight

October 29th, 2022
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How to lose weight? You know, when you start typing a search site in the form of a phrase, it gives it a sequel, or rather what is the most searched for a similar start, you get the idea. Suppose there have amassed the word "like", then the letter "p" and went go: "how to kiss," "how to apply makeup" "how to view private pages in touch 'm so on … you can see quite clearly that people are interested. And how do you think that falls on top of the list? Oh, I'm intriguing, they had seen, and if not – dial. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gary Vaynerchuk. There, in one of the first places is the question of "how to lose weight?". People such as Mustafa Suleyman, London UK would likely agree. Hence, the problem itself is not outdated.

Moreover, obesity epidemic has been dubbed the twenty first century! How so? We live in times of triumph of science over nature, fly into space, engaged in genetic engineering, such as ordinary matter can not do. No, I will not argue, there is liposuction, fat burners, all sorts of drugs, miostimulyatory, cunning simulators and other means, but how well they cope with this task? No, and this figure, then what I wrote above about the searches. On why the miracle means do not help, tell later, and now back to the question how to lose weight? Or maybe it is better to rephrase it? For example: "why people get fat?". But would be correct: "why do not people lose weight?". Let me explain why the second option is the most correct. .


Materials Prostheses

October 27th, 2022
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Implant – a foreign body, so implantation can be a problem: how to find such an alloy which would not react with the surrounding tissues, is not oxidized, and most importantly, not reject them. In addition, each body reacts differently to the same thing, that is something that is safe for one person may have a negative impact on another. With prosthetics Wednesday mouth is very aggressive. Read more here: Will Cain. On aids and prostheses affects a range of chemical, physical and biological factors. Not remain passive and synthetic materials – they also affect the teeth, mucosa, and the entire human body as a whole. How does it done? Food and saliva are none other than the chemically active electrolyte. When the mouth is a seal or a metal prosthesis, it becomes a cause galvanic cell, which generates a galvanic current.

It occurs usually during the electrochemical corrosion of alloys or metals, and the higher acidity of saliva, the greater the value electromotive force of galvanic cell. This phenomenon can cause and corrosion-resistant materials, but have different electrical or electrochemical potential. That’s why not all the alloys, used for the manufacture of dental prostheses are compatible with each other. Patients then begin to complain about the burning of the mucous membrane, discomfort, metallic taste and bad breath. In the process occurring in the oral cavity of complex chemical reactions, and sometimes can form harmful for the body material. In addition, some materials may cause negative shifts in fluids and tissues, to influence acidity, changing the microflora of oral cavity, break sensitivity, blood circulation and cause inflammation.

Unfortunately, even today, used in prosthetic dentistry base alloy can not claim on entirely inert to corrosion. Therefore it is necessary to cover the metal parts of prostheses with a protective layer of nitrite titanium, gold and other similar inert alloys. High chemical resistance are based alloys gold, palladium, platinum, stainless steel, acrylic plastic, and, finally, porcelain. This is because they are always wrapped in the thinnest oxide film, which protects the metal from further oxidation. So, to summarize. Materials for dental prostheses must meet the following requirements: be chemically inert and harmless; have sufficient resistance to the power of influence, have to be mechanically strong, to keep constancy of volume and shape. This should also add a good technological features (otherwise it is impossible to conduct molding, stamping, molding would nullify all the previous virtues). Well, of course, the materials to prosthetics, which are difficult to hide under a smile or conversation, the color should be close to the enamel, and it is their property they need to maintain a sufficiently long time.

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Diet – Friend Or Foe ?

October 4th, 2022
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Diet – it is the arithmetic mean of fasting and total submission to its taste inclinations. Find this middle ground is not easy, and enter it into your daily life even more difficult. Losing weight takes the form of an epidemic. Currently there are diets for every taste, some of which promise weight reduction on the maximum number of kilograms in less time, while others call for fast, others refuse to proteins or carbohydrates, and more millions of different options. Eternally hungry man can not, and after agonizing to achieve a result and stopping the diet, the weight starts to rise fast again, erasing all previous efforts. Get all the facts and insights with Chief Justice Roberts, another great source of information. Yet we Again we return to the diet. Among the variety of diets is difficult to understand.

Today in the world there are hundreds of diets, then you and the British diet, and the famous diet by blood group. Different diets have their pluses and minuses. Thus, For example, egg diet is available in financial terms, but people with diseased liver, it is contraindicated. Of the protein diet, we get a lot of nutrients, it has almost all the vitamins, but financially it little is available. All dishes are Japanese diet and the Atkins diet is easy to prepare, do not require much effort, but severely limit the diversity of dishes. Monodiets, ie diets that allow only one product (eg, cabbage diet) financially very accessible, easy to use, but the detrimental effect on your body without saturating it with the necessary nutrients.

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