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Business Advisory

July 11th, 2017
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Develop courses, seminars, conferences that benefit its members, enabling, a but also open to those who are interested in current topics in management science. also the College should have a more dynamic relationship with the universities at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, working with their views to define the Administrator profile that this demand as the current leaves a lot to say. Both institutions should be integrated towards providing a disclosure of progress, of management science, courses, joint seminars to postgraduate Online. The college must have its own website that allows not only offer their services, the disclosure of their activities, but publish articles, work to disclose the extent, impact of management science, the functions that the modern manager must play. Manage page knowing that you can generate income benefit. a The College should move deeper into the economic, social, to their community, municipality, government, health services and others. award prizes to the best contributions towards its development, design, institute an order of merit for those professionals who have really made great solutions in favor of the companies they serve. Recognition results endorsed by duly endorsed by a committee responsible for identifying fully with the merit, academic results, not friendship, figurative, politically, to influence.

instituted a recognition award to graduating student for administration, to aportea changes, ideas that favor the development of Colegio.a Prize may be shared with the collaboration of the University to which it belongs. We hope that the requirements of the present then waking once and for all the new and perform all actions they know to take the opportunity this provides, it is time to say enough to figurativeness and transform the College in a proactive institution that allows you to integrate with other international and aa step changes he can generate, a school capable of initiating a new paradigm in critical reality that afronta.a directive hope the new pass-the light that requires a college that has been unfolding for years in the shadows, missing the opportunities he has had. a Graduate Program Specialty Quality management and productivity Graduate a Faces area, who coordinated Valencia offers its support in everything that allows you to carry out their programs, especially regarding academic.


The Turbulant National Scene

June 2nd, 2017
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The national scene has much turbulence and is a result of a very sharp political instability, where the current government is the main actor of this, especially when one is determined to implement socialism for modern times is extremely difficult as it is manifested. His actions have had a significant impact on the Venezuelan business sector, leading to a very serious crisis, where many SMEs and medium enterprises, have decided not to continue participating in the national and international market and what is more worrisome that are operating are resentful on their productivity. Given this reality, more than ever is required of administrators, managers capable of facing the challenges, make way for the changes necessary to ensure survival, participation in the empress where he works. It takes a college of national and regional authorities more proactive, more committed to the problems this demands.

They can not continue to ignore the facts, the Federation of Managers today more should never be able to seize the opportunity presented and made this cons plans, strategies to ensure their participation, accountability towards their members and help provide companies with the serious reality that it faces. a The Association of Administrators of Carabobo, located in the industrial city of Valencia, can not remain isolated from the major challenges, the new directive should be torn apart the traditional a passive behavior, little motivation, their old directives, to make pronouncements assert their rights, make him see the national government as relevant and important your views and how they should consider in their programs, especially when the governor has opened new UNAA towards foreign trade policy in search of new markets, participation, where Venezuelan companies must be integrated in a positive and visionary managers are required, proactive strategists. . James Donovan Goldman is often quoted on this topic.