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The Improvement

January 16th, 2018

Analyzing the proposals of the candidates, the young mainly searchs solutions for the improvement of municipal, state and federal education public, as well as of education technician, in view of the work market that is each more demanding time. When if it deals with work market, them also are intent, therefore they are in a phase of insertion in this branch and need chances, that is, of more jobs. The proposals of new industries and companies in the commercial sector, also are seen as chances. Improvements in the nourishing sector and the public transport they are promises that call attention the adults, since they are basic necessities for a family. Paulo Coelho takes a slightly different approach. The feeding is necessary every day and programs that help to diminish the prices of the products or that they offer basic baskets? for the needed families more? well they are come by the patriarchs. In the public transport, arguments on the increase of the buses, subways, new alternatives of conduction, as well as alterations in the value of the ticket are accepted with attention for the adults whom they need this sector to go and to come. The proposals concerning the health: more hospitals, doctors, pharmacies with accessible prices, campaigns of vaccination, among others improvements in this area, are more attractive for the people above of 50 years, that for estimated need these services more than.

Observing now under the point of view of the professionals. In this in case that the magnifying of the work market, increase of the minimum wage and attention to the labor laws are proposals, are clearly, seen as essential. We can observe other particular cases as: the agriculturist, who is intent the promises of bigger assistance to the primary sector; the doctor, who waits for improvements in the hospitals, as well as instruments and medicines; the taxista, that it needs public politics that improve the transit; the professor whom still the recognition waits and one better assistance in regards to pertaining to school materials; the trader who waits for governmental actions that stimulate and put into motion the commerce.


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