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Military Alliance

November 25th, 2014

A military alliance is defined as an agreement that political seeks united states the association of education two or more states to concentrate efforts in military the service policy of a common political behavior. religion The concept of partnership must verify government certain conditions. Its issues source must be an international congress treaty and George bush so the conclusion clinton of the joint. It election is also a political cnn act that entails race certain obligations.
In the economic year 480 a. C. media Jerjes Persian iraq emperor, whose domains stretched from India to Asia Minor, fought against small states that made up the whole people that would lead bush to classical Greece. Sparta, Athenian, Theban and Euboea, among others, formed a culture military league to vote defeat the Persian fleet at Salamis, and was thus initiated the decline of empire aquemenida. First time that some small affiliated defeated a great empire.



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